CBD is EXPLODING across the world.

You can't listen to a podcast without hearing an ad read for different CBD companies.

There's billions being spent on these products which means there's a lot of money to be made, especially with affiliate marketing.

To be successful you'll need to join one of the best CBD affiliate programs, though.

That's what this guide will show you.

Below you'll find the top CBD affiliate programs, why they're good and more.

Plus I'll show you some tips to kill it in the CBD niche.

Let's get into it!

Top 3 CBD Affiliate Programs


Joy Organics

Joy Organics is the best CBD affiliate program for a lot of reasons. It has very high quality products, a generous 25% commissions on all sales and LIFETIME cookies. Put it all together and you get one hell of a CBD affiliate opportunity. 

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CBDPure doesn't have too many products but what they do offer is very quality. The best part is their commission rate which is 40%! The affiliate sign up process is very simple as well and takes about 5 minutes. 

4.5 of 5 Stars

Honest Paws

Honest Paws is a little different - instead of CBD products for humans they make them for dogs and cats. There's a big opportunity for animal cbd products and Honest Paw's 25% commission rate is excellent. 

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1. Joy Organics

Commission Rate: 25%

Cookie Life: Lifetime

Products: Tinctures, gummies, softgels, sleep formulas, energy drink mixes, bath bombs, animal products, creams.

Website: https://joyorganics.com/affiliate/

Joy Organics is pretty much everyone's favorite CBD affiliate program - if you're going to get into the CBD niche you should 100% join this program.

The commission rate isn't the best on earth but it's solid at 25%.

What does separate this company from others is the amazing product quality and selection.

There's a lot of products you can market here including a few that are hard to find in other places (like the sports cream or energy drink).

Who wouldn't want a CBD energy drink? 

Another plus is the lifetime cookie which is rare to see. If you someone clicks your link and decides to buy a year later you'll get credit!

Doesn't get better than that!

2. CBDPure

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Lifetime: 90 days

Products: Tinctures, softgels and lotions

Website: https://www.cbdpure.com/affiliate/

CBDPure isn't the most well known CBD affiliate program out there but I like it a lot (I've made money promoting their products).

They only have a few products but they're quality and have a generous 90 day return guarantee.

There's two things I like the most about CBDPure:

  1. 40% commissions
  2. Nice website

The 40% commissions is basically the most you'll find for CBD products.

That's outstanding for any affiliate product and especially an affiliate product that's physical.

The website is slick too and it's made to convert. You'll get good conversions when you send customers to CBDPure. 

3. Honest Paws

Commission Rate: 25%

Cookie Lifetime: 30 Days

Products: CBD products for cats and dogs

Website: https://www.honestpaws.com/affiliates/

Honest Paws is a little different than the previous two because the products are for pets and not humans.

If you wanted to create a CBD affiliate marketing website you can add a pet section or just focus on CBD oil products for pets.

The commission rate is pretty good at 25% and I'm willing to bet the average order is above $50. 

So you'd be looking at $15 commissions which is good.

Also, they offer free shipping on orders over $40 as well.

Overall, this is a great affiliate program if you want to tap into the CBD market for pets. 

4. Diamond CBD

Commission Rates: 20%

Cookie Lifetime: 30 days

Products: Every CBD product you can imagine

Website: https://www.diamondcbd.com/affiliate-program

Diamond CBD is a good affiliate program because of all the products they offer.

There's definitely more products on this website than most other CBD companies on this list.

They have:

  • CBD oils
  • CBD drinks
  • Edibles
  • Capsules
  • Smokables
  • Creams
  • Pet products
  • Bath and body
  • Vapes
  • Gummies

Each category has 10's of options from different companies as well. 

There's also celebrity endorses like Tommy Chong (of Cheech And Chong).

There's so much selection that you pretty much have to sign up for Diamond CBD if you're getting into the CBD niche. 

5. CBD Medic 

Commission Rate: 40% 

Cookie Life: 90 days

Products: Topical CBD

Website: https://cbd-medic.com/affiliate-program/

CBD Medic is more of a niche CBD website.

