Auvoria Prime is a new MLM that comes with A LOT of baggage..

If you're being pressured to join this company you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you're going to find everything you need to know about Auvoria Prime including background information, price to join, compensation plan overview and more.

You'll know if this "opportunity" is right for you by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Auvoria Prime Summary

Company: Auvoria Prime 

Price to join: $299 + $199 per month

Rating: 0/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Auvoria Prime is a horrible company that is a complete scam.

Everything about Auvoria Prime is bad from the founders to the "products" to the compensation plan and more.

This is nothing more than a ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme.

Please avoid.

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Auvoria Prime FAQ'S

1) What is Auvoria Prime? Auvoria Prime is a Multi-Level Marketing company in the forex niche.

Their products include "automated returns" and trading signals. They also provide forex education and apps.

2) How do you make money here? Because this is a MLM there's two main ways you make money.

The first is to sell the products Auvoria Prime offers and earn commissions for each sale.

The second way is to recruit people into the scheme and build a downline. You'll earn a commission for every sale the people below you make.

Recruitment is the main way you make money here, however, which is not good (means it's probably a pyramid scheme).

3) Are there any red flags? Oh man.. There's almost too many red flags to name.

Here's the main red flags:

  1. Comes from a long line of scams - The people involved in Auvoria Prime are seasoned scammers. For instance, the creator of of Auvoria Prime, Sal Let, was involved in a 4 billion dollar international ponzi scheme called Onecoin. Sal Let was also involved with another scam called Eaconomy who is now suing him. Believe or not he was involved with ANOTHER scam called IPro Network which is currently being sued by the SEC for being a pyramid scheme. 
  2. Not registered properly - When you offer a passive investing opportunity (which Auvoria Prime is) you need to register with the proper regulatory bodies in the country you're operating out of. When you register you provide proof of revenue and other information to make sure you're not a ponzi scheme. Auvoria Prime doesn't do this because it shows they're lying about their source of revenue (their revenue comes from new investment and not a secret algorithm that makes forex trades).
  3. Banned in US - You're not allowed to promote Auvoria Prime in the US because again, it's not properly registered. This is a major red flag when it comes to investment type MLM's. If you promote this company from the US you can be charged with securities fraud. 

4) Are there similar companies? There's many forex MLM's out there which include IM Mastery Academy, FBS, Melius, and more.  

Is Auvoria Prime A Pyramid Scheme?

I believe it is.

Here's what a pyramid scheme looks like:

Basically there's two ways a pyramid scheme can happen:

  • There's no product and recruiting is the only way money can be made (or there's a product and there's no incentive to sell the product, leading to only recruiting to happen).
  • Majority of revenue comes from affiliates buying the product and not from retail sales.

Both are happening here. While there is a product the compensation plan is geared towards recruiting.

This means people will most likely ignore retail sales entirely and just look to bring in people who want to make money as an affiliate and not from Forex trading.

Additionally, if you want to be able to recruit you need to buy the Alexander/Ainsein Package which costs $267 up front and then $199 per month. 

Again, most people who sign up are going to want to make money from recruiting so simple logic tells you most of the Auvoria Prime's revenue is going to come from affiliates and not retail sales.

This is pyramid scheme 101 which means Auvoria Prime is unstable and designed to collapse in the near future (just like the other businesses the owner was involved with in the past).

Is Auvoria Prime A Ponzi Scheme?

Again, I believe it is.

Ponzi schemes happen when a company is lying about an investment opportunity and the source of their income.

In this case Auvoria Prime claims to have a passive investment opportunity where you invest money and get returns.

The problem? Auvoria Prime isn't registered anywhere to prove they have an algorithm that can do this. 

The truth is they don't have a secret trading algorithm or if they do have some sort of algorithm it's not making anything significant.

With all ponzi schemes the true source of income is new investment - hence why recruiting is incentivized so much and why they they make new affiliates buy one of their trading packages.

The money made from new investment is used to payout people who invested money earlier. They're told their returns come from the trading bot they created but that's a lie.

These schemes are basically illegal in every country in the world and they're regulated closely in America. 

This is the reason you're not allowed to promote this in America. It's guaranteed to fail because new investment will eventually slow down and when it does there won't be enough money to pay out people.

The scheme collapses when this happens and most people lose their money. 

