eCommerce and dropshipping are some of the most profitable ventures right now. Thousands of individuals around the world have collectively earned millions thanks to eCommerce.

It's understandable if you want to join their ranks. You've been studying eCommerce and dropshipping by watching YouTube videos and reading articles, but you feel like you're missing something.

You came across Gabriel St-Germain's eCom Blueprint 2.0 recently, and you're wondering if this is the perfect training program/course for you. Well, you've come to the right website because today we're going to talk about eCom Blueprint 2.0's content, how much it costs, and whether it is a scam or not.

Let's begin!

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Summary

Product: eCom Blueprint 2.0 Summary

Price to join: $397

Rating: 60/100

Do I recommend? Not really

Summary: The eCom Blueprint 2.0 is a case study and training program created by entrepreneur Gabriel St-Germain. It was developed especially for entrepreneurs who want to enter the lucrative world of eCommerce and dropshipping.

It contains 60 lessons wherein Gabriel discusses how to build your store, how to find the best products, and how to launch effective ad campaigns. Curious about the eCom Blueprint 2.0? Then check out our review below.

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What is eCom Blueprint 2.0?

Gabriel St-Germain is a 21-year old entrepreneur from Canada. He is also a digital marketer and eCommerce expert who has raked in millions from dropshipping. And now, he's going to show you how he did it with the eCom Blueprint 2.0.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 is a training program that is based on a case study of Gabriel St-Germain's two dropshipping stores. These stores have been so profitable (one earned $1 million in just five months, while another earned $300,000 in two months) that he's willing to show would-be dropshippers and entrepreneurs how he did it.

He'll show students how to create and launch what marketers call a high-converting store, as well as how to choose the best suppliers from abroad. You'll learn how to manage your very own Shopify store, plus how to run effective ads on Facebook. All you need to do is follow Gabriel's instructions, and you're all set.

You'll learn how to manage influencer ads, launch products via Facebook, and create video ads that hook viewers in. There's also a section about how to automate things such as order fulfillment and how to keep your overhead low with the help of an agent.

Students will also learn how to recruit virtual assistants and create a winning customer service team. There's also an obligatory section on the right entrepreneurial mindset.

The blueprint was recently updated, and some additions have been made. It now contains four additional hours of content. This includes a new case study done by Gabriel himself, as well as new Facebook ad strategies.

Who Created The eCom Blueprint 2.0?

The man behind Gabriel St-Germain is the person behind the eCom Blueprint 2.0. According to his website, St-Germain is an entrepreneur and digital marketer. He is just 21 years old at the time of writing.

He is a self-described eCommerce expert thanks to his profitable online stores (he claims to have $4 million in sales), that is why he has created his own eCommerce course. Some sources on the internet suggest that he owns or is associated with eCommerce stores including,,,, and more.

He has his own website and hosts his own YouTube channel. He is also interested in cryptocurrencies and trading stocks.

What's Inside the eCom Blueprint 2.0?

Gabriel St-Germain's eCom Blueprint 2.0 course content is divided into ten parts. Take a look at the course content below.

1. Introduction
2. Mindset for Success
3. Proven Product Selection
4. One-Product Store Creation
5. Influencer Ads Academy
6. Facebook Ads Blueprint
7. Facebook Ads Blueprint 2.0
8. Case Study
9. Store Automation and Operations
10. Conclusion

This course contains 60 lessons with over 10 hours of video content. The information is also updated now and then when there are important changes.

Apart from the course itself, you will also be granted access to a members-only Facebook group. In this group, you can read up on the questions and inputs written by your fellow entrepreneurs.

Plus, you'll get the contact information for Gabriel's dropshipping agent himself. This can help you reduce the production cost, as well as shipping times from abroad.

How Much Does eCom Blueprint 2.0 Cost?

At the time of writing, Gabriel St-Germain's eCom Blueprint 2.0 costs $397. Keep in mind that this is a one-time fee, so get your credit or debit card ready.

To purchase the "blueprint," you'll need to provide your email address, billing address, and your payment information.