They don't have gummies or vapes or tinctures or capsules.

They specialize in topical CBD products like lotions and creams.

Some of the medical issues they claim their products helps include arthritis, neck and back issues, sports injuries, foot and ankle problems, acne, itch and rashes, eczema and more. 

Their products are very professional looking and get awesome reviews.

Plus they have a pretty big celebrity endorser in Rob Gronkowski.

I would definitely sign up for this program if you're in the CBD niche. I'd also sign up if you're in the natural remedy niche.

I'm sure your audience would love some of these products.

6. Just CBD

Commission Rate: 18% 

Cookie Life: 30 days

Products: Every CBD product you can imagine

Website: https://justcbdstore.com/join-our-social-affiliate-program/

Just CBD is a lot like Diamond CBD - they both have a ridiculous amount of CBD products you can market.

You've got edibles, capsules, vapes, gummies, tinctures, protein bats, bath bombs, honey oil sticks, coconut oil sticks, products for your pet and topicals.

In total they have 100+ products, all of which have the JUST CBD brand on them.

So if you're looking for a variety of CBD goodies to market, Just CBD is for you.

7. Namaste Vapes

Commission Rate: 10% to 20%

Cookie Life: 90 days

Products: Vape

Website: https://account.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=73831&storeID=3

Namaste Vapes is another company that is more niche and only has one type of product - vapes.

The commission structure is a little different here and instead of a flat rate your commissions are based on performance. 

When you're just starting out you get a 10% commission rate which is pretty low.

But as you sell more you make more until you reach the top rate of 20%.

The good news is vape equipment is pricey and the average order size is $232. 

If you get to the 20% commission rate you'll be making $46 per sale on average.

Pretty good!

8. Hemp My Pet

Commission Rate: 30%

Cookie Life: 90 days

Products: CBD products for cat and dogs

Website: https://www.hempmypet.com/affiliate-program/

Hemp My Pet, like the name suggests, is another CBD store that's designed for your four legged pals.

This company is very similar to the first one you saw except has a slightly better commission rate and cookie life. 

The reason I don't rank them higher than Honest Paws is they really don't have a lot of products.

They basically have a couple tinctures, some treats and a couple bundle options.

They do have an average order of $100, though, so that means you'll be earning $30 per sale.

9. Savage CBD

Commission Rate: 35% 

Cookie Life: 90 days

Products: Every CBD product you can imagine

Website: https://savagecbd.refersion.com/

Savage CBD is most like Diamond CBD and Just CBD - what connects them all is they have TONS of CBD products.

Pretty much every kind you can imagine. 

The best part here is the amazing 35% commission rate.

You can expect to make a nice little commission on every sale you make.

Additionally, the products are well made and the marketing around the products are good.

This is definitely a program that you will want to sign up for.

10. CBD MD

Commission Rate: 20% commission rate

Cookie Life: 90 days

Products: Assortment of CBD products 

Website: https://www.cbdmd.com/affiliate-program

CBD MD is a well known company and they're well reviewed.

This is another CBD marketplace and you can find pretty much any CBD product that your heart desires. 

I like that they have both a robust selection of products for humans and pets

I really believe there's a lot of potential in the CBD pet niche. 

It's definitely less competitive and you may find it easier to stand out than if you did CBD in general. 

Either way, though, this is an affiliate program you will definitely want to consider. 

11. No Highgh

Commission Rate: 10% to 30%

Cookie Life: 30 days

Products: Standard CBD products

Website: https://www.nohigh.com/cbd-affiliate-program/

No High is not a program you can just sign up for like most of the affiliate programs on this list. 

You actually need an audience before you get accepted into No High.

For example, if you plan on promoting this on Instagram you need to have 3000 real followers.

If you plan on promoting through your website you need to have at least 3,000 sessions per month and your domain age must be over 6 months.

Additionally, your backlink profile has to be approved too.

These are major requirements but it's enough to filter out people who won't take it seriously. 

Their commission structure rewards volume and you can make anywhere from 10% to 30% commissions on each sale.

