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ASEA Summary

Company: ASEA

Price to join: $120 to $770

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend: No!

Summary: ASEA is a MLM company that sells various salt water and skin care products. While these products are interesting I DON'T recommend that you join this company.

The success rate is just way to low and you're more than likely going to lose your money instead of making money. 

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What Is ASEA

ASEA is a health company that sells various wellness and skin products. They were founded in 2009 by a former Kraft executive named Verdis Norton.

Many MLM's struggle to turn a profit but that's not the case here and from day one ASEA started making money. This is mainly because of the experience of Norton.

There's nothing too seedy in ASEA's past and I couldn't find any lawsuits against this company. That's always a positive sign because MLM's tend to be riddled with lawsuits and various accusations. 

Is Asea A Pyramid Scheme?

Some people like to throw the term pyramid scheme around a lot and it's almost lost all meaning.

Now some MLM's are pyramid schemes and have proven to be so (and paid million dollar fines as a result) and others just have elements of a pyramid scheme - the latter is what ASEA is.

Take a look at this picture below:

Kind of looks like a pyramid right? This is the commission structure at ASEA or at least the part that resembles a pyramid scheme.

The reason it's like this is because a large part of the money you earn will be from recruiting people into the system - this is the literal textbook definition of a pyramid scheme.

The reason you recruit is because you earn commissions on everyone below you when they make sales. If you can get enough people under you there's a chance you make serious money. Some people even make millions.

The only reason it's not an outright pyramid scheme is because you can sell ASEA's products to customers without recruitment. 

Ask anyone who makes money with MLM's, though, and they'll tell you the money is in recruitment. 

Success Is Low With MLM's

Because making money with ASEA and MLM's is based on recruitment, this means there's very limited success and most people lose money.

What percentage you ask? 99% of people that join a MLM lose money.

That is horrible and really is a reflection on the system and not the people working for these companies.

The reason success is so limited is because money is always flowing upwards and the top makes a disproportionate amount compared to the bottom.

In a pyramid scheme there has to be losers in order for there to be winners.

That's a rotten system and is why I never recommend MLM's. 


How Much To Join ASEA?

You can probably guess by now that I don't like MLM's but I do i have one positive thing to say about them - it's cheaper to join a MLM than it is to start a brick and mortar store.

Brick and mortars cost $100,000 on average to start and not everyone has that or wants to take out a loan that big.

So if you have an entrepreneur's spirit but not an entrepreneur's bank account, I can see why a MLM would be attractive. 

Anyway, in order to join ASEA you'll have to buy a product pack and there's four from you to choose from:

  • ASEA Advancing Life ($120)
  • Basic Plus ($240)
  • Builder ($370)
  • Express Builder ($720)

The first pack comes with 1 case, the second with 2, the third with 4 and and the fourth with 8. Each case comes with four bottles ASEA Redox. 

If you go with the first two options each bottle will cost you around $30. If you go with the second two options each bottle of Redox will cost around $24.

So the second two options means better margins for you and the more you can make per bottle. 

What's Asea's Compensation Plan?

There's a lot not to like about MLM's and their compensation plan's are high on the list of things to dislike.

These MLM companies insist on creating confusing and complicated compensation plans and I personally think it's done on purpose to just confuse people. 

ASEA's compensation plan is actually as bad as other ones but it can still be difficult to read.

If you want look at it for yourself, click here.

You can watch the video below for a full explanation of the compensation plan as well:

Here's a summary of the eight different ways you can make money with ASEA:

Retail Sales

This is the aspect that makes ASEA not a pyramid scheme. At the end of the day you can just buy ASEA products for a discount and sell them to people at retail price. Depending on which package you purchase from ASEA will determine the commission you get on each sale. 

Preferred Customer Bonus

Some customers will buy more than once and to save time they'll put themselves on an autoship program - meaning products will be shipped out to them at a set time without them having to order each time. You can earn $25 on every case that a preferred customer orders. 

Fast Start Bonus

When you recruit someone into the system and sponsor them you get a bonus.

