Paul Mampilly has moved away from Banyan Hill and has started his own stock picking company.

It's called ATG Digital.

He has a lot of different services and portfolios at this new company.

I bought a subscription and reviewed the offers below.

You'll find everything you need to know about ATG Digital, including background information about Mampilly, a look at what you get, and an overview of overall performance.

Let's get started!

ATG Digital Summary

Creator: Paul Mampilly

Price to join: Depends on membership

Do I recommend? Not really.

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

ATG Digital isn't the worst stock-picking service I've seen.

The price for the subscriptions is actually really good, and you can get eight services and portfolios for just $19 per month.

There are a lot of different recommendations, ranging from different kinds of stocks to cryptos to options and more.

However, the picks just don't seem to be beating the market.

Most of the new recommendations seem to be in the form of crypto and options, which have suffered big losses.

Additionally, I have ethical concerns about Paul and who he worked for in the past.

So because of this, I can't recommend ATG Digital.

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Paul Mampilly Worked For A Horrible Company

Paul is independent now and runs ATG Digital and has a subscription service, Substack, where he sells subscriptions to his stock picks.

However, he wasn't always independent and previously worked for a horrible company called Agora.

This is a major issue because Agora is extremely predatory and operates in unethical ways.

For example, just last year, they were fined $2 million for defrauding elderly people.

This isn't a one time thing either.

Agora makes HUNDREDS of millions every year and $2 million is not enough to deter them from targeting senior citizens.

As Truth In Advertising proves, they're still doing it:

It's a good thing that Paul doesn't work for Agora anymore because he doesn't have to engage in the horrible things Agora used to do.

For example, the sales tactics at ATG Digital are much less sleazy compared to the sales tactics Paul's former newsletter would use.

However, this doesn't give Mampilly a free pass for working at Agora.

He still engaged in what I personally believe is unethical behavior for 6 years.

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History Of Paul's Stock Picks

Paul claims he's a Wall Street expert and runs billion-dollar hedge funds.

I personally don't like just repeating what these investing gurus say about themselves.

You never know who's telling the truth about what and what's being exaggerated.

The only thing that matters, however, is if a person can pick a good stock.

If you have a history of being able to pick winners, your background becomes irrelevant.

Luckily, there are plenty of stock picks we can look at with Paul to see just how good he is.

Virgin Galactic, 3D Systems, and Microchip Technology in January 2021

Just over 18 months ago, Paul released a stock presentation called "the three hottest space stocks to buy right now."

The entire pitch is about how America will be trying to build a base on Mars and start trying to get to the moon again.

Definitely a typical Agora stock presentation, LOL!

Anyway, there were three stock picks teased: Virgin Galactic, 3D Systems, and Microchip Technology.

Here's how each stock has performed since these picks went live: First up, we have Virgin Galactic:

Unless you sold at the brief highs you're likely down quite a bit with this stock - it's down 75% since January 2021.

Next up we have 3D Systems:

This is almost identical to Virgin.

There was a brief window to profit, but my guess is most people didn't sell; these are stocks you're supposed to hold for a few years.

Overall, it's down more than 50%.

Last up, we have Microchip Technology:

This one is down overall as well, but not as significantly as the other two.

So far, this stock presentation has been a bust.

Rambus in November 2020

Rambus sells products for computer memory and likes to dabble in 5G.

In this presentation, Paul claims this company "holds the key to a potential multi-billion dollar revolution."

He even said Rambus could lead to technology more important than "the internet itself."

Pretty lofty claims!

Here's how the stock has performed since:

This stock has more than doubled and is up overall.

It's falling like most stocks are at the moment, but I'd say this is a good pick.

3D Systems Multiple Times

We already covered 3D systems with the space stocks presentation Paul put out.

However, this is a stock that he's pitched multiple times before.

He pitched it in March 2020 and December 2020.

These pitches were better timed than the first one we looked at.

Because of this, the stock pick has been more profitable with these pitches:

You had plenty of time to sell this stock and make three to five times your money.

If you held onto it past the peak, though, you're at about breakeven.

AMD Multiple Times

AMD is a company Paul has been pitching for a number of years.

He started recommending it in 2018 and ran teasers for it up until 2020.

This has been a very good stock pick, and the earlier you got in, the better it would have been.

If you invested back in 2018, you could have 10X your money. Even if you invested in 2020, you'd be up pretty good.

Overall, this is an excellent stock pick.

Ormat Technologies between 2017 and 2019

This is another stock that Paul has pitched numerous times over the years.

Ormat Technologies is a geothermal stock that Paul teased could tap into "a supply of infinite energy... that's safer than fossil fuels."

