Welcome to our review of Alliance in Motion Global or AIM.

We're going to discuss what this company is about, the products it offers, it compensation plan, and more.

We're also going to determine whether AIM is a scam or a legit MLM opportunity you can earn money from.

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Alliance in Motion Summary

Product: Alliance in Motion

Price to join: ₱1,980/$37.99 (Quick Start); ₱7,890/151.37 (Global Package)

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Alliance in Motion is another health and wellness company that offers a diverse selection of nutritional supplements, weight management products, beverages, and personal hygiene products. As expected, its business model is none other than MLM or network marketing.

What's unique about this company is that unlike other MLM ventures, this has its roots in the Southeast Asian nation of the Philippines. Its headquarters is located in Metro Manila, but it has expanded to other regions of the world.

So is this a legit opportunity or another scam? Read our Alliance in Motion review below.

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What Is Alliance in Motion?

Alliance in Motion Global is another health and wellness company with a network marketing or multi-level marketing business model. It offers nutritional supplements and beverages developed and manufactured by US-based partner, Nature's Way USA.

The company was founded in 2005 by entrepreneurs John Asperin, Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, and Francis Miguel. Its headquarters is based in Pasig City, Philippines, but it also has offices in other provinces, such as General Santos, Cebu, and Davao.

But Alliance in Motion doesn't just operate in the Philippines alone. It has expanded to countries such as Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, the UAE, and the US. It has also offices in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kuwait. The company is a member of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA).

Alliance in Motion Global has partnered with dietary supplements manufacturers Nature's Way, DSM, AMS Life Science Co., and Weider.

Although its products are available for some US customers, it is not well-known in the States and it is not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Is Alliance in Motion A Pyramid Scheme?

You'll know that an opportunity is a pyramid scheme when the company doesn't have any useful products to sell. All its resellers blab about is how great the company is and how you can make money by recruiting other people to become members. If the company offers products, they are usually of low quality and are therefore unprofitable.

Alliance in Motion offers a diverse selection of health and wellness products that affiliates can sell. The products are rather generic, but they seem to be profitable for some people.

Another tell-tale sign that a venture is nothing more than a pyramid scheme is that it rewards members when they recruit more people than when they sell more products. Luckily, AIM Global does not put undue emphasis on recruitment, so it's safe to say that this is not a pyramid scheme.

Lastly, a pyramid scheme will likely crumbly a couple of years or several months after its inception. AIM Global is still in business. Although it is not as popular as other MLMs among the local populace, its stability is still a positive point for the company.

Success is Rare at Alliance in Motion

Although Alliance in Motion Global is not a pyramid scheme, it doesn't mean your success as a reseller is guaranteed. The company is just one of the many health and wellness MLM ventures in the country. In a country where the market is already saturated with these nutritional supplements and other such products, how do you and your products stand out?

Another problem with this company is one cannot find an income disclosure statement online. Prospective resellers can only rely on the information presented by AIM resellers, so they don't know if the company is doing well or it's in the red and it's not worth joining.

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How Much to Join Alliance in Motion?

You need to pay a one-time membership fee of ₱7,890 to become an Alliance in Motion Global's distributor. This Global Package includes a business kit and your AIM Global website with the back office. You will also need to fill out an ATM registration form. This is the card where you will receive your daily bonuses and monthly commissions.

By the way, the business kit contains a folder with marketing collateral, video presentation CD, and an ATM application form (the local bank is BPI Globe BanKO). It also includes a scholarship certificate, insurance certificate, and an ID application form.

All AIM Global distributors enjoy a lifetime 25% discount on all products the company offers. Apart from their Alliance in Motion business, they also get personal accident insurance offered by Prudential Guarantee, a free medical checkup, and transferable scholarship.

Make sure that you have a sponsor so you can qualify to become a member. You must be 18 years old to become an AIM Global distributor. Simply fill out the registration form and wait for the approval of your application.

Alliance in Motion Global also offers a Quick Start package that costs ₱1,980.

What is Alliance in Motion's Compensation Plan?

Check out Alliance in Motion's compensation plan to determine if this opportunity is the right one for you.

Daily Income

Retail Commissions

Purchase Alliance in Motion's products at wholesale price and sell them to your customer at retail price. You'll earn 25% to 30% retail commission with every product your customers purchase from you.

Matched Sales Bonus

Get a matched sales bonus for every 3,000 combined group points earned by your left and right team. This is a daily bonus, and every 5th matched sale is converted to travel reward points.

Direct GP Bonus

Earn direct GP bonus when you hit a certain product package point.

Monthly Income

Uni-level Sales Bonus

Earn up to 5% of product points up to 10 levels deep. AIM Global has come up with a dynamic compression in which qualified distributors earn bonuses on 10 levels of the downline even when there is an inactive or non-performing team member.

Overriding Stair Step Commission

This income is based on the distributor's title or rank. You can earn this commission on all group product pre-order and global packages purchased by your team members. There is no time frame, reversion, demotion or pass up.

Qualified silver executives get 10% commission, while gold executives get 20% commission. Global ambassadors, Ruby Global Ambassadors, and Diamond Global Ambassadors get 30%, 35%, and 40% respectively.


Distributors can generate 2% of their GAs group sales volume to 10 levels deep with roll-down/roll-up compression.

Flow Back Points

Increase your commission points by 20% to 30% by growing your monthly achievement.

