There's good money in selling courses online and Course From Scratch claims they can help you make a ton.

This review will determine if that's true and whether or not Danielle Leslie is legit or not.

Below you'll find everything you need to know including background information, price breakdown, course overview and more.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if Course From Scratch is worth your money.


Course From Scratch Summary

Product: Course From Scratch

Price to join: $1997 or 6 payments of $394

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? Not really.

Summary: In 2020 creating a course is pretty simple and there's plenty of platforms that make it so anyone can create a course.

You don't really a need a $2000 course to teach this to you. What you need is to learn how to get traffic which is barely mentioned in this course.

Most people who take this course won't make more in sales than the course cost and an even smaller amount of people will truly be successful.

Overall there's too much hype here and not enough useful training.

I'd avoid. 

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This Course Isn't For Beginners

There is a lot of money in creating courses online and some people make several millions a year doing so.

Here's the thing, though - you need to be a seasoned internet marketer before you start thinking about releasing courses.

The only exception would be if you truly are an expert on a topic and you'll attract buyers just because of your authority.

But generally speaking you want to make money using free traffic sources and for little money when first starting out.

Unless you can master free traffic you're going to have to buy ads to drive traffic to your course.

This is a complicated process and will involve funnel sales funnels, email marketing, coupons, retargeting ads and more.

It's not something you want to start off with. 

So if you're brand new to making money online or haven't made money online yet, find an inexpensive training that teaches free traffic generation

Creating A Course Is Simple

You don't need a $2000 course telling you how to make a course.

Maybe 10 years ago when there weren't course platforms out there you would need to pay that much.

But creating a course is as simple as making videos and joining a platform like Teachable or Thinkific. 

What you need is to know how to launch and how to generate traffic.

Launching is explained in Course From Scratch but there's almost zero information on how to get traffic.

Unless you already have a large social media audience or a thriving blog you're going to need THOUSANDS for an ad budget.

The fact there's no information about Facebook Ads, Google ads, Youtube ads, Instagram or anything is absurd. 

For $2000 you should have detailed teaching on each section as well as training on creating a funnel to get this traffic to convert. 

The price for Course From Scratch is pretty absurd for not having any traffic training. 

Who Is Danielle Leslie?

Danielle Leslie is the creator of Course From Scratch and there's not a out there about her. 

She apparently started her career selling courses on Udemy but courses there are very inexpensive.

I'm guessing she wanted more per sale and as a result she created Course From Scratch on Teachable.

This would allow her to charge much for the course.

In 2018 she did $85,000 in sales and in 2019 she did a whopping $1,200,000 in sales.

Not bad.

Of course that's not how much she profited and I'm sure she spent a large amount in advertising but still - that much for a course is very rare and it's definitely a good accomplishment. 

Apparently before Course From Scratch Danielle worked as a marketer for startups in Silicon Valley. 

Course From Scratch Overview

The sales page for Course From Scratch is very detailed and there's plenty of testimonials about how this course helped people make sales with their courses.

Are they all legit? Maybe. Maybe not.

I've reviewed plenty of courses where it's easily provable that testimonials are just from actors. I'm not saying that's happening here but I wouldn't be surprised if it was. 

Overall there's 5 modules in this course that are spread out over 60 days.

You get bonuses as well like a private mastermind group and a webinar where you can ask questions live.

If you pay the full $1997 upfront you will get additional bonuses as well. These bonuses include:

  • A call with Lesie to develop your content plan.
  • Launch breakdown which includes email information and different launch strategies. 

These seem like things that should be including for everyone in the course because the course is so expensive.

The modules in the course are:

  • An Introduction Module
  • Minimum Viable Course
  • Course Topic And Customers
  • Content And Culture Add
  • Conversions
  • Advanced Course Launch

You also get additional information on:

  • Tech tools
  • A tutorial on creating a webinar
  • Success series
  • How to create a good squeeze page and email optin

Additionally, you get a two month free trial to Teachable to create your course. After two months you'll have to pay $97 to remain on Teachable. 

