Ronaldinho is one of Brazil's greatest footballers of all time. He's up there with legends such as Pele, Didi, Gérson, Ronaldo, and Garrincha.

Nearly five years ago, the retired footballer lent his name to a watch company called 18K Watches. It became 18K Ronaldinho and now, 18K World.

You've probably come across this company before, and you're wondering whether it's a good opportunity just because your favorite footballer endorsed it.

Today, we're going to talk about this particular venture, as well as what it offers. We're going to discuss its compensation plan, and whether 18K World (also known as 18K Ronaldinho) is a scam or not.

18K Ronaldinho Summary

Product: 18K Ronaldinho (also known as 18K Watches and 18K World)

Price to join: From $30 to $12000 (with monthly $30 activation fee)

Rating: 0/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: 18K Ronaldinho (also known as 18K World and 18K Watches) is a company that offers watches and strangely enough, crypto arbitrage and trading. It is based in The Bahamas, and is owned by businessman Marcelo Lara and associated with retired Brazilian superstar footballer, Ronaldinho.

But 18K Ronaldinho's watch business has long flopped, so it now offers a mish-mash of watches, crypto arbitrage, and MLM. Learn more about this company, and why you should stay away from it.

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What Is 18K Ronaldinho?

18K Ronaldinho (also known as 18K World) is something of a conundrum. Its primary products are digital watches, and it has a multi-level marketing business model. But it has an identity crisis. Apart from watches, it also offers trading and arbitration of crypto assets.

The company was founded in 2015 by businessman Marcelo Lara. It first began as 18K Watches, and it specialized in producing unisex sports watches. It was not until 2017 that it finally opened kiosks in shopping centers.

It carries the name of retired Brazilian football star, Ronaldinho. But here is where the mystery begins. Although the company carries the name of Ronaldinho and he can still be seen in some of the marketing materials, he does not figure prominently on its website anymore.

In 2018, the company underwent a quiet "pre-marketing" transition. Finally, in 2019, it became 18K World Trading & Criptoativos. It still offers watches and still has an MLM business model, but it seems that it has changed some aspects of its compensation plan. It also focuses on "crypto trading, arbitrage, and stock exchange operations" through its Digital Academy of Money.

Its headquarters is in The Bahamas, but its watch factory and distribution center is in Hong Kong. Its office address, however, is not listed on its website. But on its LinkedIn page, its office is listed somewhere in Sao Paulo.

It is listed in the Better Business Bureau, but it is not accredited and it has a dismal rating of F. Strangely, its address is listed in North Miami Beach, Florida, and not in Sao Paulo or The Bahamas. Plus, its page has two complaints that have not been resolved for many years now.

Is 18K Ronaldinho a Pyramid Scheme?

It probably is. The truth is the Brazilian Federal Prosecution Service is already investigating this company for its shady business model. Its products are subpar (watches) and vague (crypto arbitrage and trading), making them difficult to sell.

It offers crypto arbitrage and trading, which is another product that is nothing short of problematic. Plus, some of the commissions and bonuses you're going to earn depend entirely on the number of people you bring in to the company.

And a word of warning. Perhaps not all businesses that have ties to these countries are involved in one scam or another, but be wary when you see that business was incorporated or headquartered in tax havens, like The Bahamas, Panama, Monaco, and more. Chances are nothing good will come out of it.

(You can check out the article about the investigation here. The article is in Portuguese, but you can use Google Translate to understand it.)

Success is Rare at 18K Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho had a stellar career in professional soccer, but it seems that it didn't translate well into this particular endorsement. The company's performance has been so dismal that any traces of its existence have been scrubbed from the retired soccer player's website and Wikipedia page.

There are only a few customer reviews about the watches, but they, too, are dismal. So, you probably want to reconsider that decision if you want to join 18K Ronaldinho.

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What is The 18K Ronaldinho's Compensation Plan?

Bonus Share

According to its website, you can earn a bonus share simply by buying 18K World products. These products have assets on the stock exchange so you can earn some profit. The DAM Pack allows associates to earn up 2% profit every day, while the Watch Pack allows you to earn up to 0,99% (by the way, in South America, a comma is used in place of a period in decimals) per day.

The problem is 18K Ronaldinho is not a publicly listed company in the Bahamas (where it is based), the United States, Hong Kong, or anywhere else for that matter.

The profits, according to 18K Ronaldinho, are paid every weekday from 200 business days.

Direct Referral Bonus

Associates who refer a friend to the 18K Ronaldinho will get 7% of the value of the package purchased by the person they referred to the company. Let's say one of the persons you referred purchased the Start Plus package. Because it costs $300, you will get a $21 in bonus.

If your friend buys the Premium package, then you'll get $147. You'll earn $840 in bonus when the person you referred buys an Executive Pack.

Binary Bonus

The company also uses a binary system, so the commission you're going to receive will be based on which leg or team has fewer points or volume. You'll receive a 10% commission based on the points accumulated by the smaller team.

Bonus Matching

You can get a 3% commission on the bonus of your unilevel team up to seven levels deep. The higher your "graduation" or rank, the greater your gain.

The company has several ranks. Check them out below.

Director 18K
President 18K

Career Bonus

As you advance in your 18K Ronaldinho career, you can also win prizes. The higher your rank, the greater the prizes. Keep in mind, however, that you need to accumulate points and fulfill some conditions to get these prizes.

The prizes start at the 120K rank. Accumulate 120K points and one 18K direct for each side to get an iPhone X. Become a Director and earn 300K points to get a chance to travel to Dubai, UAE.

