Beau Crabill is a popular Amazon seller on Youtube..

He has a few courses for sale (Amazon Marketing Agency Course and Online Retail Mastery) and if you're here probably wondering if they're a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about these programs including background information, price to join, course overview and more.

You'll know if Beau is right for you by the time you're done.

Let's get into it!

Beau Crabill Course Summary

Creator: Beau Crabill

Price to join: $497 to $997

Do I recommend? Not really.

   Overall rating: 3/5

The Amazon Marketing Agency Course and Online Retail Mastery are pretty well made courses.

The first course teaches you how to get Amazon clients and make money without actually selling on Amazon and the second course teaches you how to sell on Amazon.

The main problem is selling on Amazon is very expensive and you'll likely need $10,000+ just to buy products.

There's ways to sell products online that don't require thousands to get started, I'd start there before trying Amazon.

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The Truth About Selling On Amazon

There's many different ways to make money online and I've tried them all.

Out of all the online business models I believe selling on Amazon is the toughest.

There's a couple of reasons for this:

  • The profit margins on Amazon are very thin
  • It costs a lot of money to get started with Amazon

The reason profit margins are thin on Amazon is Amazon takes a portion of every sale (usually around 15%).

This is the price they charge for shipping and storing your products.

15% is a huge part of your margins and can make or break in terms of profiting.

Additionally, you'll most likely have to pay for traffic as well which will further eat into your profit.

Then you have the cost of getting involved in Amazon.

You're going to have to buy products wholesale which is very expensive.. will likely cost multiple thousands and can cost tens of thousands.

You're not guaranteed to make money either so the risk is huge.

I personally like dropshipping better because you don't have to buy products up front and you won't need to pay Amazon fees.

If you're interested in this method of selling products online, click here to learn more.

Who Beau Crabill?

Beau has an interesting story.

Apparently he started out selling at a young age and making thousands online while still in school.

He was also a track star and eventually earned a scholarship for running at Pepperdine University.

Just 4 days in he realized his passion was creating online business and dropped out to pursue that.

Now he makes a very good living selling Amazon courses and selling products on Amazon.

In addition to his courses he also has a Youtube channel where he has over 40k subscribers:

There's some good information on this channel and you'll get a better idea of who Beau is if you go through some of the videos.

The Amazon Marketing Agency (AMA) Council Overview

The Amazon Marketing Agency is Beau's newest course and it's actually quite interesting.

This course does not actually teach you to sell products on Amazon and instead teaches you how to launch an agency that helps brands sell on Amazon.

This is a good business model because there's really no risk involved since you won't be buying products.

There's also good money in running an agency as well.

There's two options in terms of price.

If you pay $497 you get the course and if you pay $297 per month you get the course plus access to private Facebook Group and monthly coaching calls with Beau.

Here's what you get in this course:

Amazon Marketing Agency Course

The course has 13 modules that will teach you the entire business model from start to finish.

You'll learn how to start an agency without needing to invest money in products or expensive software.

How To Find Dream Clients

You'll also get an over the shoulder look at how you'll be finding clients.

In total you get 10 methods on how to do this.

7 Stage Ranking Formula

Keyword ranking is important on Amazon.. it gets you free sales without having to pay for traffic.

This section will teach you how to rank products for clients.

Outreach Templates

You'll get a bunch of templates you can use when reaching out to potential clients.

This includes emails and messaging you use when structuring a deal, creating contracts and more. 

Private Access To Facebook Group (Only Available If You Pay Monthly)

You also get access to a private Facebook Group. Here's where you'll get to talk to other members and get answers to any questions you have.

Monthly Live Coaching Calls (Only Available If You Pay Monthly)

These calls aren't one on one and instead you send your questions ahead of time and Beau answers them.

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Online Retail Mastery

Online Retail Mastery is a course that actually teaches you how to sell on Amazon.

This course may be currently closed to enrollment or closed permanently. When you go to buy the course you get redirected to the agency course.

Sometimes people close down courses and open them later but at the moment I don't think you can actually buy Online Retail Mastery.

Here's a breakdown of what you get in the course:

Module 1 - Introduction

The first module is just a simple introduction module. It goes over the business model and setting up the legal side of everything.

Module 2 - How To Get Sales

This module goes over how to position yourself to get the most amount of sales.. Beau refers to this as the Buy Box. 

Module 3 - Product Research

The third module goes over product research and how to find products that will actually sell.

Module 4 To 8 - Sourcing And Dealing With Suppliers

Sourcing means finding suppliers to buy products from. This section will teach you how to find suppliers and build a relationship with them.

This includes:

  • Finding suppliers
  • Vetting Suppliers
  • Working with suppliers
  • Negotiating prices with suppliers

Module 9: Ungating

Gating refers to categories on Amazon that are restricted. In order to "ungate" these categories you have to go through a process.

This section will teach you how to do that.

Module 10 - Conclusion

The last module just wraps everything up and gives you some pointers on running your Amazon business.

Refund Policy

I couldn't find a refund policy for the agency course and I'm pretty sure there isn't one.

If you go to the terms and service of the course it says:


Maybe you can email Beau and try to work out some money back guarantee before buying.

However, it's usually a huge red flag not to see a refund policy.

His other course, Online Retail Mastery, does have a refund policy, however.

It comes with a 30 day refund but it's action based.. meaning you have to watch the entire course and do what the course says to get your money back.

I personally think it will be quite difficult to do that in 30 days, though.

Beau Crabill Pros And Con


  • Good training: The courses Beau sells are well made and do a good job teaching their topics.
  • Beau is legit: You can't take a person's income claims online as the truth but I think Beau has proven he's had good success.


  • Tough business model: Amazon FBA is a tough way to make money. It's expensive and profit margins are very thin.
  • Weak refund policy: The first course doesn't have a refund and the second one is action based.. I prefer refund policies that are way less complicated.

IS Beau Crabill A Scam?

No, he's not a scammer.

Beau definitely knows what he's talking about and his courses are well made.

I just think selling on Amazon is difficult. You'll be risking a lot of money and doing a lot of hard work to barely turn a profit in most cases.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Beau's courses.

If you want to learn how to sell online without risking thousands of dollars, check out Ecom Elites.

Ecom Elites teaches you how to make money with dropshipping. This means no buying products beforehand and selling on Shopify instead of Amazon.

You won't have to pay Amazon's fees because of this.

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