Affiliate Marketing is by far my favorite money making method on earth - it's easy, fun and you can start with little money. Plus, there's basically no limit to how much you can make.

But it can be hard to get started with affiliate marketing if you're completely new and you may have a hard time finding new strategies to help you get ahead.

The solution? Getting one of the best affiliate marketing courses. 

If you get the right course to teach you all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing you're almost guaranteed to succeed. 

Below are my favorite courses that helped me quit my job and make more money than I ever did in my life before. I know they can do the same for you!

Wealthy Affiliate (Top Pick By Far)

Course: Wealthy Affiliate

Price: Free to try for first 7 days, $19 for first month

Rating: 9.5/10

Review: A few years ago I was working an insurance job I didn't like with a boss that I despised. I wasn't really happy with what I was doing and I certainly wasn't excited about my future.

That all changed when I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I found this program after searching around the internet for a little and something deep inside me told me this is what I should be doing.

Without even knowing how I was going to be making money, I quit my job and jumped right in. 

Now I'm a full time internet marketer and I'm making more money working 15 hours a week from my couch than I did 6 days a week selling insurance - this is all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

The reason Wealthy Affiliate is so much better than every other course out there is because the owners truly do care about your success and they created a product that gives you everything you need to succeed. 

Wealthy Affiliate gives you more bang for your buck than other other affiliate marketing course and it's not even close.

When you sign up you get:

  • 2 in depth training programs (one on making money with your hobbies and one promoting Wealthy Affiliate).
  • A community of nearly 1 million affiliate marketers to ask questions (in my opinion this is as important as the training).
  • A website builder (you can create a WordPress website in 30 seconds without any issues).
  • A keyword research tool (you get one of the most powerful keyword research tools to help you find profitable search terms)
  • Domain service (you won't have to buy a domain from Godaddy or somewhere else and then transfer it over - you can buy it right in Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Hosting (you won't have to pay extra to host your website)
  • Support (anytime you have an issue you can just message support and get help in seconds)
  • Live chat (if you have any questions you can head over to the live chat and community members will help you with what ever you need).
  • Lucrative affiliate program (if you want to make money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate you get 50% of all sales).

As you can see Wealthy Affiliate truly is all in one and gives you every single thing you need to succeed at affiliate marketing- I mean this literally. You will not need to go anywhere outside of Wealthy Affiliate to help you make money. 

No other program or course can say this. Wealthy Affiliate has produced the most success stories as well - there's literally thousands of people who's lives are changed (including mine) because of Wealthy Affiliate. 

Here's just a few:

The last one is me!

As you can see there's a lot to like here. If you want to invest in yourself and your future, make sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate. 

You can even try it for completely free! 


  • Free to try
  • 2 in depth trainings
  • Domain service
  • Website builder
  • HUGE community to as questions
  • Top support
  • Hosting
  • Keyword tool


  • None

Savage Affiliate

Course: Savage Affiliate

Price: $197

Rating: 8.5/10

Review: Savage Affiliate isn't quite on the same level as Wealthy Affiliate but it's still a good course - in fact it's my second favorite affiliate marketing course available.

The owner of the course, Franklin Hatchett, is the real deal and is an internet millionaire - he's not one to hold back either.

There's hours and hours and hours of information in this course and every aspect of affiliate marketing is covered.

You get training on:

  • SEO
  • Niche selection
  • Various affiliate programs (Amazon, Clickbank, Sharasale)
  • Content creation
  • Paid traffic
  • Email Marketing
  • Funnel training

And more!

My biggest criticisms with most affiliate courses is they give general or generic advice - this isn't going to help you beat your competition.

You don't get that from Savage Affiliate. You get real strategies that work and in depth training that give you an edge.

Franklin Hatchett doesn't sugar coat things and he's straight to the point - this is very refreshing to see and why he's one of my favorite internet marketers out there.

Although it's not on the same level as Wealthy Affiliate, it's still a course that almost any affiliate marketer (beginner to advanced) will love. 