Success Will Be Rare

Auvoria Prime is going to be a tough way to make money.

Auvoria is a MLM and it's estimated that about 99% of people that join a MLM will end up losing money instead of making money.

This includes MLM's that are completely legit and have good products/a strong compensation plan.

Auvoria Prime isn't legit and has a horrible compensation plan which means the success rate will be even lower.

The reason the success rate is so bad with MLM's is recruiting is very tough.

To be successful you will need hundreds if not thousands of people in your downline.

How many people can you realistically recruit into this scheme? A couple, maybe?

And do you really want to bring family and friends into an obvious pyramid/ponzi scheme where they're most likely going to lose money.

Of course you don't.

Below is some even more eye opening MLM stats:

Keep in mind you'll have to pay $199 PER MONTH to be eligible with Auvoria Prime. This is going to add up to thousands in a years time.

This is why I do affiliate marketing and not MLM. Affiliate marketing can be done for basically free and there's no recruiting or bothering friends and family. 

How Much To Join Auvoria Prime?

To join Auvoria Prime you have to buy either their Ainstein or Alexander package.

Both costs $299 up front and then $199 per month after.

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Auvoria Prime Compensation Plan

The Auvoria Prime compensation plan is long (about 20 pages) and would be difficult for any person not familiar with MLM jargon to understand. 

I'm just going to summarize the main parts to make it easier for you to understand:


In order to be eligible for recruitment commissions you have to purchase one of the Auvoria Prime products for $267 and maintain it $199 per month. 

You also have to sell three different packages to either retail customers or recruit 3 people (they each buy a product). These packages have to be maintained by your customer or recruits paying monthly. 

Retail Commissions

Retail commissions are what you earn from selling Auvoria Prime's products to customers. 

You get a $40 commission for the sale of either Ainstein or Alexander package and a $20 commission of their Hailey package. 

Affiliate Ranks

At Auvoria Prime there's 11 different affiliate ranks and you go from one rank to another based on hitting certain goals (sales goals, recruitment goals, etc.)

You also get bonuses for going from rank to another.

Here's the following the ranks:

  • Active Affiliate
  • Visionary
  • Visionary 600
  • Visionary 1,500
  • Icon 3,000
  • Icon 5,000
  • Icon 10,000
  • Auvorian 25K
  • Auvorian 50K
  • Auvorian 100K
  • Auvorian Legend 

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions is what you earn from your downline's sales.

The compensation structure here is unilevel and looks like the following:

How much you earn depends on your rank, how many people in your downline and the amount your downline sells. 

Momentum Builder Bonus

This is a bonus you make from selling the products at Auvoria Prime (this includes the sales you make when you sign up a new recruit).

If you hit a certain amount of sales you get put into a bonus pool where you can earn commissions from that pool.

The exact percentages you can earn isn't clarified but you can earn between 1 to 5 shares.

Auvoria Prime Products

There's a few different products offered at Auvoria Prime.

Before I get into the products I just want to talk about the automated returns promised here.

I said this before but it's worth saying again. Auvoria claims they can get you returns based on a trading bot they have.

Basically you invest money and get a certain return after a while. 

Again, though, Auvoria doesn't prove that this bot exists and isn't registered with the proper regulatory agencies where it would need to be proved. 

It's pretty obvious there's no real trading going on here and instead they're just using new investment to pay out the "returns" (ponzi scheme).

This trading bot is included in their main products called Ainstein. This product gives you access to the passive returns.

This product costs $267 up front and $199 per month after.

The other product is Alexander which is the exact same price and is trading signals.

You also get an app and forex education with these products.

Other products include Airis which is forex charts for $39 per month and Hailey which hasn't launched yet. 

What I Like About Auvoria Prime


What I Don't Like About Auvoria Prime

Here's what I don't like about Auvoria Prime:

Sketchy leadership

Sal Let, the owner of Auvoria Prime, is the last person you want to be involved with.

He's been in proven pyramid schemes in the last 5 years and is currently being sued by the pyramid scheme he was previously involved with!

This company is just a mirror of the ones Sal Let left already.

Pyramid scheme/ponzi scheme

If Sal Let's past doesn't give you pause, the compensation plan should.

It requires new affiliates to buy expensive products and incentivizes recruiting too much. 

Auvoria Prime is also lying about how you earn returns here. There's no secret algorithm or trading bot earning returns here. It's just new investment being used to pay people out. 