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What Products Does Alliance in Motion Offer?

Alliance in Motion has several product lines. These include the following:

Nutritional Support

The products under this particular line include C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals, Choleduz - Omega Supreme, Kiddi 24/7 Nutra-Gummies, Restorlyf - Longevity Formula, and Complete Phyto-Energizer.

According to its website, the C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals contains antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It contains all-natural ingredients that fight oxidative stress, protects DNA and RNA, and boosts your immune system. This nutritional supplement costs $25.48.

The Choleduz - Omega Supreme is a soft gel capsule which contains fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E, EPA, and DHA. This dietary supplement is ideal for people who want a healthier cardiovascular system.

These gummies contain extracts from fruits and vegetables, as well as essential vitamins and nutrients. With organic tapioca, cane juice, and pectin. Each pack contains 30 gluten-free gummies.

Restorlyf - Longevity Formula was created for people who want to live longer and healthier. It contains antioxidants, as well as potent immune system boosters. With Japanese knotweed and grape extract.

The Complete Phyto-Energizer contains several kinds of vegetables and fruits. With phytonutrients, antibodies, vitamins, and minerals that energizes your body.


The Perfect White - Anti-Ageing product is perfect for those who want their skin to look fairer. It also contains anti-aging ingredients. Each bottle contains 30 tablets and costs $31.85.

Weight Loss Management

Shed those extra pounds with AIM Global's weight loss products. The products under this line include BURN Liven Coffee, BURN Meal Replacement Shake, and BURN Slim Capsules. The Burn Liven Coffee costs $10.04, while one box of the BURN Meal Replacement Shake costs $25.09.

Functional Beverages

The products included in this category include Liven Alkaline Coffee ($7.53), MyChoco Alkaline Choco ($8.49), and VIDA Cardio-Ceuticals ($16.60).

Personal Care

AIM's NaturaCentials Deep Cleansing and Whitening Bar ensure that you'll have fairer and younger-looking skin. Each bar of this soap costs $3.86.


Once you become a member of AIM Global, you have the option to purchase a member ID and a VISA ATM card. You can choose the cards that can be used worldwide if you live abroad, or you can choose cards that are for local use only.

What I Like About Alliance in Motion

Alliance in Motion offers a lot of benefits for resellers

Surprisingly, Alliance in Motion offers a lot of benefits to its resellers that it almost seems like it's a full-time job. These benefits are not things other MLM companies offer.

It offers personal accident insurance underwritten by local insurance provider Prudential Guarantee. Accident insurance can go as high as PhP 200,000, while unprovoked assault or murder coverage goes as high as PhP 50,000. Medical reimbursement coverage is PhP 10,000, while burial assistance is PhP 10,000.

AIM Global also offers its members free medical checkup after they officially become a reseller. Moreover, members or their family can benefit from the company's transferable scholarship program.

Refund and buyback policy

Alliance in Motion's refund and buyback policy is one of the ways you can tell that this is a legit business. According to its company policy, AIM products are eligible for refund or buy back if they are still in good condition and if they have not been encoded.

The items can also be returned if they are eight months before the expiry date, and there are no leaks or any damages to the product's packaging. The company also requires resellers to bring their receipts when requesting a refund or buyback.

What I Dislike About Alliance in Motion

Many Alliance in Motion products are too generic

A lot of Alliance in Motion's products are too generic to stand out in a market already crowded with health and wellness products. Take a look, for example, at the C24/7 Natura-ceuticals. When you look at its list of ingredients, it is different from your regular vitamin supplements. It also has some "exotic" additives such as mushrooms, spirulina blend, digestive enzymes, herbs, and more.

The problem is there are many products on the market today that also has the same ingredients. The products are also expensive. So, as someone who wants to make a living selling AIM's products, how do you stand out?

Some products will not translate well with Western countries

Assuming you're from a Western country, keep in mind that there are a couple of Alliance in Motion products that only works in bleaching-obsessed countries will not translate well with Western customers. These products are Perfect White - Anti-Ageing and NutraCentials - Deep Cleansing & Whitening Bar.

Membership can be expensive for some prospective resellers

Alliance in Motion's Global Package alone costs 7,890 or $150. Whether you're in the Philippines or the US, there's no doubt that the registration fee is too steep. If you want the cheaper option, then sign up for the Quick Start that costs PhP1,980 or $36.

Is Alliance in Motion A Scam?

Alliance in Motion is not a scam. It is a legitimate health and wellness company based in the Philippines. It offers different products, such as nutritional supplements, special drinks, and personal care items.

Like other health and wellness companies, Alliance in Motion's business model is also network marketing or MLM. It offers many ways for resellers to earn bonuses and commissions, including its simple retail bonus to its uni-level commissions. If you're looking for ways to earn extra money, then Alliance in Motion may be a good opportunity for you.

But Alliance in Motion is not for everyone. If you're in desperate need of money, then this is not for you. Its MLM structure is ideal only for individuals who have another job or other sources of income because there are a one-time registration fee and products you need to purchase for your inventory.

There is no guarantee of success when you join Alliance in Motion. The nutritional supplements are too generic and can be difficult to sell to a market where thousands of similar products are also available.

Is Alliance in Motion worth your time and money? Maybe, but only if you have the skills and patience to make this venture work in your favor.

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