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Have you recently been approached to join 4Life and are wondering if it's a scam or not. If so, congrats on taking the time to research this company before joining. 

In this post you'll find everything you need to know about 4life including company information, price to join, compensation plan, and more.

By the time you're done reading this review you'll be a 4Life expert.

Let's get into it. 

4Life Summary

Company: 4Life

Price to join: $25 + product costs

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: 4Life is a lot like other MLM's that I've reviewed in the past and this really isn't much of a compliment. They sell various supplements and health products.

The reason I don't recommend this company for you to join is the success rate is much too low. Most people that join this company and MLM's in general lose money and those that do make money, make very little. 

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What is 4Life?

1) What is 4Life? 4Life is a MLM company that sells various supplements and is based out of Utah. You actually see a lot of MLM's based in Utah and this is mainly due to the lax regulatory laws and it's easy to start a business there. This company was started in 1998 which means it's one of the most stable MLM's out there (most don't last more than a couple of years).  

2) Who runs the company? The owners of 4Life is husband/wife combo David and Bianca Lisonbee. David has experience with supplement companies and founded another supplement company in the 1980's. 

3) What products are offered here? 4Life sells nutritional and supplement products and I'll go into them more later on. Their biggest sellers are Transfer Factor Plus and Renovu. 

4) How do you make money with 4Life? Like I mentioned before 4Life is a MLM which means you can sign up with this company and sell their products to earn a commission. Also, you get compensated for recruiting people and the overall sales of the people below you. This will be explained more in the compensation plan section further down in this post.

5) Are there any lawsuits with this company? There's not too much with this company but in 2004 the FDA warned them about some of their health claims. 

6) What are similar companies? Purium, Shaklee, Tranont

Is 4Life A Pyramid Scheme?

I personally don't think 4Life is a pyramid scheme (those are illegal in basically every country on earth) but it definitely does have elements of one.

Look at the picture below to understand what I mean: 

Part of the commission structure at 4Life looks like the picture above and it's the part that rewards recruitment. 

An illegal pyramid scheme is when recruitment is the only way to make money and there's no real products to offer.

The difference with 4Life is there's real products and you can technically make money without recruitment. You can just sell products directly to customers and earn commissions that way. 

Ask anyone that makes money with 4Life and they'll tell you recruitment is the only way to make any real money, which is very difficult and why the success rate is so low.

Speaking of success rate...

Success Is Rare At 4Life

MLM's are universally hated and one of the reasons is because the success rate is so low with them - anywhere from 73% to 99% lose money.

The reasons for this is because of the way the businesses are set up and the way the commissions structure works. It's incredibly difficult to build a downline which is essential to making money with a MLM.

Many MLM's come with an income disclosure where you can see how much people are making and what percentages are losing money. 

Below is some key figures from 4Life's income disclosure:

The post only shows active affiliates (which leaves out people making money) and I'll talk a little more about them in a second.

Looking at this chart you will see 7 different affiliate ranks and the percentage of people at each level. The two lowest ranks make up 92% of all distributors and this chart shows this group makes $771 FOR THE YEAR or less on average. 

This is terrible. If you do the math that comes out to $64 per month and less than a single $2 per day.

The next group that makes up 6% of all distributors makes around $7,265 for the year. Better but still really bad. This comes out to around $600 per month or $20 per day.

It isn't until you get to the 4th rank (which only 1.5% of active distributors are) until you make a decent amount of money. At this rank you make around $32,000 a year. 

Keep in mind, the statistics above are just people that make money. 

80% of people that join 4Life make no money at all. 

Here's some more MLM statistics that will definitely make you a skeptic:

As you can see you'll want to stay away from MLM's. 

Price To Join 4Life

Joining 4Life is pretty reasonable and it'll only cost $25 to become a member.

Keep in mind you'll have to probably buy products to sell or at least let people sample. You'll have to buy a product pack to do this and that'll cost between $138 to $700.

Like I said in the last section you'll more than likely lose money with this opportunity but you'll at least lose a minimal amount. 

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4Life Compensation Plan

MLM compensation plans are very complicated and 4Life is no different. If you want to read the entire 16 page compensation plan, click here

You can watch the video below to learn more as well (its 40 minutes long):

I don't think it's that important to know every single fact of this compensation plan and I'll summarize the most important parts. 

Affiliate Ranks:

4Life has 7 different ranks you can reach and you move from rank to rank by hitting certain sales and recruiting goals. 

