Almost everyone knows that eCommerce is one of the most lucrative industries right now. Because that's where the money is, you also want to join the industry and perhaps build your own glittering eCommerce empire.

If you're just starting out and you're looking for a training course where you can learn the basics and the most advanced technique in eCommerce, then this eCom Beast 2.0 review is for you.

In this review, we're going to discuss what eCom Beast 2.0 is, what it consists of, and who can benefit from it.

We're also going to talk about the pros and cons, and whether it is a scam or not.

eCom Beast 2.0 Summary

Product: eCom Beast 2.0

Price to join: $547 (check website for more information as prices are subject to change)

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: eCom Beast 2.0 is a training course created by Harry Coleman for entrepreneurs who are interested in building a profitable eCommerce business.

In this training course, Harry teaches his students the fundamentals of a good online store, how to find the right niche, how to find the right products, and how to market those products. Its price constantly changes.

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What is eCom Beast 2.0?

According to the Internet Retailer magazine, consumers around the world spent $2.93 trillion online in 2018. eCommerce sales grew by 17.9% in 2019 to $3.46 trillion, and there's no sign that it will slow down in the near future.

The numbers are impressive and staggering, so maybe you're wondering how you can get a slice of this multi-trillion dollar pie. You've always wanted your eCommerce store, but sadly, you don't have any background in eCommerce. You don't have any idea about how to find suppliers or products that you can sell online. Ordering on Amazon and other eCommerce stores is the one thing you consider yourself expert when it comes to eCommerce.

That doesn't mean you'll be stuck as a consumer all your life. There are a lot of eCommerce training courses available online that you can purchase so you can get your dream online store started. One of these eCommerce courses is Harry Coleman's eCom Beast 2.0.

eCom Beast is a training course that teaches you how to build a profitable eCommerce business from the ground up. It will also teach you how to generate your first 200 sales and more. The course consists of more than 140 video tutorials and a Facebook ads academy.

It also includes email templates, email marketing training, and lifetime updates. Students will have access to a private support group and Q&A coaching sessions.

What's Inside eCom Beast 2.0?

Let's take a look at the content of the eCom Beast 2.0 course so we can determine if this is for you.

Section 1: Mindset

Almost all eCommerce courses I've come across start with the 'Mindset' section. Sometimes it starts with the 'Introduction' or 'Getting Started' or 'Meet the Creators' section, but you can be sure that the 'Mindset' section (or some variation of it) will always pop up.

In this section, you'll learn how to motivate yourself so you can achieve your business goals.

Section 2: Building Your Store

This section will teach you how to set up your online store from the ground up. You will learn about apps that will boost your productivity, how to write product descriptions that will motivate your buyers to purchase your merch and more.

Section 3: Product Research Academy

You will be taught how to find the right niche, as well as the hottest products in that particular category. You'll learn how to find products through Facebook, as well as how to spy on competing stores to know their trending products.

Section 4: Taking Your Store To The Next Level

Section 4 is all about top conversion rate hacks that can turn website visitors into instant buyers. According to the creator of eCom Beast 2.0, the majority of the information in this section is still unknown to new marketers.

Section 5: Facebook Ads Academy

It's all about Facebook ads in this section. Master Facebook ads to attract customers, test products, and increase your sales to several figures per day. You will also learn how to retarget buyers to ensure that they will become repeat customers.

Section 6: Back-End Email Profits

Receive access to eCom Beast 2.0's automated email marketing system to increase your store's sales. You can copy and paste eCom Beast's email templates that you can send to your customer list.

Section 7: Business Operation & Growth

You'll be taught how to run your eCommerce business to maximize profit and save time.

Bonus: Google Ads Academy

Create your Google Ads account and run your very first ad with this eCom Beast 2.0 bonus.

Who Created eCom Beast 2.0?

The person behind eCom Beast 2.0 is Harry Coleman. Coleman claims that he first had his first taste of entrepreneurship when he was a kid. He also tried selling stuff on eBay, Forex, and affiliate marketing before finally settling on dropshipping. Today, according to his bio, he owns three online stores which have generated more than $5 million in revenue last year.