Director Bonus

There's various stages in a MLM scheme and if you reach certain goals you move up. If you can hit a certain amount of goals in a two week span and reach the level of director from your initial enrollment you'll earn a $50 bonus. 

Team Commissions

This is where the money is and also why many people consider MLM's to be a pyramid scheme. The commission structure here is binary and which means you have a left leg and right leg. The more recruits you get and the deeper you build each leg the more you'll make. 

Executive Momentum Bonus

This is a very complicated section and allows you to earn money from the global volume for set periods of time.

Check Mate

This section allows you to earn a commission on certain bonuses based on your team's performance. 

Diamond Pool

If you can reach the diamond level you'll receive commissions based on global volume. 

Again, MLM compensation plans are very confusing and you'll mainly make money by recruiting people to sell under you - that's the most important thing to remember. 

What Products Does ASEA Offer

Despite calling myself The Affiliate Doctor I'm not actually a doctor and I'm not a scientist or not anything like that.

So I can't really tell you if these products are legit. However, I can say that a product that claims to "improve cell to cell communication" seems a bit odd.

Here's a video put out by ASEA that describes their products:

That's not something I would want to drink or really believe in. On Amazon they get on average a 3.9/5 stars so there's definitely some people who like it.

Here's their four main products:

ASEA Redox

This is their flagship and most popular product. ASEA claims it can do a whole bunch of things like help your immune system, hormones, digestive system and more. 


Renu 28 is a skin gel that can be used all over your body. ASEA claims it helps from the outside in and helps your skin remain healthy and youthful. 

RENU 28 Advanced

This is similar to the last product but more expensive and it comes with more products. You get a moisturizer, cleanser, gel and serum. 


The last products are supplements which include a multi-vitamin, probiotic, and a vitality formula. 


Expensive And Crowded Market

Again, I personally don't think I'd ever use a product like the ones offered by ASEA but some people obviously would.

One thing you should know is these products are very expensive and this can make it hard for you to sell. 

For instance, the most popular product, ASEA Redox, costs over $30 PER BOTTLE. There's only 32 ounces in each bottle too.

That's not a lot of liquid for $30. 

Also, health products are everywhere. While ASEA's product's are pretty unique, rejuvenating products aren't.

It's going to be hard to get people to switch from their favorite brand to a more expensive one. 

What I Like About Asea

While I definitely don't recommend this company to join there's still a few things that I like including:

1) Been around for a while: MLM's tend to come and go and most don't last that long. ASEA, however, has been around for a decade which is like 200 years with MLM's. 

2) No lawsuits: Most MLM's have a ton of lawsuits in their past but there's nothing I could find in ASEA's past that looked bad. 

3) Good leadership: The founder of ASEA was a former Kraft executive and has experience running large companies. 

What I Don't Like About Asea

At the end of the day, though, there's more that I don't like than do like The main things that I don't like are:

1) Low success rate: An overwhelming amount of people lose their money when they join a MLM and that's most likely what's going to happen if you join ASEA.

2) Expensive Products: The main product costs more than $30 per bottle. We're no talking about a gel like substance either that will last a long time. Were' talking about a liquid that gets drunk by the glass full.

3) Crowded market: Health and wellness is a saturated market and you may have a hard time standing out in the crowd.

4) Income relies on recruiting: Anytime your income depends on you recruiting people into a system, just know you're going to have a really hard time succeeding and making money. 

Is ASEA A Scam?

A scam is when you're being mislead or when you give money and don't get what was promised to you - I don't think ASEA is that and I don't think it's a scam.

I just think it's a really bad business opportunity. 

MLM's are a tough business and you're either losing money or making money off other people losing money.

I definitely don't recommend ASEA or any other MLM. 


When was ASEA started?

Who founded ASEA?

How much to join Asea?

Is it easy to make money?

Is ASEA a pyramid scheme?

Should i Join?

Here's Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of joining ASEA. It's too hard to succeed with and you'll most likely just end up losing money. 

However, there's still plenty of legitimate ways to make money online.

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