Once your payment has cleared, you'll get instant access to the training videos and exclusive Facebook group.

Price fluctuations seem to be normal with these training programs, so it might go up or down depending on the creator of the blueprint.

Other Things You Need To Know About eCom Blueprint 2.0

This course is not for complete newbies when it comes to digital marketing

Many would-be entrepreneurs think that they can transition from one career to digital marketing with a snap of their fingers. They assume that building a profitable eCommerce store is going to be easy even if they don't have some previous experience or even a little knowledge about internet marketing Some training program creators also reinforce this presumption in their quest for a quick buck.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 is different. Would-be students need to have a basic understanding of the dropshipping business mode, as well as some knowledge on how to set up a basic Shopify store. They are also required to be familiar with Facebook ads. Would-be eCom Blueprint 2.0 buyers are also required to watch Gabriel's videos on YouTube so that they have an idea of what he's talking about.

Gabriel is not available for individual mentorship

In his website, he has explicitly stated that he is not available for individual mentorship as he does not have the time. But members can visit the exclusive Facebook group to engage with him and other members of the group.

Buyers will have lifetime access to the course

Once your payment has cleared, you will immediately have instant and lifetime access to the case studies and training program.

The refund policy

Unhappy with the eCom Blueprint 2.0? Not to worry because Gabriel offers a 14-day refund policy. But you have to have viewed 20% of the course content to be eligible for the refund. Just contact eCom Blueprint 2.0's customer service for refund requests.

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What I Like About eCom Blueprint 2.0

It is backed by Gabriel's own case studies

The best teachers are the ones who have practical experience in the topic they are teaching. The good news is the whole eCom Blueprint 2.0 is based on the case studies of the highly successful stores Gabriel owns, so you're definitely going to learn a lot about running a successful dropshipping here.

The diversity of topics

Gabriel covers a lot of topics in the course content. Here you'll learn about the proper entrepreneurial mindset so you can achieve success, criteria for a winning product, developing your brand's identity, and viral ads.

He also covers product validation, ad creation, Facebook algorithm, store setup, and more. During the last few stages of the training program, you'll dive deeper into the case study, as well as store automation and operations.

Access to the private Facebook group

No matter how comprehensive a training program is, there's always a chance that the course developer left off a topic or two. Or you're just a curious little cat who always has questions about everything.

In cases like these, it's good to have a support group of like-minded individuals who can answer your questions. You can even engage Gabriel himself in the Facebook group if you're curious about something course-related. Or if you're not the type who wants to ask questions, then you can lurk around the Facebook group and read the questions and comments posted by the members.

The refund policy

The good news is you can still get a refund if you're unhappy with the program. Just make sure that you have accessed 20% of the course content within 14 days to be eligible for the refund.

What I Don't Like About eCom Blueprint 2.0

What works for Gabriel might not work for you

Following Gabriel's step-by-step guide to the letter is not an assurance that your store is going to be successful. Many factors can affect your eCommerce business and could hinder your success, including market conditions, your choice of product, and even your personality. Even your experience (or lack of it) can also affect your success in eCommerce.

It's a bit expensive

The whole training program costs $397. That's a bit steep especially if you also need to pay for other fees related to an eCommerce business, which includes your Shopify plan, domain name, marketing, SEO, design, and more.

Is eCom Blueprint 2.0 a Scam?

Is Gabriel St-Germain's eCom Blueprint 2.0 a scam? I believe it is not a scam. It is a legit training program/course based on Gabriel's case studies of his two successful eCommerce stores.

If you're interested in building your own dropshipping business or you want to learn how to scale your eCommerce store, then the eCom Blueprint 2.0 just might be a good training program for you. It covers a lot of topics about eCommerce, including how to select the hottest and best selling products, creating your first store, and how to utilize Facebook and other social networking sites to increase your customers.

Is it worth your time? Yes. But as with any eCommerce training programs, you should know that Gabriel St-Germain's blueprint also has its shortcomings. You may not be able to replicate his success, and your success (or the lack of it) will depend on many factors.

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