The more you sell the higher the commissions you get. 


Commission Rate: 30%

Cookie Life: 30 days

Products: Typical CBD products, skin patches

Website: https://specktra.com/pages/become-an-affiliate

SPEKTRA is another awesome affiliate program that is typical in some ways but not in others.

The typical part is offering CBD tinctures, gummies, vapes and things like that.

The cookie life is also pretty typical being 30 days.

What separates this program from others is the high commission rate at 30% and the CBD skin patches.

This product is very unique and I'd imagine would convert at a high rate because it's so different. 

13. Pure Hemp CBD

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Life: 30 days

Products: All kinds of CBD products

Website: https://purehempshop.com/pages/affiliate

Pure Hemp CBD is another CBD website that offers a bunch of different products.

Some typical products they offer are:

  • Oils
  • Capsules
  • Vape
  • Edibles

They offer other CBD products that other companies don't too. For example, they have topical, pet and protein CBD products.

I'd say their most unique product is their CBD sprays. 

Their sprays supposedly help with energy, relaxation, appetite, sleep, pain relief and more. 

Lastly, they have an awesome commission rate at 40%.

This is basically as high as you'll find and because of this you'll want to sign up. 

14. Hemp Bombs

Commission Rate: 10% to 20%

Cookie Life: 30 days

Products: All kinds of CBD products

Website: https://hempbombs.com/affiliate/become-an-affiliate/

Hemp Bombs is one of the biggest CBD wholesalers in the US. They sell individual products as well as bulk orders.

Along with that they have an affiliate program as well.

The commission rate is average with it topping out at 20% but they have bundle offers that can pay off for you. 

For example, they have bundles that cost between $300 to $500.

Not everyone will be interested in that but some will.

That would be $60 to $100 commissions when you do make a sale on those. 

15. Vape Bright

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Life: 30 days

Products: Vapes

Website: https://revoffers.com/vape-bright-affiliate-program/

Vape Bright is a niche CBD store and only offers vapes.

However, CBD vapes are big and these products are typically pretty expensive - this means bigger sales for you.

For example, this site only offers a handful of products.

They have cartridges that cost $55 each.

The 5 pack costs $247. You'd have to imagine a lot of people when they order cartridges online will want to order more than just one.

This leaves room for big commissions for you.

You Need Good Affiliate Marketing Training

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CBD Niches Success Tips

I've done well with affiliate marketing and have actually made money in the CBD niche already.

I'm going to share some tips that can help you make serious money as a CBD affiliate marketer.

In the next section I'll show you CBD affiliate marketing websites that are a;ready killing it.

Success Tip #1: Create A CBD Website

This one should be a no brainer but you never really know what people are being taught these days.

You need to have a website to have success with not only CBD affiliate marketing but affiliate marketing in general.

Luckily creating a website is very easy and can be done for pretty cheap.

I'd personally just create a WordPress site (1/3rd of all websites are built on WordPress).

Creating a WordPress is simple.

Once you create your site you can start creating content and generating traffic. 

Success Tip #2: Get Fast Hosting

Most people won't wait for a website to load more than 3 seconds!

A slow loading website in 2020 is a death sentence. It's not tolerated and Google won't rank your website if you load slow.

There's a few factors that determine site speed and the one of the big ones is hosting.

If you're planning on having success with affiliate marketing you need hosting that will make your site fast.

There's a lot of options out there and the best option is Bluehost.

Bluehost is affordable, fast and if you sign up with them they'll set up your WordPress site.

Success Tip #3: Collect Emails From Potential CBD Customers

There's two things you'll need if you want to collect emails effectively:

  • Good autoresponder
  • Good lead magnet

There's a lot of good autoresponder but the easiest to use and my favorite is Aweber. 

Aweber has everything you will need to run a good email campaign.

You can send out automatic email sequences so you're contacting your subscribers regularly with minimal work.

Aweber also has lead magnets but I personally use Thrive Leads to capture emails.

With Thrive I get around 80 to 100 email addresses every single day.

Thrive allows you to run really eye catching and effective leads magnets.

