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If you invest in cryptocurrencies and you're planning to buy an arbitrage bot (particularly ArbiStar arbitrage bot) then this review is for you. 

We'll delve a little bit about the company's background, its products, and more.

You'll also learn about whether it is a pyramid scheme or not.

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ArbiStar Summary

Product: ArbiStar

Price to join: Free

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: ArbiStar is a European developer of arbitrage bots that is used to automate certain tasks in cryptocurrency trading. The company is headquartered in Paris, and is led by CEO Santi Fuentes.

The products, however, are eclipsed by Fuentes's past association with pyramid schemes and the company's business model (MLM). That's why it's best to think twice before you buy its products or become its affiliate. 

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What Is ArbiStar?

According to the company website, ArbiStar offers state-of-the-art solutions to the financial market. It is made up of market analysts, marketers, engineers, and more. Together they explore the financial markets to find effective solutions for traders and investors.

These solutions help the ArbiStar community keep track of the developments in the digital currency market so the members can take advantage of the information to earn more from their investment.

The ArbiStar team is made up of CEO Santi Fuentes, CTO Viktor Franz, COO Diego Felipe, and CTO Nikolay Sharkov.

According to his profile, Santi Fuentes is one of the best-known personalities in the referral marketing arena. He has been in this business for 30 years and has led thousands of people successfully.

But Fuentes's reputation is not spotless, and even ArbiStar has included a disclaimer in his profile. According to the website, Fuentes is "known as a team leader the failure of some projects where companies were not transparent and cheated their sales teams."

Fuentes was involved with Global Unity in 2014, an investment management company. Fuentes severed his ties with Global Unity and became affiliated with a company called MoneyBox TV in 2015. He was also affiliated with a company called Organo Legit.

ArbiStar is currently based in Paris although Fuentes is based in Spain.

Is ArbiStar A Pyramid Scheme?

Yes, ArbiStar is a pyramid scheme.

First, ArbiStar is the creation of Santi Fuentes, a Spaniard who has been linked to various pyramid schemes since 2011. He was associated with an investment firm called Finanzas Forex (also known as Evolution Marketing Group). The US government later found that the company had scammed millions of dollars from their investors all over the world.

(If you can understand Spanish, you can read the Spanish-language article of the Finanzas Forex case here. You can also run the article on Google Translate so you can get the gist of it.)

Fuentes is drawn to pyramid schemes like a moth to a flame. After several years of lying low after the Finanzas Forex fiasco, he was then linked to another pyramid scheme — this time with organizations such as Global Unity and MoneyBox TV.

Today, he is the CEO of ArbiStar, a company which develops arbitrage bots for the digital currency market. This, too, has an MLM marketing strategy which should be a red flag for traders and investors. The products are also vague and no one really knows if they are effective.

Success Is Rare At ArbiStar

While the digital currency market has experienced rapid growth in recent years, the market is still largely volatile. Few governments recognize cryptocurrencies or even consider them legal. Plus, many countries do not have regulations regarding digital currencies, so it will be hard for you to recover your money just in case something bad happens.

But if you really want to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and want to use an arbitrage bot, then it's best to look for a more reputable company that offers this type of tool.

No one really knows if ArbiStar trading bots are truly effective, and the company has not published an income disclosure statement for investors.

Plus, the company's CEO couldn't seem to resist the pull of MLM and pyramid schemes over the years. Given his history, it is a good idea to think twice before entrusting your money to this company or referring this product to your friends.

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How Much To Join ArbiStar?

The good news for prospective ArbiStar affiliates is that registering as a member is free.

But once you've become a member, you'll need to invest anywhere between €100 to €50,000. Note that the company only accepts bitcoin. You will also receive your compensation in cryptocurrency.

What Is ArbiStar's Compensation Plan?

ArbiStar offers several ways their affiliates can get paid. These include:

* Sponsor/Recruitment Bonus

One of the ways ArbiStar affiliates can earn this bonus is by recruiting others to become a part of their downline. If the sponsor successfully enrolls a new affiliate, then the former will receive €10,000 bonus for every €100,000 invested in ArbiStar by the new affiliate.

But the bonus does not stop there. ArbiStar affiliates will receive another bonus each time their team generates a €100,000 in personal referral investment volume.

* Unilevel Bonus

Build your downline and receive the unilevel bonus up to ten levels deep. To qualify for this type of bonus, you should recommend one of ArbiStar's products to your friends using your referral link. You'll earn the bonus when the people in your downline whom you recommended the products to refer the products to other people.

You'll receive a 6% commission for purchases on personal bot licenses sold by your team, and another 2% commission on weekly returns on community bots.

