Using The Alphabet Soup Technique To Find Keywords

Below is a guide on how to use Google and it's autofill feature to find keywords that can make you serious money.

Finding Keywords In The Outdoors Niche

You can use the Alphabet Soup Technique in any niche.

But for the purpose of this post we're going to look for keywords in the outdoor niche.

This can include keywords that have to do with hiking, backpacking, camping and anything like that.

Also, we're going to be looking at keywords that are late in the "online customer purchasing cycle."

These keywords includes reviews, best of posts and articles comparing two top products against each other.

We'll also look at informational keywords as well.

We're Going To Use Jaaxy Keyword Tool 

Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool that gives you data on keywords.

All you do is plug in a keyword and the tool will bring back how much traffic you'd get if you rank for the keyword and how competitive it is. 

It also gives you different variations of the keyword you can target as well.

Below is an example of what data Jaaxy returns for the keyword "best hiking boots 2020:

The two most important things to look at is Avg and KQI.

Avg is the amount of the traffic you'll get if you rank and KQI is competition.

Any Avg over 50 is good and any KQI under 100 is good.

So the term "Best hiking boots 2020" is an excellent keyword to target.

Also, you'll see Jaaxy gives you other suggestions as well like:

  • Best hiking boots for men 2020
  • Best hiking boots for wide feet
  • Best Merrell hiking boots 2020
  • Best backpacking hiking boots 2020
  • Best hiking boots for plantar fasciitis 2020

All great keywords that you probably wouldn't come up with on your own - that's why I love Jaaxy.

Alphabet Soup Technique Explained

Here's how you do the alphabet soup technique.

Go to google and type in a phrase that has to do with outdoors. 

Let's try trail running shoes.

Go to Google and type in "Best trail running shoes for a."

Google will autophill the "a" with a word and then you test that word in Jaaxy. 

You then type in "Best trail running shoes for b."

Again, it autophills and gives you various suggestions.

Let's try "best trail running shoes for a" and see what we get:

Let's test some of them now in Jaaxy.

First let's try "best trail running shoes for ankle support"

This is a very good keyword and you should definitely target it.

Keep in mind you'll rank for most of these terms if you just target "best trail running shoes for ankle support."

You'll get A LOT of traffic from this keyword. 

Let's try "best running shoes for arch support"

As you can see "best trail running shoes for arch support" isn't worth targeting.

BUT Jaaxy gives you plenty of alternatives to target.

For example the following keywords are worth targeting:

  • Best womens running shoes for arch support
  • Best trail running shoes for arch support
  • The best running shoes for arch support

This is why Jaaxy is so great! You can make a lot of money if you use this tool right.

You would want to go through the entire alphabet to see what kind of results you get. 

You can also put the autofill letter right after the word "best" instead of at the end.

Below is an example of this:

You can get thousands and thousands of keyword ideas with this simple trick.

You can do it for information keywords too. You typically want to start these with the word "how."

Let's try finding an informational keyword with Google.

Type in "how to hike" and see what autofills. 

I tried out "how to hike with a dog."

Here's what I got in Jaaxy:

As you can see it's a great keyword!

In this article you can recommend products that will make the hike more enjoyable. 

You could have affiliate links to special leashes for hiking, harnesses, pooper scoopers, dog treats and more!

Are you starting to see how this all works?

You even get more suggestions from Jaaxy including:

  • How to hike with a toddler
  • How to bike with a dog 

This is how you create an online business with free traffic.

You create content around these keywords, get traffic and make commissions when you traffic clicks one of your links and buys something.

It's an amazing way to make money and is truly passive. 

One article can make you money for years. I've seen articles make people money for 10 years!

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