Affiliate Blogger Pro has been around for a long time and at one point was an excellent course.

But how does it hold up now? That's what we're going to be discussing in this post.

You'll see everything you need to know about this company including background information, price and overall quality.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if Affiliate Blogger Pro is right for you.


Affiliate Blogger Pro Summary

Company: Affiliate Blogger Pro

Price to join: $27 per month

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Once upon a time all the way back in 2009 this course was probably pretty cutting edge and helped some people make a full time income online.

But times have changed and so has the affiliate marketing industry. Competition is much higher than it was then and technology has played a huge role in creating today's affiliate marketing landscape.

The course hasn't updated much since then and the course itself is based on the creator of the courses affiliate marketing book from 2003. 

There's so many alternatives to this course that you'll definitely want to skip this one.

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What Is Affiliate Blogger Pro?

Affiliate Blogger Pro is a course, like the name suggests, that teaches people how to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a smart way to make money online and is the way I make my income online.

Essentially it's the process of promoting other people's products to make a commission. You can promote through free methods like blogging and SEO. You can also promote someone's product through paid advertising.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is you don't have to hold any stock, deal with customer service, deal with shipping or returns, or anything else like that. 

I personally think it's the perfect way to make money and if you master affiliate marketing you can make serious money. 

So if you're wondering if affiliate marketing is legit, it is. It's a very legitimate and ethical way to make money online. 

Who Founded Affiliate Blogger Pro?

You can tell a lot about a program by who founded it. I've been in this industry and have a good idea who's legit and who isn't.

The scammers try to conceal their identity or are putting out low quality courses every month to unsuspecting newbies. 

The founder of Affiliate Blogger Pro is Rosalind Gardner and from everything that I've gathered, she seems like a very legitimate affiliate marketer.

She's a very straightforward person and seems very down to earth. You won't see her flaunting her money or trying to over hype thing.

She treats affiliate marketing like a regular business (which it is) and doesn't try and sell it like a magic, overnight type scheme. 

I'll go more into my criticisms of the course more later but it has nothing to do with Rosalin being a scammer or anything like that - I just think it's outdated

What's Inside Affiliate Blogger Pro?

As far as the amount of training you get, it seems pretty thorough.

In total you get:

  • 10 different modules
  • 224+ tutorials
  • 190 video trainings, articles and quizzes 

The training covers all the basics of affiliate marketing including an explanation of what affiliate marketing is, how to choose your niche, how to set up a website, creating content, and promotion. 

In terms of just basics and teaching affiliate marketing, Affiliate Blogger Pro does a pretty good job of that.

However, there's more needed than just basic training to make affiliate marketing work and that's more true now than ever before.

The rest of the article I'm going to be looking at the main problems I have with this course

This Training Is Outdated

Think back to the year 2003. 

I personally was in 6th grade and believe my family bought our first computer that year.

At the time we had dial up internet from AOL and you couldn't use the phone if someone was on the internet.

Websites took forever to load and there was no Youtube, no Facebook and Google had only been the top search engine for 3 years at the time.

I personally was downloading music illegally and if I wanted to watch a 5 minute video I had to let it load for about a hour. 

2003 is also the year Rosalind Gardner wrote her first affiliate marketing book called The Super Affiliate Handbook. 

She wrote her next affiliate marketing book called Make A Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online in 2007.

Most of the training in Affiliate Blogger Pro is based off these two books. 

The game has changed since then. What you could do in 2003 and in 2007 is WAY different than what you can do now.

Google itself has radically changed since then and ranking on page 1 is completely different now than it was then. 

Back then you could just buy a bunch of backlinks and that would increase your rankings. Today that will get you de-indexed or put on page 20. 

Affiliate marketing has evolved since 2003, 2007, and 2019 - Affiliate Blogger Pro hasn't. 

Community Is NECESSARY

I remember when I started my journey to making money online I read a very popular business book called Think and Grow Rich.

In this book there's a chapter that goes over the concept of a Mastermind. This is essentially a group of people that help each other out with their goals and have some sort of common goal in mind (usually to help each other succeed).

These are people that you can run ideas by and who can give you advice when needed. 

In the book the author calls this one of, if not the single, most important factors in gaining success. 

At the time I didn't care about building a mastermind group but now I realize it's importance. A lot of my success has come from communicating with other affiliate marketing experts.

I personally belong to the single best affiliate marketing community and have thrived with this community. 

The problem with Affiliate Blogger Pro is the community is subpar. You won't be rubbing elbows with highly successful affiliate marketers and it may be hard to connect with anyone in there.

This will definitely set you back in your quest to make money online. 

No Cutting Edge Tools

I'm not someone who believes you need the latest tools to succeed online. In fact, I'm a minimalist when it comes to affiliate marketing.

I find just keeping everything as simple as possible works the best and a lot of tools marketed don't really make a difference.

However, some tools are definitely necessary.

For instance, you 100% need a keyword research tool, website builder, good website theme, and maybe a plugin that makes your posts look good. 

You also need good hosting, support and other tools like that.

You don't really get any of that in Affiliate Blogger Pro. 

For instance, the community that I belong to has all the things I mentioned up top and updates every year to stay fresh - it comes out to around the same per month too. 

This kind of goes back to Affiliate Blogger Pro being outdated. It just kind of never kept up with the times. 

There's Somethings I Like

Before I wrap up this review I do want to point out the things I do like.

Thorough Training:

If you're completely new to affiliate marketing this might be a good course to go through just to learn the basics. You can definitely find all the information for free on Youtube and Google but it's nice having everything in one place. 

No upsells

Upsells are one of the worst parts of affiliate marketing. This is when you offer a course for cheap only to basically require a higher payment after the sale to get full access to everything.

This can cost into the thousands sometimes. 

56 Day Money back Guarantee 

A money back guarantee is always nice to see and this one is pretty generous too. You'll definitely know if you like the product or not in just under 2 months. 

My Final Verdict

Affiliate Blogger Pro is a decent training program and definitely was better when it first launched.

The only people it could really be helpful for now is absolute beginner and even then you'd still need another course after finishing or at least you'll have to find a community to join. 

Affiliate marketing is ever changing and you need a training course that's going to change with the times.

Sure the course creator made a ton of money - back in 2003. 

To make money now you need an entire new strategy and updated tools. You're just not getting that here. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

Hopefully by now you've decided Affiliate Blogger Pro is a little outdated and not worth your money.

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