Product: Affiliate Bots 2.0

Price: $18 and upsells

Rating: 40/100 (not recommended for most)

Overview: Most of the products I review are pretty much scams but I wouldn't call Affiliate Bots 2.0 that. Affiliate Bots 2.0 is definitely NOT for beginners and doesn't have the training newbies will want or need.

If you're already an experienced marketer there's some tools that come with this product that can help you, though - there's a landing page creator and tools that help you find the latest internet marketing courses/tools to review as well. 

But a lot of the links in the course are broken and you can't even access everything. 

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What Does Affiliate Bot 2.0 Do?

I wasn't really a 100% sure what Affiliate Bot 2.0 was and I'm usually skeptical when I hear about automation tools - they usually aren't overly valuable and you end up just not using them.

Affiliate Bot 2.0 has some value, though, and it's really geared towards people that are in the make money at home or internet marketing niche.  

There's a lot of different tools that come with this product and I'll go over the most important ones more in depth later. 

Most of the tools you get are meant to help you find different affiliate offers to promote and review. You get different launch dates from various well known affiliate marketing vendors like Clickbank, JZVOO and Warrior plus - there's some other places you get access to as well. 

There's also tools that help you make squeeze pages, videos and there's affiliate marketing training. The squeeze page builder definitely can help you make money (I couldn't access it, though, because the course links to the wrong product) but the other stuff is pretty generic. 

Pro.Club Tool

This is the first tool you get and it's one that helps you find competition within a niche. For instance, you type in affiliate marketing in the search bar and you see who the big guys in the industry are.

You can do this for all keywords. I played around with this tool for a minute or two and looked up fishing and other niches.

The only thing that's weird is the training video for this tool shows a different tool. Below is the tool the training video shows:

As you can see they look very similar but they're completely different. The first one shows competitors in a niche based on Alexa website rankings and the second shows product launches within Warrior Plus, Clickbank and JVZoo.

Maybe they made the video first and then updated the tool later on (I'm writing this review 2 days after Affiliate Bots 2.0 launched). I guess there's a chance that I'm using the tool wrong and just don't know how to get to the tool being described in the video. 

If the second is true the video training doesn't show how to get the tool to look like it does in the video. 

The tool you do get isn't worthless, though, and it's pretty cool for looking up different sites. 

CB 250: Clickbank Marketplace Tool

Whoever created this product maybe got a little lazy. I pointed out in the last section the tool you get and the tool in the training aren't the same.

When you go to the second tool (Web Widget Software), labeled tool 3 (they just skip over tool 2 for some reason), you get redirected to an error page. 

So I have no clue what the Web Widget Software is. The next tool up (tool 4 according to Affiliate Bots) is CB 250. 

This tool helps you figure out which Clickbank products are selling well and which has the best commissions. Below is what it looks like:

Of all the tools you get, this is definitely one of the more helpful ones. You can just go right to Clickbank and just look at the offers yourself but CB 250 can make the process a little easier. 

King Of The Zoo

Next up you have the King Of The Zoo tool and this one is very similar to the one you just saw.

Instead of focusing on Clickbank, however, King Of The Zoo focuses on finding affiliate offers in JVZoo. 

JVZoo is a platform that people release different internet marketing products on and there's many competitions where you can make money. 

For instance, a product might launch and offer $10,000 to the person who sells the most, $5,000 to the person who sells the second most and $2,000 to the person who sells the third most.

Competitions like this will naturally attract competitive marketers and this tool may give you a leg up in finding the right products/competitions to join. 

Rapid Video Creator

I've seen a lot of these products floating around lately. Youtube is blowing up and you can make some good money with videos

The thing is you need to make quality videos if you expect to earn money. You'll need a good video editor, a decent mic and know which keywords to target.

Unless you're highly entertaining, you probably won't make money from ads. For instance, 1,000,000 views gets you between $2,000 to $3,000 and that's if Youtube allows you to monetize with ads.

To make money you'll have to do affiliate marketing most likely and low quality videos aren't going to make people want to purchase anything from you.

Unfortunately, that's the kind of videos you'll get with this software. Honestly, avoid all of these instant video makers and text to audio products - they don't make the type of videos you want.  

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Warrior 50 Tool

Next up we have a product that's similar to the Clickbank and JVZoo tools you saw earlier. Warrior 50, however, is made for the Warrior Plus platform.

Warrior Plus is basically the same as Clickbank and the Warrior 50 tool shows you which programs are popular and how many sales each have.

Here's what it looks like:

Like the other tools, you can always just head on over to Warrior Plus to see which products are the best selling but Warrior 50 makes it a little easier for you. 

1 Click Video Page Software

Of all the tools that come with Affiliate Bots 2.0 this one I had the highest hopes for. I watched the training videos on it and I actually thought this one single tool would make this product worth its $20 price tag.

Basically you get done for you video landing page templates. They looked pretty good and I could see how they could actually help you make money. 

I'm terrible at landing page design too. 


Remember up top when I said someone got lazy with this product? Well when I click the link to go to the 1 Click Video Page Software, this is where I got sent:

This is the exact same tool as the first tool you get. This tool was separate from what's in the training video as well. 

So the one tool that I think is cool and think is by far the most helpful doesn't even exist. Maybe the course maker will update this so you can actually get access to it but as of now you can't. 

Extra Stuff

There's probably 5 or 6 more tools that you get in this training but they're not really worth going too in depth about - they're probably tools most people would have no use for. 

There's some more tool that help you find affiliate offers, a few that have to do with domains and others that are like this. 

There's also three guides on Google SEO, Youtube SEO and Email marketing. There's decent information in them but there's nothing you couldn't get for free by just Googling each term.

You actually don't need to buy the course to get this information either. It's not behind the paywall and you can access them by going to the links below if you want to look at them for free.

Google SEO:

Youtube SEO:

Email Marketing:

What I Like About This Product:

There's some interesting tools that come with Affiliate Bots 2.0. For instance, the tools that search Clickbank, Warrior Plus and JVZoo have a little value (although you could just go directly to each and see which are high selling for yourself).

The video squeeze page in the video training seems promising but they didn't link to the product correctly. 

What I Don't Like About This Product:

There's a lot that I don't like. 

First off, they didn't link to the right products a few different times. That's completely unacceptable and something that should have been spotted. 

I don't even know how you can launch a product without knowing everything is set up correctly. 

Secondly, the tools aren't all that helpful. There's some that'll most likely never be used and the ones that may get used aren't life changing or anything like that.

Again, the one tool that can really help you make money doesn't even work.  

There's Better Ways To Make Money

Overall, I don't recommend Affiliate Bots 2.0. The tools just aren't good enough to really make a difference in your life and there's many issues with linking to the right products.

I'd personally save my money and get some real internet marketing training. If you're interested in the best training on making money online, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. 

This is where I learned how to be an affiliate marketer and I make more money now than I ever did before - plus I only work 15 hours a week.

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