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Thanks for visiting The Affiliate Doctor. I'm the man behind the curtain and I built this site to teach people how to make money online. Also, I review different courses and programs to determine which are worth your time/money.

Hint: most are scams.

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It All Started In The Summer 2015

I was at a crossroad in 2015. I had a job that I really didn't like (it was an insurance job and required cold calling and stuff like that). 

I also had recently ended a relationship and I just wasn't feeling good about myself.

I was 25, didn't have a degree, was making $14 a hour to pester people and didn't feel optimistic about my future.

Something happened that summer, though. Something that would change my life and my outlook on life. I started to make money online..

"How To Make Money Online"


That's what I typed into Google in 2015. I kept seeing various scams and other opportunities that seemed worst than cold calling people about insurance.

I found a place that stuck out, though. A place that didn't tell me what I wanted to hear but instead told me making money online takes time. That you can't "make $20,000 with 4 clicks." 

That you have to approach it like you would any other business.

That place is called Wealthy Affiliate

I searched around and saw people were making $6,000, $7,000, $8,000, $9,000, $10,000+ per month because of Wealthy Affiliate. 

I knew this place was right for me!

I Went To Lunch And Never Went Back

A few days after researching Wealthy Affiliate I went to work for the last time. I went out to lunch and just couldn't will myself to go back. I knew Wealthy Affiliate would give me the life I wanted and I didn't want to wait a second later.

I jumped right into Wealthy Affiliate without knowing what I'd be doing but I knew I could make it work.

And make it work I did.

After spending some time testing and trying different things I was able to build a business that started making over $2,000 per month and it only took 6 months to do so:

The next business I built started earning nearly $5,000 per month in under 7 months:

I later sold that company for $40,000:

I built another site that earned $2,000 a month and sold that one for $30,000:

How's that for results?

The Future Is Looking Good

4 years ago I was very, very down. I think back to those times and I'm just happy I had the courage to take life into my own hands. 

Now I'm making more than I ever did in my life, I work the hours I want, I don't have a commute and I feel free for the first time in my life.

I'm grateful that places like Wealthy Affiliate exist. The owners are awesome, they offer the best training training/tools to help you succeed and the community is so helpful. You can literally ask people making hundreds of thousands a year for advice!

So if you're thinking about trying to make money online I say go for it (just avoid the scams). 

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