Foundational Profits is an investing newsletter that's headed by Nick Hodge.

He claims his picks often "outpace the returns of the S&P 500."

Is this true or is this all one big scam?

We'll get to the bottom of this question in this review.

Below you'll see everything you need to know about Nick and this service.

You'll know if Foundational Profits is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Foundational Profits Summary

Creator: Nick Hodge

Price to join: $199 per year

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

I'd stay away from Foundational Profits.

The creator has some red flags in his past and customers don't seem to like his stock picks very much.

It's a little expensive for what you're getting as well.

There's definitely better alternatives out there.

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Everything You Need To Know About Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge is the creator of Foundational Profits and he has some red flags in his past we need to look at.

Here's everything I think you should about Nick.

Spent Over A Decade At Awful Agora

A little secret about the investing newsletter world is only a handful of companies sell most of the newsletters.

Most newsletter publishers are owned by this small group of companies.

One of the biggest and most unethical of these companies is Agora.. guess where Nick spent over a decade working for?

That's right.. Agora.

So how bad is Agora?

Well just last year they were fined millions of dollars for defrauding senior citizens:

A question I like to ask people is would you trust a person in your neighborhood if they were known to take advantage of old people?

I think we both know the answer to that question..

This is the kind of stuff that Nick was involved in while at Agora

He wasn't just a low level guy in the company either.

Nick was the founder of one of their publishers called Outsider Club and a managing editor for Angel Publishing.

It's really hard for me to trust ANYONE that's worked for Agora as long as Nick did.

You learn the most manipulative sales and marketing techniques possible there.

It seems like Nick is just using what he learned at Agora at his new publisher.

Recommends Sketchy Investments

Another red flag about Nick is he seems to recommend private placements a lot.

Private placements are unregulated securities that are often times scams.

Because they're not regulated there's not really much you can do if one turns out to be a scam.

In most instances these companies don't have to provide you with financial details or statements about their businesses.

It's always a big mistake to invest in unregulated securities.

To protect investors the SEC has made it so most private placements can only be bought by accredited investors.

This means you need a network of $1 million or need to make more than $200,000 per year.

Customer Reviews Are Not Good For Nick

It's no surprise that Nick has bad customer reviews - basically everyone that works for Agora gets bad customer reviews.

There's just too much trickery, bad results and bad customer support at Agora for most people to stomach.

One person claims Nick only recommends stocks from companies that pay him to promote:

This review is pretty harsh but it gets even worst.

Another customer complains they missed the entire bull run of the last decade listening to Nick:

The stock mentioned in this customer complaint is Alternative Energy Holdings.

Apparently it was Nick's #1 pick.

This company no longer exists and was eventually fined by the SEC for millions of dollars for fraud. 

Not good!

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What Is Foundational Profits Offering?

In the end Foundational Profits is a standard investing newsletter and offers what most other similar products are offering.

Here's an overview of everything that you get:

Monthly Newsletter

This is mostly what you're paying for.

Every single month you'll get a new copy of Foundational Profits.

In each copy a new theme will be explored and you'll get a full write up about that theme.

Then you'll get new investment ideas based on Nick's analysis.

Model Portfolio

This is the other main part that you're paying for.

The second you sign up you'll have access to all of Nick's open positions in the portfolio.

There's 20 or so open positions in the portfolio with information on why Nick likes each stock pick.


You can't always wait until the end of the month to get new information about a stock.

Sometimes you need to sell or buy in between.

This is where the alerts come in.. if action needs to be taken right away then you will get an alert to do so.

Interviews And Reports

As a bonus you'll get access to different interviews Nick does with different people across different industries.

Additionally, every company recommended comes with its own report so you can read about it.

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Foundational Profits FAQ's

Still have some questions about this newsletter?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How Much Does Foundational Profits Cost?

This newsletter is $199 per year.

Usually when someone is selling an introductory newsletter they sell it for $49 for the first year.

So this one is a little more expensive than alternatives.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, there's a 6 month quarantee.

According to Nick it's no questions asked.

3) What Is The Investing Strategy?

The idea behind this newsletter is to "focus on long term market trends and positioning with a contrarian perspective."

Contrarian means betting against the market and certain trends.

The stocks in this newsletter focus on large cap companies and funds.

4) Is Nick Hodge Legit?

I have a hard time saying anyone who worked for Agora for a decade is legit.

You have to have very loose morals to do the kind of stuff they do.

Nick hasn't changed much in terms of marketing and sales techniques.

So you can expect all the same tricks.

This means massive upsells that cost thousands, manipulative stock presentations, overhyping investing opportunities and more. 

Plus the customer reviews are not kind for Nick.

Many people seem to have gotten burned following Nick's investing advice through the years.

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Foundational Profits Pros And Cons

  • Agora Connections: Never trust someone affiliated with Agora.. especially if they worked there for 10+ years.
  • Bad customer reviews: Nick is not well liked by former customers and there's a lot of negative reviews.
  • A little expensive: Most introductory newsletters are only $49 but this one is $199.

Foundational Profits Conclusion

So that's the end of my Foundational Profits review.

I've reviewed hundreds of newsletters just like this one and they're all the same.

They claim to get these awesome returns and overhype different investments.

But once you do a little investigating you see that it's usually not true.

Nick has been around for a while but he doesn't seem to have many happy customers.

His picks definitely lost some people a good amount of money.

There's no reason to buy this newsletter - there's just so many better alternatives.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Foundational Profits and anything else Nick is selling.

The good news is there's a lot of investing newlsetters out there that can help you make money.

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