Below is an example of one you can make with a CBD site:

You can set this to pop up a bunch of different ways.

For example, you can set this pop up to show if someone scrolls down 50% of post. 

It can also be triggered to pop up after a certain amount of time.

It can even be triggered to pop up when someone is about to leave the website.

This is only one kind of lead magnet.

They have magnets that are ribbons, go in the widget area, footer area, slide in and take up a small space in the corner of the screen and more. 

Thrive allows you to make other call to actions and buttons that make potential customers want to click. 

Once you have someones email you can send them different CBD products everyday.

If a new CBD product is introduced you can just send it to everyone on your list and get sales/commissions whenever someone buys. 

Success Tip #4: Create CBD Best Of Lists

Best of lists are my secret weapon as an affiliate marketer.

You're on one of my best of lists right now!

Best of lists get a ton of traffic and they lead to sales.

When someone is searching for a best of list they're pretty much ready to buy. They just need a trusted opinion to point them in the right direction.

That's where you come in!

In order to find various best of lists for CBD products you'll want to use the alphabet soup technique in Google.

Go to Google and type in "best cbd for a"

Google will then autofill and give you potential best of lists for you to create.

Here's an example:

Here's an example using the letter "b"

What you need to do now is to figure out how much traffic those phrases get and how competitive they are.

You use a keyword research tool for this and my favorite is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is by far the most accurate of all keyword tools out there. 

So take these phrases and put them into your keyword tool and see what results you get.

Here's the results for "best cbd for athletes" in Jaaxy.

Any traffic over 25 is good (it shows you'll get clicks targeting that keyword phrase) and any QSR under 100 is good (shows that it's not that competitive and you'll rank).

This may seem like a simple method but it's very powerful.

I've created websites that sold for over $40,000 using this exact strategy. 

You can make a ton of sales and a lot of traffic creating CBD best of posts.

Success Tip #5: Write Reviews

Another good way to attract customers looking to buy CBD is to write reviews on the top CBD companies. 

Reviews get less traffic than best of lists but they typically convert better.

If someone is looking up a review of a CBD product it means they did their research.

When someone is searching for a review they most likely have their credit card out already!

To find companies to review just type into Google "best cbd brands" and you'll find lists of a lot of brands.

For example, I found this article titled 30 Best CBD Oil Companies.

There first choice is Kanibi.

To see if it's worth writing a review of this company head over to your keyword tool and test "Kanibi Review" to see if it gets traffic.

Here's what I got from Jaaxy:

As you can see the traffic looks good and the competition is low.

This is definitely a review you'll want to write.

Their number two ranked CBD brand is CBDMD.

Here's the results I get in Jaaxy with CBDMD:

This keyword gets awesome traffic but it is quite competitive.

I'd probably still write the review, though, and just make it as good as possible.

You can also write reviews of bad CBD companies too.

If you do come across a low quality CBD company just write the review, let your reader know it's bad and then recommend a quality CBD company throughout the review.

This is a very good way to make sales (and do a good deed stopping people from buying bad CBD).

Success Tip #6: Compare Popular CBD Oils

Another type of content that gets a lot of sales is comparing CBD oils against each other - typically popular CBD oils.

For this you'll want to once again figure out the most popular CBD oils - you can just look at the lists in the previous tip or type in "best CBD oils" into Google.

Some very popular online CBD Brands are:

  • PureKana
  • Premium Jane
  • Charlotte's Web
  • CBD MD 
  • Kanibi 
  • NuLeaf CBD

And more. 

Take Charlotte's Web for example.

Go to Google and type in "Charlotte's Web CBD oil Vs" and just let Google autofill it for you.

Here's some results:

What you would do is writer articles comparing two CBD oils against each other.

List the pros, cons and make a recommendation about which is better.

Obviously you'll want to have affiliate links in the article.

Success Tip #7: Write Quality Reviews

CBD is a competitive niche.

Whenever something like CBD hits the scene all the top affiliate marketers try to get in on the action. 

There's still A LOT of opportunity, though.

Most people only put out slightly above average content.

