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InboxPounds Summary

Product: InboxPounds

Price to join: Free

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: InboxPounds is another paid survey and get-paid-to website that conducts market research commissioned by advertisers. It is owned by Prodege, LLC, an American company that also owns brands such as InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and other popular GPT sites. The site was created specifically for the residents of the UK.

There are a lot of opportunities for InboxPounds members to earn a little cash. But the site is plagued with problems and the pay is pitifully small. Find out more about this website by checking out our InboxPounds review below.

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What Is InboxPounds?

InboxPounds is a survey and GPT site owned by Prodege, LLC. This is the same company which now owns InboxDollars, the American version of the popular paid survey website. The difference between these two versions is that InboxDollars serves US residents, while InboxPounds is available only for UK residents.

So how does it work?

In a nutshell, you'll get a reward for participating in certain activities online. This includes answering surveys, signing up for offers on affiliated websites, reading emails, and even playing games. Advertisers who commissioned the task will be the ones who will pay you for every view, answer, registration, or click recorded.

InboxPounds was founded in 2012, twelve years after the inception of its parent company, InboxDollars. Once owned CotterWeb Enterprises, both sites are now under the management of Prodege, LLC. The same company also owns MyPoints, SendEarnings, DailyRewards, Swagbucks, and ShopAtHome.

InboxPounds' parent company, InboxDollars, is BBB-accredited and has received an A+ rating. It has, however, a 2-star rating from customers.

Different Ways to Earn Money with InboxPounds


InboxPounds users can qualify for surveys and complete one every day to earn some extra cash. To qualify and participate in the survey, just go to the member dashboard and select the "Cash Surveys" link. Click the "Take Surveys" tab. Keep in mind that you can qualify for just one survey each day offered by a single survey provider.

Once you've chosen a particular survey from a particular advertiser, you can now answer the qualifying questions. The system will then look for a survey that matches your demographic. Once the matching process is done, you can answer the survey and wait for your payment.

The amount of cash you earn with each survey varies depending on the advertiser. Note that new surveys are not always available and that you will not qualify for all surveys offered by InboxPounds. Your payment will be credited within two business days or up to three weeks.

There are instances when a user can be disqualified even after they had completed the survey. In this case, they get a chance to participate in InboxPounds' Spin and Win Wheel.

Just click the Spin and Win button to "spin" the wheel and check which prize you will get. Prizes include survey tokens (£0.06, £0.03) and cash bonuses (£5.00, £1.00, and £0.01).


Try some products or services offered by InboxPounds' advertisers to earn some extra cash. Some are completely free, while others require you to use your credit card. Other offers, on the other hand only require you to register and participate in the activity.

You will be paid only if you are an advertiser's first-time customer. But make sure to read the offer terms and conditions carefully. Some advertisers will not pay you if you cancel your free trial immediately after signing up.


Earn some extra cash by completing tasks on the platform. The tasks you can complete vary, but they are easy. Some of the tasks include translating some phrases, properly identifying an image, and coming up with descriptions for some products. You need to have a FaceBook account to enter the platform and perform these tasks.

Payment will be a credit to your account the same day it was completed. Payment ranges from .01 pence or more.


InboxPounds used to let members earn cash by playing online WorldWinner games. This has been canceled as of November 2018.

Cash Search

Perform four searches and be eligible to earn cash from InboxPounds. Increase your earnings when you actively engage with the results. The maximum amount you can earn with this task is £0.07 per day. (Note: This has been canceled by InboxPounds in December 2018).


Listen to Radioloyalty to earn £.01. Make sure to catch the captcha code that will appear on the screen every thirty minutes.

Referral Program

Another way to earn with InboxPounds is to refer your friends to the platform. You can receive 10% of your friends' earnings when they complete offers, take surveys, play games, and perform other tasks.


Earn a little cash by receiving and reading PaidEmail™ sent by InboxPounds. Click the confirmation you'll receive in your inbox to be credited in real-time. The link will then take you to the advertiser's website.

