Creating Content And Targeting Profitable Keywords

Learn how to create content Google loves and pick keywords that will make you a lot of money!

Content and keywords..

Keywords and content..

These are two of the most important concepts in affiliate marketing and those that master them are the ones who make it - those who don't struggle big time.

In this post I'm going to show you how to target profitable keywords and how to create excellent content around your keywords that your audience will love.

Before we get into that I want to talk about Google very quickly.

Google is where you get traffic from

The way you get traffic to your website is through Google. 

What you do is target search terms (or keywords) that will show up in Google search.

That's how you ended on my website. You searched something into Google (or another search engine) and you found my website there.

Google accounts for something like 75% of all searches online and up to 90% of all mobile searches.

Your main focus is to end up on page 1 of Google search for certain keywords.

For example, you may target a keyword like "how to make money online" and then create content around that search term. If your content is good enough you will rank on page 1 for "how to make money online."

There's apparently 500 different factors Google uses in determining the rank in their search engine but it all really comes down to authority.

This is why you pick a niche and not just some general website. When you create a lot of content in a particular niche (like basketball or camping) Google will consider you an authority on those topics.

This will help your content rank better in Google. 

If you can consistently get onto page 1 in Google search you will have a thriving and profitable affiliate marketing business!

Using keyword tools to find keywords

Hopefully by now you understand how Google will be affecting your affiliate marketing business.

When creating content you want to find keywords that will rank on page 1 in Google and that get decent traffic (basically you want to find keywords that have low competition and high traffic).

In order to figure out competition and traffic of a keyword you will need to use a keyword research tool.

The thing about quality keyword research tools is they are expensive and cost hundreds per month..

However, there's one that's completely free to try and is very powerful called Jaaxy.

Let's test out the keyword "how to make money online" in Jaaxy to see if it's worth creating content around:

The most important things to look at in Jaaxy is "Avg" and "KQI."

Avg estimates how much traffic you'd get in Google if you rank well with a search term. Anything over 40 is good so obviously 11,736 is excellent.

KQI determines the competitiveness of a keyword. Anything UNDER 100 means it's not competitive and you have a good chance at getting to page 1 on Google if you targeted that keyword.

Unfortunately the KQI is over 100 which means it's too competitive and you likely won't rank on page 1 for that term. This means you shouldn't target this keyword.

The problem here is it's too general.

Let's try targeting a more specific keyword like "best family tents 2020"

This is a great keyword because it gets over 40 Avg and the KQI is under 100.

This means it's high traffic and low competition - the EXACT type of keyword you want.

Profitable keywords Vs. non-profitable keywords

Keywords and content is how you get traffic but what is most important is getting buyer ready traffic.

Determining what a buyer ready keyword is very simple. 

There's something known as the customer purchasing cycle that explains the buying habits of consumers. 

When people are early in the purchasing cycle they're not ready to buy and are just doing research. An example would be if someone typed into Google "how to make money online."

This is someone that's new to making money online and has no clue where to start. They're not ready to spend money and are just looking around (they likely won't be ready to buy anything for a while).

Another example would be someone searching "how to make grass greener." Again, this person is just doing some research.

However, eventually as a person begins to do more research they'll learn about products that will solve their problem - this is where YOU come in.

You want to target keywords that are late in the customer purchasing cycle. These keywords are typically product reviews, top 10 lists, and keywords comparing two products.

Let's stick with the "green grass" search.

After someone learns that there's products out there that will make their grass greener they'll start searching for the top products to do this and read different reviews. 

For example, lawn fertilizer will help make your lawn greener and a person ready to buy fertilizer will search "best lawn fertilizer" into Google.

Or they'll search a specific product review like "Scotts Green Max Fertilizer Review."

Or they might want to compare two products and search "Scotts Green Max Fertilizer Vs. Miracle Gro Lawn Food."

These are the keywords you want to target because a person searching for them are past the research phase and are in the buying phase!

And if you check Jaaxy you'll see which are worth targeting:

As you can see all three of these keywords are worth targeting!

Understanding affiliate links and affiliate programs

You make money as an affiliate by signing up with an affiliate program and putting affiliate links in your content.

For example, let's say you're targeting the keyword "Scotts Green Max Fertilizer Review."

What you're going to be doing is writing a review for this product.

You're going to talk about how good it is, any problems and whether or not you recommend it.

You can sign up to be an Amazon affiliate and can put links to Amazon for Scotts Green Fertilizer in your review.

Here's this product in Amazon:

Everytime someone clicks an affiliate link in your content/review and goes to Amazon and buys this product, you earn a commission!

How much can you make? 

Below is how much I made from Amazon's affiliate program in 1 month from 1 website:

Keep in mind this only took me 7 months to get to!

A later when on to sell this website for $40,000:

Sign Up For Jaaxy And Test Some Keywords Out

Now it's time for you to test some keywords out.

Create your free Jaaxy account and start messing around with the tool.

Research some keywords in potential niches that you're interested in. 

Check reviews, best of lists and keywords comparing products.

Make some lists of keywords that you want to create content around.

See you for part 2 of keyword research tutorial tomorrow!

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