What I Like About Course From Scratch

Here's what I like about this course:

Free 2 Month Teachable Membership

Teachable costs $97 per month so you're saving almost $200 by getting this free trial.

The course price is way too high but this will save you a little money (not enough to justify the price, though).

What I Don't Like About Course From Scratch

There's just more not to like here than to like and the main things I don't like are:

Way too expensive

There's not enough here to justify Course From Scratch being nearly $2000. 

I've reviewed hundreds of courses that teach people how to make money online and there's courses with 10X the value that cost 1/10th of the price.

Unless you're getting world class training and access to multi-millionaires there's no reason to pay this much for an internet marketing course. 

Training is not enough

It's 2020. 

Creating a course is very easy now and you don't need a $2000 course teaching you how to do it.

It's foolproof with platforms like Teachable and Thinkific. 

What you need is training on launching and traffic generation. You get a little training on the first and barely nothing on the second.

Honestly, traffic generation is the single most important part about having an online business. 

The fact there's so little information on this topic is very disappointing.

Too much hype

Overall there's just more hype here than good training.

Creating a course is not a simple way to make money and it's actually one of the more difficult ways.

First you need an audience because if you don't you'll need to spend thousands on ads (and you're not guaranteed to make any money from them).

Next you have to have a good sales funnel to convert your visitors. 

And lastly you need to actually have quality training that people will appreciate. 

I honestly wouldn't make a course until I had a following to market to. It's too difficult otherwise.

Final Thoughts About Course From Scratch

I don't think Course From Scratch is a scam.

There's real training here and it comes from someone who's had some good success selling her own course. 

The problem here is the course is lacking training and the price is WAY too expensive.

Making money online doesn't need to cost a lot of money if you know what you're doing.

The training in Course From Scratch isn't worth $2000 because it doesn't go over the most important aspect of making money with your course - traffic!

Without that you're not going to make a single dollar.

There should have been more training on free and paid traffic and less hype.

Had there been more of a focus on traffic (really detailed training) then the price may be worth it.

But as is it's not even close to being worth $2000.

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  • Course from scratch is REALLY AMAZING. It offers more than just course creation, it helps me create routine in my life, expand my thinking & raise my vibrations. I WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND COURSE FROM SCRATCH. The fact that you have to put other down to rise will be your downfall sir. Danielle has worked hard for YEARS. She’s done many course launches where she failed but still got back up again and she didnt put others down get up. She helped other rise and thats why she has risen! You should learn from her and she totally helps with traffic!! She’s named many different sources and PUT OTHER BUSINESSES THAT SPECIALIZES IN CREATING TRAFFIC IN HER COURSE. Hence shes lifting other businesses up!! Do better

    • Sadly, she has scammed many with hype and an overpriced course that really does not help most people except her pocket. Why does she encourage people to register for a paypal credit card in order to pay for her course?

  • Course from Scratch is HYPE. It’s NOT for beginners. The “refund” policy should just say NON-REFUNDABLE, instead Danielle mislead you into believing it’s refundable (marketing genius/false advertisement). I wish I had seen this post before I donated my $1,800. BUYER BEWARE.

    ***I can totally see how Danielle is successful; she’s an excellent marketer.

  • Thank you for your objective and helpful post. I really wish I had done my due diligence before paying my hard earned money to Leslie

    • Sorry to hear you didn’t get what you expected! There’s much cheaper and better ways to make money online – don’t be discouraged!


    ‘DANIELLE LESLIE’ called me at 10:08 pm just last night. That is violation of the TCPA (Telecommunications Privacy Act), which OUTLAWS telemarketing calls after 0900pm local time.

    If ‘DANIELLE LESLIE’, is willing to violate FEDERAL LAW, then ‘she’ is a SCAMMER. And, so is her ‘husband’.

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