* World Club Bonus

5% of ArbiStar's investment volume is set aside and saved into what the company calls the World Club Bonus. This bonus is distributed equally to affiliates whose downline has generated a total of €1 million in investment volume.

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What Products Does ArbiStar Offer?

ArbiStar has two products. The first product is the personal bot, and the second product is the community bot.

The personal bot was designed to cater to the needs of individual cryptocurrency traders and large investors. ArbiStar only has limited personal bots available for traders, so not everyone will be able to purchase this product.

It arbitrates Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and can be integrated into 13 exchanges. There are no caps to your personal investment and daily operations. Traders and investors who purchase a personal bot have total control of their money. The license costs €5,000, and it lasts for 24 months.

The community bot, on the other hand, was created for families or networkers. It has no initial cost, and traders don't need to do anything to set it up as it is fully automated. ArbiStar itself manages the profits. The minimum contribution is €100, and traders will receive their payment every Saturday. Traders also have the option to reinvest the payment.

What I Like About ArbiStar

* Bots are efficient and could save you a lot of time during trading

If you're a newbie and you're still trading manually, you might be missing out on a lot of income opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. Trading or arbitrage bots, on the other hand, are faster and more efficient than humans could ever be.

They can spot and grab buying and selling opportunities quicker than humans can. Plus, bots can trade multiple times within a short time period, whereas humans can only execute a single trade within the same time period.

Although they are fast and efficient when it comes to trading, keep in mind that these bots are not your ticket to becoming wealthy in the shortest period of time. It is also not true that the bots will do everything for you.

In many cases, you'll need to thoroughly understand the digital currency market, as well as knows how to make good investment decisions.

* Bots are more consistent when it comes to making decisions

Bots make more consistent decisions when it comes to trading because they are not influenced by emotions. Humans, on the other hand, are prone to making mistakes when investing. Some can be paralyzed by panic during downturns, while others are ruled by the fear that they will miss out on a great opportunity.

* Multiple ways to earn commission

Apart from earning money with the help of a bot, you can earn additional money with the different bonuses ArbiStar offers such as the Sponsor or Recruitment Bonus, Unilevel Bonus, and World Club Bonus.

What I Don't Like About ArbiStar

* CEO Santi Fuentes's record is shady

ArbiStar's CEO Santi Fuentes was one of the investors in an organization called Global Unity. This organization, however, is associated with WCM777, an entity whose assets were frozen after the SEC found that its management was operating a pyramid scheme.

He left Global Unity, but was soon associated with a product called MoneyBox TV. This turned out to be another pyramid scheme.

But Fuentes's shady business dealings goes as far back the late 2000s when he was associated with Finanzas Forex, a Ponzi scheme masquerading as a forex trading company. In fact, he was linked to fellow Spaniard German Cardona Soler, a scammer so notorious he was dubbed as "El Mini-Madoff" by the press. That, in itself, would be enough to scare you off ArbiStar.

It appears that he found an opportunity in the rise of the popularity of cryptocurrency, and he resurfaced in the recent years to establish ArbiStar. This is the second iteration of this company, but God knows what happened to its first version.

* Traders don't really know if the arbitrage bot really works

So far, there is no information if the ArbiStar bot really works. Product information on the ArbiStar website is vague at best and cloaked in technological jargon.

Think about this: if the trading bot really works, why would its developers sell it to other traders? Why not use the product itself to earn thousands of euros for themselves? Altruism? I think not.

And if it's really true that the bot can generate 1% every day, then why use an MLM model? It appears that ArbiStar product cannot stand up to scrutiny, and the company needs fresh funds from new investors to pay off existing affiliates.

* It has no income disclosure statement and the company is not registered in any country

The use of MLM as a marketing strategy is shady given Fuentes's reputation and past activities, and that should be enough to make investors run in another direction.

ArbiStar's lack of income disclosure statement should also be a red flag to prospective buyers. Additionally, ArbiStar is not registered in Spain (where Fuentes comes from) or in France (where the company's headquarters is located).

Is ArbiStar A Scam?

Yes, ArbiStar is a scam. This company markets itself as a trading software developer and MLM company, but cryptocurrency traders do not know if the product truly exists or if it really works as the developers claim.

It is the brainchild of Spaniard Santi Fuentes, a man who has been linked to various pyramid schemes since 2011. Prospective ArbiStar buyers should consider his shady business dealings first and think twice before investing their hard-earned money in another of Fuentes's seemingly never-ending schemes.

So, do I recommend ArbiStar?

Definitely not.

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