The number of emails you will receive will depend on your activity on the platform. You can receive up to 3 emails every day if you're active in the InboxPounds platform. But keep in mind that you will seldom receive an email if you rarely login to your InboxPounds account and perform tasks there.

How Much to Join InboxPounds and How to Sign Up?

Joining InboxPounds is 100% free. Just visit https://www.inboxpounds.co.uk/ and sign up with your email and chosen password. You'll get a signup bonus of £1 just for signing up. Confirm your email to get started immediately.


How Much Money are You Going to Make?

You can request a cash out once your account reaches the £20. Once you have accrued a minimum of £20, you can go to your member dashboard and click the "My Account" tab. Click "Request Payment" to cash out. All cash out requests is processed between 10 and 16 days after the member made the request.

If you had been inactive during the past months or you have a duplicate account, then your request will be declined and your cashout will not be processed.

What I Like About InboxPounds

* Many ways to earn cash with InboxPounds

There are many ways you can earn with InboxPounds. There are trial offers from advertisers such as Readly, LottoGo.com, Tastecard, FreedomPop, and more. The rewards range from anywhere between £1.00 and £5.00. Then there are Survey Offers from companies such as Nike, ASDA, mobileXexpression, and more. The rewards range from £0.50 to £5.00.

If Trial and Survey Offers are not your thing, then you can check out InboxPounds' Surveys. Earnings, however, vary depending on the advertiser that offers the survey and the number of survey available.

You can also check out the Easy Cash and Search and Earn tabs for additional ways to earn with Inbox Pounds. Moreover, you can refer friends to InboxPounds to earn additional cash.

* Exhaustive FAQ section

If you have questions about InboxPounds, its offers, and how to get paid, you can easily scroll down and click the FAQ section. It's easy to find, and it contains all the answers you need about InboxPounds and its offers.

* Low minimum threshold to cashout

You need a minimum of £20 to be eligible to request a cashout. You can request a payout within several weeks if you've been busy on InboxPounds.


What I Don't Like About InboxPounds

* Redirects users to some shady 3rd party websites

There have been some complaints that InboxPounds redirects its users to some shady websites, specifically gambling sites. If you're not comfortable with being redirected to such websites or you're worried about cybersecurity, then it's best to choose other tasks from InboxPounds.

* Poor customer service

As is usual with GPT websites, there have been some complaints about non-payment or delayed payouts. Naturally, members dealing with such issues will contact customer service. But it seems that InboxPounds is also plagued with customer service agents that take forever to address their concerns or worse, never answer their queries at all.

* Small pay for each task

Another gripe members have with InboxPounds is the measly pay for each task. It can take forever before members could accumulate enough to request a cashout. But you have to understand that paying their members peanuts is the norm with paid survey and GPT sites and not the exception.

* No PayPal option

InboxPounds is one of the GPT sites we reviewed that doesn't have a PayPal option. That's not ideal for people who want instant access to their cash, as well as those who don't have time to go to the bank to cash out a measly £20.

Is InboxPounds A Scam?

InboxPounds is a legitimate company owned by Prodege, LLC. It belongs to the family of brands which include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints, ShoptAtHome, and more. This paid survey and GPT website are available only to the resident of the United Kingdom. According to its website, it has paid more than £2 million to its members since its inception.

Although it's a legitimate company, many of its members are still dissatisfied with the way they are being paid by InboxPounds. The most common issues are about delayed payments and even non-payment. But delayed payment and non-payment seem to be quite the norm for market research companies, so it's best to beware when using InboxPounds and other similar websites.

The pay is also pitifully low that it might not be worth your time and effort at all. There is no PayPal option for cashing out your hard-earned money, and the website sometimes redirects users to shady gambling websites.

It's safe to conclude that because of these issues, InboxPounds is not worth your time at all.

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