The first rank you can achiever is Associate and this is when you generate and maintain 100 PV (Personal Volume) a month and recruit an associate or preferred a customer with a minimum 100 PV order. 

The next rank is Builder and to reach you must maintain 100 PV a month and recruit three associates that maintain 100 PV. 

This goes on and on until you reach the 7th rank which is the Platinum International Diamond. 

To reach this level you have to maintain 100 PV a month, recruit 9 associates or preferred customers with 100 PV, have unilevel legs with one Gold International Diamond or higher, Maintain at least 20,000 GV (Group Volume) a month across your first three unilevel team levels and 1,000,000 Gv in monthly unilevel team volume.

I know they may be hard to understand if you're unfamiliar with MLM jargon but this is the only thing you need to know: basically no one gets to that level. In fact, most people don't get past the first two levels. 

Retail Commissions:

You can make money by selling products directly to customers and at 4Life the commission rate is the difference between the wholesale price that you purchase and the retail price of the product.

Residual Commissions:

This is where you'll be making the majority of your money and is the part that rewards your recruitment efforts and the sales volume of your downline.

The commission structure for the residual commissions is unilevel and looks like the following:

At 4Life you can earn 2% on all GV on level one and 25% on level 2 if you're an associate.

Builders and higher earn 2% on level 1, 25% on level 2 and 5% on level 3.

Various Bonuses:

There's other bonuses you earn like Infinity Payout, Builder Bonus, Pool Bonus and more. 

These bonuses aren't important to know about until you're actually making money with 4Life and recruiting people.

If you want to learn more about these extra bonuses watch the presentation about the full compensation plan up top. 

4Life Products

There's many different products offered at 4Life and they're mostly supplements for health/exercise.

Here's some of their most popular products:

Immune IQ Starter Pack

This pack is one of their most popular and comes with several products including 2 prebiotics, 1 4Life Transfer Classic, and 1 4Life NanoFactor Glutamine Prime. 

In all this costs $195 and you get 4 different products.

Transfer Factor Plus

According to 4Life this product is their number one selling immune system product. This product comes with a 30 day supply and costs $76. 


Riovida isn't the same as the others and is instead a drink that 4Life calls a liquid supplement. There's 16 serving sizes in each bottle and this will cost you $81.

These pretty much sum up what you get. There's probably 100 more products but they're all similar - different supplements/health products for different problems. 

4Life Products Are Expensive

Keep in mind products have to be sold for you to make money - either you have to sell them or your downline has to sell them.

There's two things about 4Life's products that make them hard to move:

  1. They're expensive
  2. Crowded market

Many of the supplements offered by 4Life cost over $100 and many come in packs that come close to $200. 

If you look at Riovida (their liquid supplement) it costs $81 for only a half month supply. If someone wanted to take it for an entire year it would cost nearly $2000!

There's competitors that cost 1/4th that price and probably have the same results.

Which leads to the second point - crowded market. 4Life products are luxury items and not necessary for health. 

Every single product they offer has a competitor with a cheaper price. 

So if you plan on selling these products you better find customers that have extra to sell. 

What I Like About 4Life

I don't recommend 4life for anyone to join but there's a few things that I like, including:

  • Been around for a while: 4Life is a stable MLM opportunity and is over 20 years old. This is good for a MLM and most only last a couple of years before going out of business. 
  • Good leadership: The owners of 4Life seem to be competent people and one of the owners also has 40 years experience in the supplement industry.  

What I Don't Like About 4Life

At the end of the day there's more not to like here and the main things that I don't like are:

  • Low success rate: 80% of the people that join 4Life don't make any money and 91% make less than $700 per year. 4Life just isn't worth it because you aren't rewarded for your efforts.
  • Expensive products: Another thing you'll have to consider is the price of products. They cost over $100 in a lot instances for less than a months supply which is going to be a hard sell. 
  • Crowded market: Most people already have their favorite health products and it's hard to get them to switch to something new. 
  • Bothering friends and family: The worst part about MLM's is having to bother friends and family to buy products or recruit them. This can sour relationships and really make things awkward. 

Is 4Life A Scam?


Is 4Life a scam? I wouldn't call it a scam but I do think 4Life is a BAD business opportunity.

MLM's in general are hard to succeed with and it's one of the worst business models out there. 4Life does nothing different that would improve your odds at success - the income disclosure for 4Life confirms this. 

It'll be an uphill battle to make money with this company and there will be plenty of hurdles to get past - recruiting, selling expensive products and having to bother friends and family.

It's best to look elsewhere to make money. 

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