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Today, we're going to talk about a software and training program designed for internet marketers and online entrepreneurs called Auto Profit System.

We'll discuss what it offered and whether it was just another scam or not.

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Auto Profit System Summary

Product: Auto Profit System

Price to join: $27-$67

Rating: 0/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Auto Profit System was a software and training course developed by internet marketers Craig Crawford, Gaurab Borah, and Tom Yevsikov. APS made internet marketing easier and faster thanks to its tools and training. The software and training course, however, disappeared sometime between 2018 and 2019.

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What Is Auto Profit System and How Does it Work?

Auto Profit System was a software and training course created by internet marketers Gaurab Borah, Craig Crawford, and Tom Yevsikov. It was released back in December of 2017.

According to Mr. Yevsikov and company, Auto Profit System turned freebie-seekers into someone you can profit from. How? By building an automated affiliate income stream through list building and finding a way to monetize the process as soon as possible.

So, how does did it work?

Auto Profit System (or APS) built simple "opt-in" and "thank you" pages that led site visitors to the "products." Keep in mind that subscribers only needed two web pages when they use APS.

Next, the APS system taught subscribers how to drive website visitors into their landing pages. This method is used by the creators of APS itself. The creators also taught how to automate the process, so APS users could easily generate profits day by day.

APS users had to use Solo Ads to drive traffic to their landing pages where the site visitors' gift is available. When site visitors opts-in for the free giveaway, the system will then direct them to the second page where they'll be informed where and how they can get their gift.

Apart from the free giveaway, site owners also offered them a pre-selling product. This strategy turned the visitors who just wanted a freebie into buying customers.

What Products Did Auto Profit System Offer?

Auto Profit System resources included the Auto Profit System Page Builder with free hosting and ready-made templates. Subscribers were granted access to a 1-click WordPress import plugin. With this plug-in, they were able to access the Auto Profit System on their WordPress site.

The system included a video training that instructed users how to use the Auto Profit System. They got free and paid traffic methods, as well as other bonuses.

Auto Profit System offered several so-called special bonus products.

The first special bonus was called Affiliate Marketing Fest 2017 Recording. This was a recording of APS co-founder Gaurab Borah. He was invited to this event in 2017, and he talked about "How to Build a Long Term, Sustainable Online Business That Pays for Life with List Building and Affiliate Marketing." It was valued at $197.

The second special bonus was also produced by Gaurab Borah. It was called "My Personal $229,615.87 Affiliate Commissions Strategy." This video contained Mr. Borah's 3 important secrets that helped him succeed in the affiliate marketing business. The bonus was valued at $97.

The next bonus was called 3 Steps to $3000/M Without Selling. Valued at $37, this was a ready-made system that taught users how to earn $3000 every month without selling any products. APS touted that it was newbie-friendly.

Another special bonus was the $10 A Day Traffic Plan which was valued at $37. If you're interested in knowing how to drive traffic to your website for $10 a day, then this would have been the special bonus for you. It taught users how to drive traffic to their sites using advanced marketing strategies. It also taught internet marketers how to use three different types of internet traffic to their advantage.

Then there's a special bonus 5 which was valued at $67. This was a WordPress plugin called the WP EZ Viral Contest. It taught internet marketers how to increase their subscribers, as well as keep them engaged for longer, with contests.

The sixth special bonus was the WP Email Timer Plus which was worth $67. This was a plugin which allowed users to create a countdown in their promotional emails. According to the creators of APS, the presence of the timer helps drive conversions and sales upwards. Internet marketers used this to put a countdown timer on their website.

The seventh special bonus was the WP In-Content Popup Pro. This was a plugin that allowed users to create an eye-catching pop-up in their blog or website. They could make text popups, video popups, and other types of popups with this plugin.

Want to steal other people's subscribers? APS special bonus 8 taught internet marketers how. According to its creators, this program was a completely legitimate way of stealing other marketers' mailing list. This was valued at $37.

Special bonus 9 was called Fear Factor Fortunes. This was valued at $67. This program taught users the power of psychology so they can convert site visitors into actual buyers.

Another special bonus was called Traffic Blitz, and it was valued at $37. It was a how-to guide on how to create a viral campaign to grow a business.

Lastly, there's special bonus 11. This was called Conversion Boost, and it was valued at $27. The program taught users how to increase clicks and convert them to sales.

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How Much to Join Auto Profit System?

Auto Profit System had one front-end and three one-time offers.

The front-end kit cost $27. It contained the Auto Profit System video training and ebook. It also had a Rolodex, an APS page builder, and a connector plugin that uploads pages to WordPress. It included other bonuses, such as a premade video and a video element which allows you to create your video.

Auto Profit System's first one-time offer was more expensive. It cost $37 and included the APS squeeze page builder software. Subscribers received ten ready-made templates and a lot of giveaways. It included the APS Solo Ad Mastery Guide and Follow-Up Email Sequence guide.

The second one-time offer included CaptiPic, a SaaS platform developed that personalized an image for websites and emails. This allowed users to personalize delivery pages to impress prospective customers. This OTO cost $47.

If you wanted to get a reseller license so you can earn commissions when reselling the Auto Profit System, you could purchase the third one-time offer which cost $67. It included a ready-made system so you can easily promote APS, as well as 30-day proven email follow-up series.

What I Like About Auto Profit System

Users had the option to use free and paid traffic

Auto Profit System taught its customers how to use free and paid traffic. They could use fast and free traffic, or use paid quality that is of higher quality than free traffic. Plus, there was no need to promote on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media pages to boost your website's popularity. You could save money with free traffic, but if a user was looking for quality traffic, then the paid traffic was the best bet.

Multiple special bonuses

Users could choose from the eleven special bonuses offered by Auto Profit System. Some programs were focused on affiliate marketing, email marketing, and driving traffic to your website. You could also learn how to use popups, email timers, and other tools to convince site visitors to purchase your product. Whatever they're looking for in internet marketing, everything was available.

The system was fully automated

The Auto Profit System was fully automated. Everything was already done-for-you, so you didn't have to worry about anything. It had a 2-page system, and users were free to use APS' traffic methods to increase site visitors.

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What I Don't Like About Auto Profit System

Auto Profit System is dead

Maybe you want Auto Profit System, but the bad news is, it's already dead. No one knows when it was taken down, but you won't find anything when you check Auto Profit System's website. No one knows if the slots were already filled or if there were not enough people who wanted to purchase the software/training program that's why the program was pulled by its creators.

It seems that since the abandonment of Auto Profit System, Mr. Yevsikov and company went their separate ways and created their ventures. Yevsikov has a new project under JVZoo called ProfitEagle which seems to be a rehash of Auto Profit System.

Is Auto Profit System A Scam?

It seems that discussing whether Auto Profit System is a scam is already moot since it's dead. But its creators are still around and are still selling products along the same lines. Yevsikov and Borah have teamed up to create Revyoo Elite, and both also sell products on MunchEye. Craig Crawford is still working as an internet marketer, and also sells products on JVZoo.

In hindsight, there were plenty of good things about Auto Profit System. It was relatively affordable and it had a lot of things to offer prospective internet marketers. But it was just too good to be true. There's no way you can earn money without doing some grunt work.

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