The stock hasn't been horrible, but it hasn't really been great either.

It's been up and down, and besides a brief period in 2021, it never really reached anything too significant.

You most likely wouldn't have lost money here if you were patient, but you likely didn't make much either.

Micron Technology in October 2019

Micron Technology makes products for computer memory and data storage.

Paul claimed this stock could triple your money in 2020. Was he right?

Not quite, but still good results.

It didn't triple in 2020, but it did more than double in 2021.

Myriad Genetics in March 2018

This is the last stock we're going to be looking at.

In typical Agora fashion, this stock presentation was hyped and included headlines teasing this company's products as "more important than every drug, vaccination, and medical device combined."

Eye roll.

Anyway, this one hasn't turned out well for Paul and never really found its legs after being recommended:

Most people that invested in this stock would have lost money.

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Paul's Picks Are Really Struggling Now

The market had a tough year in 2022, but things have rebounded a bit in 2023.

The market was up in January, but overall it's about breakeven.

However, Mampilly can't seem to find his groove in the current market.

The two most active portfolios for Paul are his Crypto Flash Trader Portfolio and his Options Portfolio.

both of which are getting hammered in 2023.

Here are the returns from the crypto portfolio:

Crypto as a whole has just been doing very poorly these last couple of years.

I don't get why someone like Paul would double down and keep recommending these cryptos.

Although his options portfolio might argueably be doing worst:

There are some absolutely massive losers that have lost up to 99% of their value in this portfolio.

There are some winners, but the losers far outweigh any gains you could have gotten from the winners.

Paul's other portfolios aren't very active right now.

There have barely been any stocks added to the portfolios in 2023.

Paul seems to be going all in on crypto ad options, which don't seem to be working.

Here's What You Get

There are a few different things that you get with your membership, and the main aspects are portfolios, trade alerts, and portfolio updates.

There are a bunch of portfolios, and some are more active than others, which we covered in the last section.

Before coming to ATG Digital, Paul's most well-known newsletter was Profits Unlimited.

He still has this newsletter running, and there are a lot of different stocks in the portfolio:

The biggest winners are picks that were made years ago and have basically gotten their biggest gains already.

There are a lot of big losers in this portfolio.

Overall, it's a mix of blockchain, energy, biotech, and industrial stocks.

Next are the trade alerts that can be sent to your email or via text message.

There's also a running list of the trade alerts.

Lastly, there are the portfolio updates.

Here, you'll be told when to sell stocks and positions.

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ATG Digital FAQ's

Still have some questions about ATG Digital?

Here are answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How much does ATG Digital cost?

There are five different subscriptions at ATG Digital, ranging from $9.99 per month to $99 per month.

I'm currently a Platinum member, which gives me access to most of the services.

The more expensive membership gives you access to special events and stuff like that.

You get more speculative investment ideas that I wouldn't recommend for average investors.

These types of investments can have some major upside but are very risky.

Only people with a lot of money and calm nerves should think about these investments.

Overall, the price is pretty good if you get the platinum plan.

The results aren't great, so I don't recommend it, but it's much cheaper than alternatives.

2) Are there refunds?

No, there are no refunds.

This isn't that big of a deal, though, since this is a monthly service, and you can start for just $9 per month.

If it were more expensive, I'd have a problem with there being no refunds.

3) Is Paul Mampilly legit?

There are some things to like about Paul Mampilly, but my overall opinion of him isn't great.

He worked for Agora for half a decade and doesn't seem to get the best results.

or at least isn't getting good results now.

4) Are There Similar Newsletters?

There are a lot of newsletters that are similar to ATG Media, and a lot of them are struggling too.

Some include:

Many of these newsletters are owned by people who worked with Paul in the past.

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ATG Digital Pros And Cons

  • Price is good: The price for Paul's insights are much cheaper than similar alternatives.
  • Bad results: Paul doesn't seem to be picking good investments right now. The portfolios are all hurting.
  • Crypto focus: There's a lot of focus on crypto with ATG Media and that's a big mistake, especially right now.
  • Agora past: Paul worked for Agora for many years and that's not a good thing.


So that's the end of my review of ATG Digital.

Overall, I'd say the price is definitely fair, but the results aren't good.

And if a newsletter gives out bad picks, it doesn't matter if it's free; it still won't be worth it.

Unfortunately, Paul doesn't seem like he can get his stock picking act together in the current market.

Perhaps in the past he had better results, but right now he seems to be losing people money.

He's certainly not beating the market.

And even worse, he's recommending extremely risky cryptos that are known to lose all their value very quickly.

I'd steer clear of Paul and his new stock-picking service.

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I'd pass on ATG Digital.

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