  • Pretty affordable
  • Beginner AND Advanced training
  • Franklin Hatchett is legit
  • Covers all topics
  • Private Facebook group
  • Support


  • No domain service
  • No website builder
  • Smaller community to ask questions


Products: Affilorama

Price: $67 per month and upsells

Rating: 8.5/10

Review: Affilorama is like Wealthy Affiliate Jr. or a poor man's Wealthy Affiliate - this isn't really an insult either because Wealthy Affiliate is that good.

They offer a lot of the same things like support, keyword tools, and hosting but Wealthy Affiliate does all of this better (and it's cheaper).

Both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama are programs you have to pay monthly for (you can buy Wealthy Affiliate yearly, however,) so you're not really going to want to be a member of both.

If you have to choose between the two, I would definitely go with Wealthy Affiliate. It's just the better of the two.

If you're still interested in Affilorama, you'll like that you get the following as a member:

  • 80 different training videos
  • Support
  • Keyword research tool
  • Hosting
  • WordPress theme
  • AffiloJetpack
  • AffiloBlueprint

As you can see there's a lot going for this course and this course can certainly help you get ahead.


  • Very quality training
  • Support
  • Keyword research tool
  • Hosting
  • Community
  • Loads of extras


  • Expensive
  • Some training is out of date
  • Not as good as Wealthy Affiliate

Clickbank University 2.0

Course: Clickbank University

Rating: 80/100

Price: $47 per month and upsells

Review: Clicbank is one of the most well known affiliate marketing vendors on earth. They sell all kinds of products that you can use in basically any niche or market.

They also sell a bunch of products on how to make money online.

Do you know what a lot of these courses teach? How to make money with Clickbank. 

If your plan is to make money with Clickbank, wouldn't it make sense to get the training from Clickbank? 

It is important to note, however, Clickbank University is more for people that want to create an affiliate marketing product and sell it on Clickbank. 

If you're just looking to review other products and promote other people's products, this isn't the course for you.

Here's what you get with Clickbank University:

  • Two different trainings (one for promoting other products and one for promoting your own)
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Website builder (costs extra)
  • Money back guarantee

So if you are knowledgeable in a certain topic (can be any market or niche) and want to make an information guide/tool, this training can help you a lot.

Clickbank has created millionaires before and it's certainly going to create more in the future. 


  • Clickbank is a very well known platforms
  • 20 weeks of training combined
  • Private Facebook Group


  • Mostly for people looking to sell their own product
  • Expensive and a lot of upsells
  • Limited community

Profit Injector

Course: Profit Injector

Rating: 70/100

Price: $47 and upsells

Review: If you're looking for step by step instructions on how to make money or the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, this course isn't for you - Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama is more what you're looking for if that's the case.

Profit Injector is more for people that are looking for an out of the box idea on how to make money on Youtube - specifically how to make money on Youtube without making videos.

This may sound counter intuitive but it can definitely be done. Essentially Profit Injector helps you find videos and niches where creators aren't properly monetizing their videos.

So if you find someone in the dieting niche that has no affiliate offers you can reach out to them and try to team up with them.

They would put your affiliate marketing offer in their description and shout out your product in the beginning of their videos. 

This drives viewers to your offer and increases sales.

Here's what you get when you buy Profit Injector:

  • Training on the process
  • Tool to help you find videos and niches to team up with
  • Launch box with tools to help you 
  • Email templates to help you close the sale

I honestly wouldn't get this product if you were a beginner but if you were someone more advanced looking for a new strategy to help increase your profits. 


  • Untapped traffic strategy
  • No need to write content 
  • Creative way to make money
  • Cheap


  • No in depth training
  • No information on starting a site
  • Must have experience to benefit

How To Find The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Course

Up top are my favorite 5 affiliate marketing courses and they are good for people of all skill levels and knowledge. Besides Profit Injector, most are comprehensive programs that will take you from A to Z without you needing to go anywhere else. 

But not everyone needs this kind of course and you need to look at your own needs to figure out which course is best for you.

Here's some things to consider when selecting a course to purchase

1) How much do I have to spend?

Affiliate courses can cost anywhere from $20 to $10,000+. I personally wouldn't purchase a course at either of these price points - $20 courses are usually scammy and $10,000 courses are WAY overpriced. I wouldn't pay over $500 for a course. Anything more than that you're overpaying.

