Product: Bulletproof Profits

Price: $9

Rating: 20/100

Overview: Bulletproof Profits is a pretty typical course about making money online. This ISN'T a compliment and means this product is generic, basic and won't actually teach you how to succeed online.

They even use scammy sales techniques like fake testimonials and absurd profit claims. I definitely don't recommend Bulletproof Profits. 

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What Does Bulletproof Profits Teach?

Bulletproof Profits teaches you how to do Amazon FBA and private labeling. Amazon FBA is when you send products to an Amazon warehouse and they do most of the work.

For instance, they handle the checkout, the shipping, and follow up with the customer afterwards. Amazon takes 15% of the sale and that's how they make money from the process.

Your job is to find products that are worth selling and you have to pay for the stock/advertising. On average you make around $10 per sale. 

There's definitely some risk involved with this strategy and you could lose thousands if you aren't successful.

Bulletproof Profits also teaches you how to be an Amazon Affiliate. This is where you create websites in different niches and write reviews of products that are on Amazon. 

In your article you link to the product on Amazon and you earn a percentage of every sale you send Amazon's way. 

I make a lot of money as an Amazon affiliate and know what it takes to succeed - this training will NOT help you succeed. 

I'll dive a little deeper into the training and it's flaws but I want to point a few things out first.

There's Fake Testimonials

Part of what I do is review different courses that supposedly teach people (usually beginners and other naive people) how to make money online.

Most of these products are very low quality or are outright scams. 

Bulletproof Profits is low quality and is teetering on being a scam. One reason for this is they use fake testimonials in their sales page to get you to buy.

Here it is below:

You see Liz there? It almost looks like that's a professional photo and not someone's profile picture on Facebook. I wonder why that is...

The photo is just a stock image off of Shutterstock - Shutterstock is a place where people can buy images and pictures.

This type of sales tactic is one that I come across a lot actually and every single time the course ends up being one I wouldn't recommend. 

If the creator of Bulletproof Profits has to resort to making fake testimonials and doesn't have any real success stories to share, doesn't that really say it all?

A legitimate course would have many different students happily sharing their success stories. If there aren't any students making money that's because the training is low quality or an outright scam. 

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The Training Is Really Basic

The reason I don't outright call Bulletproof Profits a scam is because there is training based on profitable business models.

There's people making millions of dollars doing private label Amazon FBA and there's people making millions doing affiliate marketing.

The main issue is you need an edge to beat out your competitors now. Maybe 10 to 15 years ago you could follow basic advice and make it work but that's not the case anymore.

You need to know tips and secrets that are timely and ones not everyone knows - that's the only way you'll ever make a decent amount of money online.

If you go through the videos and PDF's in Bulletproof Profits you just see very generic advice and no really strategies being shared. 

You can easily find the same information free online and on Youtube without spending any money. 

For instance, I've created several Amazon affiliate sites that have earned over $2,000 a month and I've sold some sites for over $40,000. 

The advice they give you on creating an Amazon site is so basic and you will not make the money they promise by doing what they say. 

They recommend writing reviews and don't go over any tips that'll help you beat out your competition. There's certain keyword strategies you need to follow to succeed and they aren't even mentioned in the training. 

There's A Monet Back Guarantee.. Sort Of

In order to sell on Clickbank you have to offer a money back guarantee (I believe it's 60 days). I've gotten my money back a few different times on Clickbank and it's always simple. 

You just go to the Clickbank website and initiate the live chat and you'll have your money back in a few minutes.

Again, I've done it several times and never once had an issue. 

But there's a disclaimer on the bottom of Bulletproof Profits that I have never seen before. Here it is below:

This is completely false and you don't have to go to Bulletproof Profits directly to get a refund. And they do have to give you a refund or else they wouldn't be able to sell on Clickbank.

So that's a very bizarre warning.

What I Like About Bulletproof Profits

There's nothing really here that I like. 

Maybe if you're completely new to making money online, the ideas could nudge you in the right direction. 

However, you will need to find better training if you want to actually make it. You'll need to find mentors that are doing well too.

What I Don't Like About Bulletproof Profits

Basically everything.

First off, I don't like the sleazy sales tricks that prey on naive and beginners. Those sales tricks include fake testimonials and crazy profit claims. Any course promising you'll make thousands with just a few clicks is lying.

The training is too basic as well. There's no specific advice or strategies mentioned. There's no showing real results or anything like that.

Lastly, I don't like that refund warning at the end. When you buy a product off of Clickbank you have a right to get your money back and you shouldn't let them scare you into thinking otherwise. 

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now I've convinced you Bulletproof Profits isn't worth your time or money. There's just not enough there to push you over the edge. 

This shouldn't deter you from trying to start an online business, however. There's plenty of ways to make money online and you need to find the right training and community to teach you.

If you want the very best, make sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I learned and they offer training, tools and a community of over 1 million internet marketers to ask questions. 

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