With the CBD niche if you can put out top notch reviews and lengthy best of posts you will find good success.

Google loves quality and so do customers.

If people are coming to your site and sticking around to read your content Google will start rewarding you with high rankings.

Success Tip #8: Have Good Call To Actions

There's two reason why you'll want eye catching call to actions.

The first is it will reduce your bounce rate which is good for rankings.

A bounce rate is how often someone comes to your website and then goes back to google to read another article for their search.

The more times people come to your site and don't return to Google the more Google sees that you are providing quality content.

The second reason why you want quality call to actions is it will increase your sales.

Thrive is what I use for my call to actions.

For example, let's say I wanted to write a review of Charlotte's Web CBD oil.

You'd want a button like this in your summary box to try and get people to click:

This gets people's attention and makes them want to click.

You'd also want to create other call to actions like below:

You can even make call to actions when you're reviewing a low quality CBD.

The purpose of these call to actions would be to introduce a better CBD oil.

Here's an example of that:

All of these call to actions took about 15 seconds to make with Thrive Themes.

Success Tip #9: Write Information Articles

Informational articles won't convert as well as reviews and best of lists but you should still leverage them.

Typically someone does research before they buy an item and if someone is searching "how does CBD oil work" they're early in their research phase.

Not quite ready to buy but they're getting there.

You can make sales with them when done right, though.

To figure out which informational articles to write think in terms of questions.

Typically questions that start with:

  • Who 
  • How 
  • What
  • When
  • Why
  • Where 
  • Is

Go to Google and type in "Is CBD Oil a" and let it autofill.

Here's what I get as a result:

Jaaxy also has a feature where you can type in something and it will autofill ideas for you.

Here's an example of "is CBD oil a" in Jaaxy:

Write high quality articles around all of these topics and then either try to collect your visitor's email address or recommend a CBD product (with your affiliate link in it of course).

3 Examples Of Successful CBD Oil Affiliate Websites

There's already affiliate marketing websites that center around CBD.

You can learn a lot about what to do if you study these websites (you'll see a lot of what I recommend in implemented on these sites).

1) ShoppingCBD.com

ShoppingCBD.com is a website that does high quality reviews of CBD products and has a blog where they write about CBD too.

If you search for CBD oil reviews you'll likely come across ShoppingCBD.

For example, if you search "Diamond CBD review" into Google you'll see ShoppingCBD as the 3rd result:

If you click on the review you'll see the article is well written as well. 

There's also eye catching call to actions that have affiliate links too:

As you can see this site is built to make sales and I'm willing to bet they make A LOT of them.

They write a bunch of best of posts too.

Here's some of them on the website:

All in all this would be a perfect website to model your's after.

2) BestCBDoils.org

This site is similar to the one you just saw and pretty much uses the exact same strategy.

They have a ton of reviews.

For example, they did a review on the popular CBD brand Elixinol and they're review is 9th on Google when you search for Elixinol review:

If you read the review it's not that great either.

I honestly think if you try you can beat them.

There's also a ton of best of lists (30+ on all kinds of CBD topics and products).

3) Cannabissupplementsforpets.com 

This CBD website is different than the previous two.

Instead of covering all things CBD this one just focuses on CBD supplements for pets (mainly dogs and cats).

They have a blog where they have a bunch of informational articles:

Their articles are really phenomenal and a lot of effort was put in them.

For example, their article titled CBD OIl for Cats With IBD And Stomach Issues is lengthy, informative and sources all their claims.

At the end they recommend a CBD oil:

They make money everytime someone clicks those links and buys something.

You Need Quality Affiliate Marketing Training To Be Successful!

I've been lucky enough to build a full time income online. 

Because of this I only work a few hours a day and don't have a commute (I work right from my couch).

If you want to build a full time income online with CBD and affiliate marketing you need high quality affiliate marketing training.

I reviewed all the best affiliate marketing courses and my top pick is Savage Affiliates

This training teaches you cutting edge strategies to make money with affiliate marketing and is taught by one of the best affiliate marketers out there. 

The best part is it's a very affordable course.


Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

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