Some courses are monthly while others are a one time payment. There's pros and cons to each too. 

Monthly courses tend to have more tools to help you make money and they tend to get updated frequently. Courses that are a single payment generally never get updated and you'll have to pay for the second and third generation of the course when it's updated. 

2) What affiliate marketing program am I joining?

Before you buy a course you should have an idea of what product you are going to promote and the program you are going to use.

The reason for this is there are different strategies for different programs. For instance, if you plan on being an Amazon Affiliate your content strategy is going to be mainly SEO and organic traffic - you need a course that'll explain that.

If you plan on promoting just one product and funneling your audience to it you'll need a course on email marketing. 

If you have a good idea of what you want your site to be about and which program to monetize it with, you'll be able to choose a better course for you.

3) How much experience do I have? 

This is another question that's very important to ask yourself. If the affiliate marketing, SEO, email marketing, keyword research, WordPress, and terms like this sound completely foreign to you, you'll want a course that's more comprehensive. 

But if you're someone that's been doing this for years and are already making money, you don't need a website that goes over what SEO and keywords are or how to set up a WordPress website.

You need a course that teaches specifics and advanced strategies to help you expand.

For instance, a course that goes over advanced email marketing tips may be what you need or one that goes over paid traffic could be more beneficial. 

4) Do you have a community of people to ask questions?

You need mentors and people to learn with to succeed. One of the most famous books on making money, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, says creating a mastermind group (people to help you be successful) is one of the most important things you can do to make money.

If you are already in a community of internet marketers you may not need another community to be apart of. If, however, you aren't apart of an active community of affiliate marketers or internet marketers, you absolutely need to join one.

That's what makes places like Wealthy Affiliate so special - it brings people together to help each other.

So make sure the place you join at the very least has a Facebook Group where you can ask questions. 

5) What kind of budget do you have for advertising?  

I have a confession to make - I'm terrible at paid advertising. I've spent thousands on it and have never been able to make it profitable. 

In my defense, though, I've never taken a course specifically on paid traffic and I've always relied SEO organic traffic to make money.

This is probably because I started with literally no money. 

There's pros and cons to organic and paid traffic. SEO is completely free and is high converting but you have to wait months for results.

Paid traffic you can see results in literally minutes but you might lose a lot of money. 

If you have plenty of money to risk you may want to look into training that goes over paid traffic if you don't want to wait to see results. 

6) What kind of learner am I?

Answering this question may require some reflection but it's important for you to understand how you like to learn.

I personally need examples to study and like text training over video training. The reason I don't like straight video training is because my attention usually strays. 

Many people just do video training, though, and I usually avoid that.

The best is when a course has video training and then text training with step by step instruction underneath. This way you can skim through what's being taught at your own speed and you can go back and find the information easier. 

This is another reason I like Wealthy Affiliate so much. They're one of the few places that do text AND video training. It helps to get through the information quickly and it helps it stick in your brain better. 

7) Am I a better writer or am I better on camera?

I always tell affiliate marketers they have to be on Youtube. Some get this nervous look on their face because they don't realize you don't have to be on camera to do affiliate marketing on Youtube.

You can just make the video about what you're talking about/reviewing and just do the voice over.

However, I don't think it's exactly necessary for people that are good on camera to write. If you hate writing it's going to be painful for you to write thousands of words - you're better off just doing more videos. 

Writers don't have an excuse like I said because you don't have to be on camera.

The reason I'm saying this is most affiliate marketing training doesn't go over on camera affiliate marketing on Youtube. If that's more your style you'll have to find a specific course for that (most general courses won't be enough). 

8) How much time do I have to devote to this?

Different affiliate marketing strategies require a different amount of time. If you have all day you can then create content or Youtube videos with ease.

If you're extremely busy you may not have enough time to put in hours of content creation a day.

How much time you have to spend a day definitely factors into the training you get and the type of internet marketer you are.  

If you have less than a hour to devote to this a day you'll want training on paid traffic sources like Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Solo Ads.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Your Best Option

No matter what you're looking for, Wealthy Affiliate has you covered. It's by far the best training platform for affiliate marketers and you're almost guaranteed success if you follow the training. 


Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

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