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Adfeedz Summary

Product: Adfeedz

Price to join: $29 for initial investment

Rating: 0/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: I understand why an offer like Adfeedz would seem attractive - you pay money, do nothing and get money back.

But this is just a fantasy.

In reality this is nothing more than ponzi scheme which mean it's very volatile and can collapse at any moment.

Because of this the only people who really make money are the owners and people that get in early.

Everyone else will most likely lose money.

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ADfeedz FAQ'S

1) What is Adfeedz? Adfeedz is an comapny where you supposedly market your website to other members in the Adfeedz. Additionally, you earn 120% "cash back" on all of your ad spends.

This isn't actually cashback and is a return on investment. The reason they say cashback is they're trying to stay compliant within the law (they're still operating illegally which I'll explain in this post).

2) How do you make money here? There's two ways you make money at Adfeedz. The first is to invest money where you get 120% returns in 50 days.

The second way is to recruit people into the scheme. You earn money on all money invested by people you recruit and further down your downline. 

3) Are there any red flags? This biggest red flag is Adfeedz takes new investment and uses it to pay out existing members (which they admit they do). 

This makes Adfeeds a ponzi scheme and ponzi schemes are 100% guaranteed to collapse once recruiting slow down (which always happens).

Also, they're not registered with the SEC which is mandatory if you're offering a passive income opportunity (which they are). This means they're committing securities fraud. 

4) Are there any similar companies? There's many of these ad type ponzi schemes like Ad-Doge, MyBitcoinTube, etc. 

Is ADfeedz A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

It is both.

It's a pyramid scheme because there's really no service or product you can offer outside of the recruitment opportunity (you only sign up for the right to recruit).

This is what happens in these kinds of pyramid schemes:

As you can see your spot in the pyramid determines how much you make. 

This opportunity is also a ponzi scheme and is specifically an adcredit ponzi scheme which the SEC has determined is illegal. 

There's plenty of these kind of schemes out there.

Basically you buy an adpack and are promised a return on your money. The money you paid is used to payback people that bought in earlier.

To make sure there's enough money to pay everyone (for a while) recruitment is incentivized.

When most of revenue is new investment from recruitment you're in a ponzi scheme which is illegal. It also means most people will lose their money when the scheme collapses.

Success Is Rare Here

This company is a MLM because they allow you to recruit and build a downline to earn from.

Here's the thing about MLM's - almost everyone that joins one loses money. This is true for even the best and most legit MLM's.

In fact, most studies show that up to 99% of people that join a MLM lose money.

Adfeedz isn't even legit and the number of people that make money will be even less.

The reason for these low success numbers is simple too. Recruitment is very hard.

In order to be successful you'll need hundreds if not thousands of people in your downline.

Can you recruit that many people? The answer for most people is of course not.

Most people don't consider this, though, before jumping into a MLM.

Below is some even more shocking MLM stats to look at:

This is why I do affiliate marketing. You can make a lot of money online, can basically do it for free and there's no need to recruit anyone. 

How Much To Join Adfeedz?

You can technically join ADfeedz for free but you won't have access to the full compensation plan.

If you want full access to the compensation plan you will need to invest a minimum of $29 every 50 days. 

Adfeedz Compensation Plan

The Adfeedz compensation plan is pretty simple.

Here's each way you can make money with Adfeedz:

120% ROI

When you invest in Adfeedz you get 120% return on your investment within 50 days. The minimum investment is $29. 

You're encouraged to revinvest your returns back into the scheme, however.

10% Commissions On Referrals

When you personally recruit someone into the scheme you get 10% of their initial investment.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions are the commissions you earn from your downline (beyond the people you personally recruit).

The compensation structure is unilevel and looks like the following:

You earn from 10 levels down from you. At Adfeedz they do what is called a Team Pool and they take 20% of funds invested from 10 levels down and place it into one pool.

The money is then split up through the 10 levels and paid out.

Group Pool

There's special groups in Adfeedz and these people are those that have invested more than $599 every 4 months $999 every 8 months or $1299 every 12 months.

Group Managers receive an additional 5% of funds invested by their downline. 

Global Pool

10% of all investment is put into a Global Pool and paid out to all affiliates with an active contract.

Surf Pool

You also earn credits by surfing websites that pay for the adpacks. 

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What Service Does Adfeedz Provide?

Technically the service here is you pay for an adpack and you get traffic to your website.

However, this is just to front for the fact they're looking for new investment to pay out people who invested earlier.

The reason the service at Adfeedz isn't legitimate is because the traffic you get to your site is useless.

Anyone who actually makes money online knows you need the right kind of traffic to make money. The people who come to your site have to be interested or searching for what you're offering.

The people looking at your site in Adfeedz are only there because they want to make money recruiting people. 

They don't care about your site, your offer or anything like that.

The traffic is useless. 

Again, all of this is just to get you to invest money so they can pay back the people who got in earlier.

What I Like About Adfeedz

There's nothing I like here.

What I Don't Like About Adfeedz

There's so much not to like here and the main things I dislike are:

Ponzi scheme

This is a legitimate ponzi scheme and Adfeedz even admits they are (they say new investment pays for older members).

This specifically is called an Adcredit ponzi scheme and this is illegal, as confirmed by the SEC.

Beyond being illegal, ponzi schemes always collapse. Investment slows down eventually and when that happens there's not enough money to pay everyone out.

When this happens the scheme collapses.

No real products

Technically the product is traffic to your site but that's just to make Adfeedz seem legal - it makes it seem like it isn't a pyramid scheme.

It still is, though, because the service isn't legitimate.

It's only there to get you meaningless traffic and to get you to invest.

Is Adfeedz A Scam?

Adfeedz is a scam.

It may sound nice that you can just invest a little money and get a return in less than 50 days.

The problem is there's nothing being done to get this return.

No stocks are being bought, no service is being legitimately rendered and nothing is actually being sold.

The only way this company makes money is by having people recruit new people into the scheme.

This is a ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme because of this.

It's 100% going to fail and when it does most people will lose money.

Stay away from Adfeedz!

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