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Affiliate Millionaire Club Summary

Product: Affiliate Millionaire Club

Price to join: $47

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Affiliate Millionaire Club is an affiliate marketing opportunity online. According to its promotional video, all you need to do is sign up, invest $47, and follow the creator's instructions to the letter. It is owned by the same person who owns Ameena, LLC, and it is located in Pennsylvania.

But there are so many things about Affiliate Millionaire Club a complete disappointment. This includes the anonymity of its creator/owner, the use of actors who gave fake testimonials, and more. Read this Affiliate Millionaire Club to learn whether you should invest in it or not.

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What Is Affiliate Millionaire Club and How Does it Work?

Affiliate Millionaire Club is another online venture which claims that it will change your life for the better. According to its creator, you will never have to worry about money ever again if you the Affiliate Millionaire Club.

You'll notice that the website doesn't have a lot of information. All it has is a video and a portion where you prospective "millionaires" can sign up. Let's talk about the video first.

Affiliate Millionaire Club's promotional video is just 10 minutes long. The video was uploaded in January 2017 by Mo JV Partners. The website, however, has been around since 2013.

The video starts with an introduction from a man, we presume, is Mo. But we've heard this voice before from countless shopping channels, get-rich-quick videos, and other similar ventures. That familiar upbeat voice that makes anyone want to buy something from him.

He then shows us an affiliate dashboard and tells us that this is "your" dashboard he made. The daily sales portion starts at $0, so the viewer needs to watch until the end of the video to see how much it's going to make.

It then segues to a testimonial of a grandpa who has allegedly earned a lot from Affiliate Millionaire Club. But he is not an Affiliate Millionaire Club member. He is "oldmansteve," an 80-year old actor that you can hire to greet your loved ones and friends. Want to greet someone 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Valentine's Day' with a flourish? Then oldmansteve is your man. Oh, and he does fake testimonials too.

After another testimonial by another actor, Mo then shows us his bank accounts. His Bank of America accounts allegedly has over $6 million. His PayPal account has over $300,000 in it. But Mo doesn't give a solid proof that he, indeed, owns those accounts. It's likely that he only edited those images to make them look credible.

He then brags that his houses and cars have already been paid for. His family's future is also secure, thanks to the millions he has in his bank account.

But of course, it's not an online get-rich-quick scheme without a dramatic story. To make sure that Mo stands out, he does not go for the classic and personal rags-to-riches story. He doesn't need that. Mo's already rich. Or that is what he wants us to believe.

This time, the little sob story is about Mo's friend. This friend was allegedly suckered into a scam by an online "guru." His friend invested a lot of money in this scheme, but he was left high and dry when the scheme fell apart.

The friend then contacted Mo who, as he humble-brags, is a millionaire who amassed his wealth using the internet. (Yeah, right.) But before we continue this story, Mo suddenly takes us to our affiliate dashboard. The affiliate commission has grown from $0 to $53 all in the space of 3 minutes to show us that it works!

Out of concern for his friend, he helped his friend by loaning him almost $3,000. Mo's friend is now an affiliate, and he can pay Mo back by maintaining his affiliate website and make money. All Mo's friend (and any member) needs to do is make sure that money is coming into the account.

To cut a long story short, the affiliate website created by Mo's friend made money (or so the creator claims). It then segues to photos of people who have money as affiliates.
But there's something wrong about these claims. One person named Tom Williams allegedly lives in Clearanceville, Texas. But the funny thing is there's no such place as Clearanceville in Texas.

Lauren Clark from Portland, MN earned more than $45,000. But there's no place named "Portland" in Minnesota. There's Portland in Oregon and Portland in Maine, but none in Minnesota.

Then there's Rob from Mayfield, South Carolina. Again, there's no city or town named "Mayfield" in South Carolina. Why couldn't Mo tie up loose ends to make a credible story?

The second half of the video is filled with a sales pitch and more humble-bragging. He then updates us about our earnings which have ballooned to $106 in another 4 minutes.

After showing another fake testimonial, Mo then wants you to pay a one-time fee. I know he said that it's for free, but the fee is required so he knows you're committed. Plus, he invested around $2,500 to help you, so what's a little fee, right? Lol.

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Who Created Affiliate Millionaire Club?

The creator of Affiliate Millionaire Club is a guy named "Mo". According to information gleaned from the Better Business Bureau website, Affiliate Millionaire Club is owned by Ameena, LLC and is based in Ivyland, Pennsylvania.

How Much Does it Cost?

According to the first half of the video, joining Affiliate Millionaire Club is free. But there's no such thing as free. So to show your commitment and cover Mo's losses, you'll need to pay $47. This is a one-time fee that lets Mo build "10 money websites" for you.

Mo promises that it is completely risk-free. You'll get unlimited bandwidth, domain, and 24-hour support. You also receive access to its private marketplace and one-on-one coaching. Plus, you can easily earn commissions with this system.

But when it comes to claims such as these, better take them with a grain of salt.

What Is Affiliate Millionaire Club's Compensation Plan?

Affiliate Millionaire Club doesn't have a compensation plan. All its creator wants you to do is to trust him to give you money in exchange for your investment. And where will he get the money? From other affiliates, of course.

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What I Like About Affiliate Millionaire Club

One thing that's positive about the Affiliate Millionaire's Club is that you can request a refund within 60 days from the date of purchase. Apart from that, there's not much else to like about it.

What I Don't Like About Affiliate Millionaire Club

There are a lot of things to dislike about Affiliate Millionaire Club. Let's list them down.

The blatant lies

One of the most disappointing things about Affiliate Millionaire Club is the number of lies its creator has to tell only to convince people to sign up. There's the inflated income potential, the use of fake testimonials, and the fake story about Mo's friend. The use of stock photos and wrong place names are the icing on the cake. Can you trust someone who uses such tactics?

Its refund policy

Yes, I've said that one positive thing about this opportunity is its refund policy. But you need to read the fine print before you sign up because as soon as "Mo" receives your money, you might not ever see it again.

Take a look at the condition for the refund. It says it offers a no-questions-asked refund policy BUT there are some requirements you need to fulfill before your request can be processed. First, you need to have followed the instruction to the letter.

You also need to try the software within 45 days (from the date of purchase) before you can request a refund. Even if you fulfill these conditions, the domain and hosting will cost you. Yes, you can request a refund... if you fulfill these conditions and if you can reach any customer service rep at all.

No one knows who Mo truly is

Concealment of true identity seems to be standard operating procedure among the creators of these types of schemes. We don't see Mo in the video, and he doesn't present us a proof of his identity. To top it all off, the creator also used fake testimonials from actors from Fiverr.

Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam?

Yes, Affiliate Millionaire Club is a scam, so it would be a wise decision to hold on to your wallet and stay away from it. Yes, it costs $47 only, but that money could be better spent somewhere else.

Apart from the reasons I've mentioned above, Affiliate Millionaire Club has also been accused of spamming people. You also cannot cancel your order once it has been confirmed, and the refund policy also leaves a lot to be desired. Is Affiliate Millionaire Club worth it? I'm afraid not.

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