7 Minutes Daily Profits Summary

Product: 7 Minutes Daily Profits

Price: $28 and upsells

Rating: 10/100

Overview: 7 Minutes Daily Profits is a pretty typical scam product you'll see on the internet - they make crazy income claims, have fake testimonials and the training is very low quality.

This course won't help you make money and you should avoid it at all costs. 

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What is 7 minutes Daily profits?

7 Minutes Daily Profits is a course that teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing and pushes paid traffic sources - primarily solo ads.

Solo ads is when you pay to get access to another person's email list. They promote your affiliate offer to their list and you get traffic that way. 

I don't think solo ads are a bad way to make money but the training here won't work. You can't just send random strangers to a squeeze page and expect to make any sales.

Getting sales and email sign ups require subtlety and nuance. You can't just cram an offer down people's throats. You usually have to give something away for free to gain trust first.

You don't get any training on that. 

Bad training isn't 7 Minutes Daily Profits worst sin, though. Faking testimonials and income claims is. 

Fake Testimonials and Income claims

When a course is legit they have plenty of students to show off making money. But what happens when you're selling a below average course and you have no succseful students to show? 

You pay actors to fake testimonials and make fake income claims.

Below are two people that claim they make an enormous amount of money from 7 Minutes Daily Profits:

Pretty impressive, right? Nope.

There's a websites called Fiverr where you can pay people to do tasks and there's a HUGE market for testimonials.

These two people are actors on Fiverr and probably got $20 for their testimony.

Below is their profiles on that site:

This is a pretty common tactic with scam courses and I've reviewed probably 10 or so other products in the last few months that do the same thing. 

It's very deceptive to me and it really only has an effect on naive people or complete beginners. This is why many people believe all make money from home programs are scams.

Believe it or not there's even more faking going on in this course. 

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Even More fakery

In the last section I said a legit course would happily show off their successful students. You know who else would be proud of their course - the owner!

Whenever you see a successful course you can easily identify who the owner is and do additional research on them.

Want to know why 7 Minute Daily Profits is trash? The owner fakes his or her own identity.

The reason for this is the creator has made other scam courses in the past and plans to make more in the future. If the person who made this course attached their real identity to it they wouldn't get any sales.

They know people would see their name and say "that person is a scammer - I should stay away from them."

Here's the proof by the way:

The picture of the supposed "family" of the creator is just a stock photo off Shutterstock. 

There's even more fakery too. This one isn't as big as the fake testimonials and fake owner but it's still pretty funny.

Once you get inside 7 Minutes Daily Profits you get sent to an introduction video. The person doing the introduction is supposedly your "personal assistant" and his name is Max. 

Max has a THICK Asian accent and yet this is who they say max is:

Without even doing any extra research I can tell with 100% certainty that person with a heavy Asian accent isn't the person above.

I did a reverse image search and found this too:

So whoever is narrating the introduction video is certainly not the person in the picture. 

There's literally nothing of value or real about 7 Minutes Daily profits. 

You get nickel and dimed

This course is advertised for $28 on Clickbank but once you get to the actual offer it's only $9. So while I think no one should buy this course and it's basically a complete scam, $9 is really cheap.

BUT they try to get you to buy an upsell too. An upsell is an offer someone makes you after your initial purchase.

Usually (and this is what's done here) you get an offer that's really low and then after you get sold on the more expensive upsell.

Usually the upsell is promised to "supercharge" your income or help you see results twice as fast or something like that.

The upsell is as bad as the original offer in this case, though, and won't help you make more money.

Also, once you get into 7 Minute Daily Profits there's banners on the side to sign up to other courses:

The two courses they link to are Bullet Proof Profits and Profit Genesis Reloaded - I've reviewed both of those courses and both are scam. They use fake testimonials and the training is below quality just like 7 Minute Daily Profits. 

The person who created this course makes money every time someone clicks on one of the banners and buys either Bullet Proof Profits or Profit Genesis.

This is all you really need to know about 7 Minute Daily Profits. This course is not meant to teach you how to make money. It's meant to take every last dime they can get from you and to make money for the creator.

That's it. The person who created this course is only interested in making themselves money and could care less about you. 

What I like about 7 minutes daily profits

There's nothing I like about 7 Minutes Daily Profits besides the fact you get a 60 day money back guarantee. The only reason this is offered is because this product is sold on Clickbank.

I've gotten money back from Clickbank many times and it's always very easy. 

What I Don't like about 7 minutes daily profits

There's definitely more that I don't like than I do and the main things I don't like are:

1) Only training on paid traffic: Paid traffic can definitely be profitable but there's zero training on making money with free traffic. This course is geared towards beginners and beginners should be taught free traffic.

2) Training is low quality: The training that you do get on paid traffic isn't good either - you'll most likely just end up losing money.

3) Fake testimonials: This is pretty scummy to me and it's meant to trick beginners and naive people. They pay people to pretend they're making a lot of money from the course but they're just paid actors. 

4) Fake owner: This is another huge red flag. When an owner of a course like this fakes their identity it's basically 100% it's a scam. They don't want their reputation ruined by selling scam courses.

5) Too many upsells: An upsells here and there isn't too bad but when you do it too much it's obvious you're more interested in making money than actually teaching.

Here's a better way to make money

Hopefully by now you've decided against 7 Minutes Daily Profits. This course is low quality and there's just so much faking (testimonies, income claims, owner) that it's safe to call it a scam.

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