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How Much Does eCom Beast 2.0 Cost?

According to the website, eCom Beast's regular price is $997. It was pegged at $547 on the day I visited, but keep in mind that the price  changes now and then. Check the website for more information.

Other Things You Need to Know About eCom Beast 2.0

You can get your money back if you're not satisfied with the course

eCom Beast 2.0 promises that you can request a full refund. But keep in mind that you need to request 30 days from the date of purchase to qualify for a full refund.

You'll get access to live coaching a support group

Students have instant access to an exclusive group created by Harry Coleman so they can have a support group while they are building an eCommerce business. This group is on Facebook, so if you have an FB account, then you're good to go.

Harry moderates the groups, and he hosts bi-weekly coaching sessions. Just head over to the group if you want some questions about eCommerce answered.

You'll get lifetime access to the program

Nobody knows if your store is going to last for years or if it's going to fizzle out after several months. But if you're lucky and it lasts for many years, then the good news is you can refer to eCom Beast 2.0 now and then to refresh your knowledge bank. Plus, you can access the course on your phone, your desktop, or your tablet.

What I Like About eCom Beast 2.0

Bonus content

Harry has thrown in a Google Ads Academy bonus so you can add this to your internet marketing arsenal. In this program, students will learn how to create a Google Ads account and use it to earn additional profits.

You'll learn from someone who has been there, done that

If you're going to take everything you read on the internet at face value, you're certainly going to be impressed with Harry Coleman's life story. According to this profile, he tried every online venture he could get his hands on including forex, affiliate marketing, and eCommerce.

It was in eCommerce that he finally found his niche. After trying and failing several times, he finally found the perfect recipe for a lucrative eCommerce business. He now owns three eCommerce stores that rake in more than $5 million in revenue. Based on his revenues alone, it's safe to say that you will learn a lot about running a successful eCommerce business with Harry Coleman.

But as always, be wary with success stories as they might be too good to be true. The numbers may be inflated, and what worked for Harry might not work for you.

Refund policy

Training courses are considered assets by their creators. Once you've viewed them, there's no way for the creators to get that knowledge back. That's why many creators simply do not entertain requests for refunds.

The good news is Harry offers a 30-day refund for students who are not happy with the eCom Beast 2.0. But make sure that you request a refund before the end of the 30-day period or you'll forfeit the fee.

What I Don't Like About eCom Beast 2.0

It's not comprehensive enough

eCom Beast 2.0 covers a lot of ground when it comes to eCommerce and dropshipping. It includes how to build a website from scratch, how to find your niche, how to conduct product research, and how to spy on your competitors to learn which of their products are flying off the shelves. You will also learn how to launch and run Facebook ads, Klaviyo, and Google Ads.

But this is not the most comprehensive eCommerce training course right now. It doesn't touch on other types of internet marketing strategies, as well as the legal and more technical side of the business (taxes, copyright, etc.).

It's also pretty generic. Almost every eCommerce course I've reviewed has a mindset, how to find products, Facebook ads, and email marketing section. If you're looking for a more in-depth eCommerce training course, then this is not it.

Is eCom Beast 2.0 A Scam?

Harry Coleman's eCom Beast 2.0 is a great training course for entrepreneurs who are interested in building their own dropshipping empire. It covers the fundamentals of eCommerce including how to build your store from scratch, how to find your niche, how to find the hottest products, and how to find the best suppliers.

But he doesn't stop with the basics. He also touches on Facebook ads, email marketing, and Google ads. He also discusses how to outsource your work, and teaches you some things new marketers should know.

But no eCommerce training course is perfect, and this includes Harry Coleman's eCom Beast 2.0. It's not comprehensive enough, and there are many things he seems to have unintentionally left out. It's also a bit expensive, although you can rely on his refund policy should you feel that this is not working for you.

Is Harry Coleman's eCom Beast 2.0 worth it? Maybe, if you're still a newbie when it comes to eCommerce. But if you want a more in-depth training course, then you're better off looking elsewhere.

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