Have you come across Ecommerce Empire Builders and are wondering if their course Ecommerce Empire Academy is worth it or not?

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Ecommerce Empire Builders Summary

Product: Ecommerce Empire Academy

Business model: Ecommerce 

Price to join: $1997

Do I recommend? No (too expensive)

Overall rating :  3 / 5

Ecommerce Empire Academy is the flagship training course at Ecommerce Empire Builders. 

While there's some things to like here overall I think you should skip over this course.

The reason I say this is the course is very expensive for what you get. Ecommerce Empire Academy is really short and doesn't give training on a lot of stuff other more affordable courses go over.

You can find better without spending so much.

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This Course Is Way Too Expensive

There's a lot of bad ecommerce courses out there that come from fake it until you make it types - they build up Youtube subscribers, give out bad information and then sell courses to their naive audiences.

Then there's competent dropshippers who sell courses that are way too much and competent dropshippers who sell courses at appropriate prices.

Ecommerce Empire Academy is taught by a competent teacher but is just way too expensive.

$1997 for an ecommerce is crazy unless you're getting cutting edge strategies that no one else is talking about or you're getting some other huge benefit.

You're not getting either with this course. The training is effective but can be found in many other courses for much less.

Plus (which I'll explain more later on) the traffic training is very limited here.

My favorite ecommerce course goes over every imaginable traffic source and costs about 1/5th the price as this one. 

Who Is Peter Pru?

Peter Pru is the creator of Ecommerce Empire Builders and is apparently in the 2 comma club - this means he's generated over $1 million in revenue for Clickfunnels.

Peter is on Youtube where he posts a lot (more than most ecommerce people).

It looks like he posts every other day:

He has 30K subscribers and almost 2 million views in total.

If you're posting 15 dropshipping videos a month you're bound to do some clickbait and some of his videos definitely are clickbait.

There's some good videos on his channel but most are just fluff videos. 

Ecommerce Empire Academy Overview:

Overall this course is pretty short and doesn't really go too in depth into a lot of different topics.

There's 7 modules and here's a breakdown of each:

Module 1: The Mindset Shift

The first module is a standard mindset module. This is probably the least important module in the entire course and is more just to get you thinking the right way.

I consider mindset training to be fluff but I'm sure some people will benefit from it.

Module 2: Picking A Niche And Products

This section is one of the more important ones and will teach you how to find the right niche and products to sell.

Obviously your ecommerce business is going to depend on you picking products people actually want and you'll learn that here.

Niche is just the market you're going to be targeting (golf, camping, ect.).

You'll learn how to pick a niche that works with ecommerce but isn't totally saturated.

Module 3: Funnels And Continuity

This is probably the topic Peter Pru has the most authority to talk about since he's generated millions for Clickfunnels.

Here you'll learn how to set up a funnel that will boost your sales and increase your conversion rates. 

The only problem here is if you want his free funnels you need to sign up for Clickfunnels which is not free. 

Clickfunnels will cost you $97 to $297 PER MONTH. This is pretty expensive, especially if you're just starting out. 

Module 4: Email Marketing

Email marketing is something that a lot of ecommerce courses miss and I like that this section is here.

You'll learn how to make extra sales while sending out emails 24/7.

Module 5: Influencer And Organic Marketing

In Module 5 you'll learn how to work with different influencers on different social media platforms. 

The main platform you'll be using is Instagram. 

You'll also learn how to generate free traffic to your store using organic marketing methods.

Module 6: Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a great way to market your store and your products - it's the most popular way to get traffic for your dropshipping store as well.

In this module you'll learn how to create high converting ads and increase conversions. 

You'll also learn how to scale your ads to improve profit.

Module 7: Scaling And Sales Channels

In the last module you'll learn all the odds and ends of running an ecommerce business. 

This includes outsourcing parts of your business to free up some time for yourself, how to brand your business, contacting manufacturers, suppliers and more. 

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Limited Traffic Training

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to only rely only on Facebook or Instagram for traffic - unfortunately that's what is taught here.

Facebook and Instagram are great ways to earn money with ecommerce but it's not for everyone.

I personally don't like making ads because I'm not really good at it - I'm better at targeting keywords.

For me, Google Ads and Google Shopping is a better way to get traffic because you're not creating ads. You just target keywords.

You can make just as much money with Google Ads and Google Shopping too.

This course is so expensive too and should have had training on more traffic sources.


Besides just getting the course you get the following bonuses:

Elite Mastermind

Elite Mastermind is where you can talk and get help from other people in the program.

Masterminds are important but I usually find that these groups are mostly filled with beginners.

The people who are actually making money tend to move on to different groups. 

Weekly Q&A Recordings

This is a nice bonus and every week you'll get your questions answered by Peter Pru and other successful members.

You'll also get a chance to get your funnels and store reviewed.

Funnel Templates

You get access to Peter Pru's funnels that he's used to generate millions in revenue. 

Again, though, this will require a Clickfunnels subscription which will cost hundreds per month. 

Private 1 on 1 Strategy Call

You also get a 1 on 1 call for a hour to check on your progress and to get tips on how you can improve.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

There's actually a double money back guarantee - meaning they'll refund you plus give you $997.

There's A LOT caveats to this, though.

First, you have to show that you tried exactly what was in the training and didn't get a positive ROI within 30 days. 

Also, the team looks at your store and gives you tips before you can get your double refund.

I'm guessing it's not easy to actually cash in on this deal.

Ecommerce Empire Builders Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and don't like about this course


  • Good Funnel Training: Peter Pru is a funnel expert and has made millions of dollars with them. Having access to his funnels and training on funnels is definitely valuable. 


  • Way Too Expensive: Never pay $1997 for an ecommerce course. How to succeed with ecommerce isn't a secret and there's plenty of training out there that will teach you better and cost much less.
  • Limited traffic training: I kind of roll my eyes when I see ecommerce training that only focuses on Instagram and Facebook (especially when the course is thousands of dollars). You NEED training on Google ads and Shopping these days. 
  • Need a Clickfunnels subscription: In order to get Peter's funnels you need to sign up for Clickfunnels which costs $97 to $297 per month. This is a cost a lot of people won't be able to afford in the beginning.  

Is Ecommerce Empire Builders A Scam?

It's definitely not a scam.

This is legit training from a successful internet marketer.

It's just way, way too expensive. There's no reason that you should pay $1997 for an ecommerce course.

How to make money with dropshipping isn't a secret and unless you're getting something extra special, most courses teach pretty much the same thing. 

Here's A Better Ecommerce Course

Ecommerce Empire Builders is just too expensive.

If you want to learn ecommerce you should check out Ecom Elites

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Plus it's affordable and teaches everything you need to know.

I've reviewed all the popular ecommerce courses

I've spent an endless amount of hours reviewing and researching different ecommerce courses.

Most are bad, some are good and there's one that's just better than the rest.

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