Hey, have you been approached (or called) to join the Abundance Network and wondering if it's a scam or not?

If so this post is for you!

There's a lot to know about this company and they recently made some major changes to how you make money with them. 

By the time you're done reading you'll know if this company is right for you.


Abundance Network Summary

Company: Abundance Network

Price to join: $200 to $697

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: The Abundance Network is SMS and voicemail system. Essentially a text message is sent out to different numbers and it gives a phone number for a person to call.

Once they call they get a number with an offer to buy into the scheme. 

Service providers originally cut ties with Abundance Network because it was a pyramid scheme and the owner had to rework the program to get it back up.

It's still, however, a pyramid scheme and you should avoid at all costs. 

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Abundance Network FAQ'S

1) What is the Abundance Network: The Abundance Network is a pyramid scheme that relies solely on recruitment to make money (I'll explain more on this in the next section).

It's a SMS and voicemail scheme that doesn't offer any product besides the ability to sign up and be able to get a number/text service. 

2) Who runs Abundance Network? The company is run by Jeff Long who has a "long' history of promoting different pyramid schemes and scams.

Here's a little timeline of the schemes:

  • In 2011 he founded AutoXTen which collapsed soon after starting
  • After that he started the company SMS Dailies and that also failed.
  • In 2015 he created another pyramid scheme called Get Paid Social which involved spamming on Facebook. 
  • After that failed he launched 1 Online Business which is another social media ponzi/pyramid scheme. 
  • After the collapse of that company he moved onto promoting Luvv which is another pyramid scheme.  
  • In early 2019 he came back with NewU Financial but this too is another failing scam. 

Now we're here with the Abundance Network which has already been reworked because it was outed as a scam. 

Long is known for promoting short lived scams and my guess is abundance Network will end the same way Long's other schemes have. 

3) What products are offered here? There really aren't any products here. You basically just are buying into the scheme and hoping to make your money back. Maybe the voicemail and SMS service could be considered a product but they can only be used in this capacity. 

4) Are there similar schemes out there? I did a review of a similar company called Press 1 Cash a few months ago - it worked in basically the same exact manner. 

Is Abundance Network A Pyramid Scheme?


What's funny is the Abundance Network launched earlier this year and failed because communication services caught onto the scheme. 

Generally speaking these companies don't like pyramid schemes to operate on their networks.  

Long reworked the compensation plan to avoid Abundance Network being a pyramid scheme and..

It's still a pyramid scheme. 

Look at the picture to understand what I mean:

This is the exact model of the Abundance Network. What shape does it look like? A pyramid...

The reason it looks like this is there's no product to sell here and there's no retail sales. The only way you can make money is through recruitment which is textbook pyramid scheme

The reason pyramid schemes are illegal in basically all parts of the world is they are doomed for failure. 

Eventually the pool to recruit dries up and when this happens there's no more revenue. When revenue stops there's no money to payout members and the scheme comes crashing down.

It happens every single time. That's why you should never join anything that doesn't actually have a product you can sell without recruitment. 

Success Will Be Rare

MLM's and any company that rewards recruitment will be hard to succeed with. There's many reasons for this but the main one is most people hate being recruited into schemes like these.

People want value when they join something. They don't want to join just to join and then have to go out and get people to join just to join.

There's has to be a product or reward.

Because pyramid schemes don't have a product and rely heavily on recruitment only 1% of people that join one make any money

It'll honestly be worst with Abundance Network because the business is so stupid. 

Imagine getting a random text asking if you want to make money. And once you call that number they ask you to pay several hundred to get a number that does the same thing.

Not many people will fall for this trick. 

Schemes like this never work and you're just asking for trouble if you get involved. 

Below is some more mind blowing MLM stats:

As you can see you'll want to stay away from all MLM's. 

How Much To Join Abundance Network?

There's two different costs to signing up to Abundance Network.

One is to sign up for $200 and the next is to pay $697 which qualifies you to be a Master Reseller. 

The difference in the two is your ability to make money from people in your downline, which I'll explain in the next section.

How Much To Join Abundance Network?

The Abundance Network was originally a scheme where you tried to get new people to sign up for $100 and you would gift $100 to the person who recruited you on the second and fourth people you recruit.

So if you recruited four people into the system you would get $200 and the person who recruited you would get $200. 

Everything after the fifth recruit you get to keep the money. 

But after being shut down for being a pyramid gifting model Abundance Network changed itself to just a plain old pyramid scheme. 

Here's how it works now:

  • You sign up someone into the scheme for $200
  • $100 you get to keep.
  • $50 goes up to the first Master Reseller in your upline
  • $50 goes to Jeff Long (owner of abundance network)

To be a Master Reseller you don't have to do anything special bedsides just pay the Master Reseller fee which is $697. 

Of this $697, $500 goes to the person who recruited you and $197 goes to Jeff Long. 

Now every person you recruit will have to give you $50 if they recruit someone. You can also earn $50 from your recruits recruits if there isn't a Master Reseller separating you and them. 

Abundance Network Products

Again, there's really not a product here. 

All you're getting is a SMS that gets spammed to a bunch of numbers and then if those people are persuaded by your text they call the number you sent them to get a voicemail explaining the scheme.

Is the SMS service and voicemail a product?

Not really. If you could use them for other businesses then maybe but they're just used to promote a membership.  

Not having a product is what makes Abundance Network a pyramid scheme.

What I Like About Abundance Network

There's nothing that I like here. 

What I Don't Like About Abundance Network

There's so much to dislike here and the main things I dislike are:

  • No real products: You're literally just buying into something without a real product and you're paying just to scam people into the system. This is the definition of a pyramid scheme.
  • No chance of making money: In these type of schemes only the top person or the top few people make money - everyone else loses money. Jeff Long gets a lot of money per sign up so you're really only making him money.
  • May be illegal: This opportunity is terrible and may be plain illegal. You're not allowed to run gifting programs and you can't run pyramid schemes - those are illegal. 

Is Abundance Network A Scam


There's nothing here that makes this opportunity worth it for you to join.

When looking at a business opportunity you want to make sure there's a legitimate product and a compensation plan that values retail sales more than recruitment sales. 

If there's a strong product there's a chance for you to build a lasting business and make some good money.

Recruitment schemes are doomed for failure and they always collapse. There's never enough money to pay everyone out. 

Stay away from Abundance Network. 

Here's A Better Opportunity 

Hopefully you see Abundance Network for the scam that it is. 

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