Become a Director 18K and accumulate 1.22 million points to get a Mercedes Benz Classe C. When you reach the President rank and accumulate 3 million points to get a Porsche Macan. Get a Ferrari Porto Fino when you reach the President 18K rank.

Presidential Bonus Club

Get a chance to earn various prizes and attend events when you join the Presidential Bonus Club.

Monthly Activation Bonus

Get a bonus just by paying a monthly activation bonus of $30.

How Much Does It Cost To Join 18K Ronaldinho?

You must pay a fee to join this company as an associate. There are several packages available for you. The first package is the Passport which you can purchase for $30 and has a corresponding 30 points.

The Start package costs $150, while the Start Plus package costs $300. The Professional package costs $450, and the Professional Plus package costs $1050.

You can purchase the Premium package at $2100. The Premium Plus package costs $4200. You must fork out $12000 for the Executive pack.

Note that the value of the package also corresponds to its points. So when you purchase a Start Plus package, you'll also get 300 points. You'll earn 12000 points when you purchase an Executive Pack.

You will also get a corresponding DAM Pack and Watch Pack. You'll get 0 to 2% profit per day and a digital product no matter which package you purchase.

You'll also get several 18K Ronaldinho watches when you purchase a package. Get a single watch when you purchase the Start pack, and two watches when you buy the Start Plus package.

Earn 3 watches when you buy the Professional package, and 7 watches when you purchase the Professional Plus package. You'll get 14 watches when you purchase the Premium package and receive 28 watches when you buy the Premium Plus package. Get ready because you're going to receive 80 watches when you purchase the Executive Pack.

What Products Does 18K Ronaldinho Offer?

18K Ronaldinho's product line consists only of digital athletic watches. But if you're looking for a classic, traditional watch with a leather or metal straps that you can wear during meetings with clients or in the office, then these watches are not for you. If you are also looking for something along the lines of an Apple Watch or Fitbit, then this is not the brand for you.

18K Ronaldinho's first product line is the 18K Watches collection. According to its website, these digital watches are designed for athletes. The watches are not only comfortable and stylish. They can also withstand impact as you play your favorite sports.

Each watch is made so it can withstand up to 50 meters deep during a dive. Available in different colors.

The 18K Ronaldinho Swaziland watch, for example, has a black band and green bezel. You can easily see the numbers against its dark background.

If you like something more feminine, then there are the Waimea and the St. Barts watches. The Waimea watch has a sophisticated white band and contrasting red background and dark numbers. The St. Barts watch, on the hand, has a powdery pink band and light background.

There are 32 watches in this product line. All the watches are named after famous places in the world, such as New York, Cancun, Milano, Sao Paulo, Hawaii, and Ibiza.

The first product line was created for men, but 18K Ronaldinho also released several watches for women and children. These watches are included in the Baby Collection, and they are designed for people who have smaller wrists.

Just like the 18K Watches Collection, these watches are also named after famous places in the world. These include Tokyo (stylized as Tokio here), London, Lake Tahoe, Key West, Tahiti, and more.

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What I Like About The 18K Ronaldinho

The design of the watches

The watches look pretty great. Its design suits athletes or anyone who has an active lifestyle. These are classic sports watches that you can wear while jogging or fishing. The problem is the watches are too basic for sports watches, and it can't keep up with Fitbit or any smartwatches.

What I Don't Like About The 18K Ronaldinho

The prices are unavailable

When you check the 18K Ronaldinho website, you'll find it strange that the watches it is selling do not have prices. Maybe it's because the company wants to shake off the watches' dismal performance on the market and simply wants to transition to crypto arbitration and trading.

Low-quality watches

According to the complaints filed by customers on the BBB page, the watches sent to them were of low quality. They sent the watches back, but the company did not the warranty and was not responsive to the customers' request.

It has an identity crisis

18K Ronaldinho (or its owner) can't seem to make up its mind about what it really wants to be. Does it want to sell watches or focus on cryptocurrency trading and arbitrage? Does it want to be both (but watches and cryptocurrencies are a strange combination)? Add in MLM to the mix and you have the perfect recipe for another disastrous business venture.

The packages are expensive

The 18K Ronaldinho affiliate packages are simply expensive. You must pay anywhere between $30 to $12000 to purchase the membership packages. You have to pay $30 for the monthly activation fee on top of that.

Its MLM business model

This company has an MLM business model. While there are businesses that have used MLM successfully, it is not often the case. Turnover and rejection rates for MLM businesses are sky-high. Most affiliates do not make a decent amount of money. The people at the top (such as the owner and its executives) often make money at the expense of their affiliates.

The products are also hard to sell. You're probably going to end up sending messages to people you bullied in high school in a desperate attempt to sell watches and crypto. Plus, it's not easy to get people to sign up for this business because honestly, many people are already wary of MLMs.

Is 18K Ronaldinho a Scam?

18K Ronaldinho (also known as 18K Watches and 18K World) is a legit company based in the Bahamas. But the same cannot be said of its watches. The quality is so poor that Ronaldinho distanced himself from this company (even though it bears his name).

It also has a lot of red flags that make you want to reconsider your decision of joining as an affiliate. The watch prices are unavailable, and it seems by now that the watches are only a front for its other venture, which is cryptocurrency arbitrage and trading.

The affiliate fees are expensive, but there's no guarantee that you will recoup your investment because the watches are practically useless and cryptocurrency is still a controversial matter within the financial world.

Its MLM business model just adds a touch of shadiness to it. Actually, this company is already being investigated by the Brazilian Federal Prosecution Service (MPF) as a pyramid scheme. What a way to squander a legacy.

My advice is, think long and hard before joining this company. Just because it is endorsed by a well-loved and popular soccer player, doesn't mean that it is automatically a good business venture.

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