Too expensive

Almost everyone that joins a MLM loses money. In fact, 99% of people lose money with these companies. 

Auvoria Prime is expensive and will cost over $2000 if you stick around for a year.

That's a pretty big loss if you can't make any money.

Is Auvoria Prime A Scam?

It's pretty obvious it is.

All you have to do is look at the history of Sal Let and the compensation plan to understand this.

Sal is the typical serial scammer you see in the investment and MLM world.

He bounces from one scam to another and is constantly having to start over because the companies he's associated with always collapse.

The compensation plan shows this company is no different than the ones Let has been involved with in the past.

Everything is geared towards recruitment which will make this a pyramid scheme.

Lastly, they're not registered with any regulatory bodies and have never proved any of their investing claims. 


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  • I have owned Alexander for about 24 hrs. Have made 66$ in 18 hrs of trading on a 1000$ dollar account. Great review of the company, but the bot does work. Settings are the key, all forex has risk. I will be a retail customer, no intent to sell, just a trader with another bot on my trade team.

  • I’m a customer and what is written here is total nonsense. Only YOU control your money and the bot works, there is no obligation at all to participate in the affiliate system.

  • Dear Jesse, your whole article is incorrect, incomplete and most of all it’s only intended to break down other companies and to promote your own compan(y)(ies). First of all at Auvoria you can earn money WITHOUT being an affiliate or receiving commisions. I’m an Ainstein-user and i can confirm this simply does it’s job. Also only you control your investment, Auvoria can not get access to anyone’s funds in any way what so ever. Second, ONECOIN: Sal Leto was an affiliate here and nothing more. There was a scam there yes, and those involved were prosecuted and sent to jail. Now why would they (FBI, SEC,..) not sue and imprison Sal Leto for this? You’ve guessed it right, because he simply had nothing to do with the scam itself. For example Volkswagen tampered with the pollution software and hereby scammed the whole car-industry, but this also does not mean every VW-customer has had their active part in the scam, right? I’m awaiting your reply as i’m thrilled to get much deeper into this discussion 😉
    Kind regards

    • Then why isn’t Auvoria Prime registered with the proper financial regulators and why do they not let you promote this in the United States if it’s completely legit?

      • Hi Dylan,
        I don’t know why you believe you cannot encourage people to become affiliates of Auvoria Prime in the United States. That is not an accurate statement.

        When you talk about registration, what kind of registration are you referring to? The company is registered as an LLC in Wisconsin and as an LTD in London.

        If you are talking about being registered as a trading company then there again would be a misunderstanding. Auvoria Prime does not take investment money from people nor does the company trade money on behalf of people.

        Auvoria Prime offers quality forex training. Wedge alerts, which are very helpful for finding the right trades to consider.

        The company also offers expert advisors that work on the MT4 platform. Auvoria Prime has actually gone the extra mile to develop a notification system so that people approve the trades that the software wants to make.

        I must say, Dylan, I appreciate your interest in keeping people safe in a world full of wolves in sheep’s clothing, but this article lacks real diligent independent research.

        • The company is registered in America yet doesn’t sell their main product, Ainstein, in America.. Why would that be? Clearly they’re not compliant with US laws when it comes to trading. Auvoria provides auto trading which is illegal unless you’re properly licensed. Recruiting is the main source of revenue here as well which makes it a pyramid schemes. It’s run by a chronic scammer.

          • Dylan,
            If you were more interested in reporting facts than promoting your own opportunities you would know these things. I believe President Trump would have to call you Fake Media.

            Ainstein and Alexander are essentially the same but Alexander required special development to comply, while Ainstein does not. So quite contrary, Auvoria is more compliant and not less compliant.

            Recruiting is also not the main source of income. There are traders using the products of Auvoria and making much more than the company owners themselves.

            It is clear that you are not interested in the truth but interested in riding any company’s traffic to only promote yourself.

            In the end, I would conclude that you are the true scammer. Taking advantage of other people and misaligning them.

            Did you call Sal? Did you attempt to get the truth? How much integrity would people say you have with this kind of behavior?

          • Ainestein is automated trading WHICH IS ILLEGAL IN EVERY COUNTRY if you’re not registered. It’s illegal in every single country.

  • It is illegal to write blogs like this, your information is as fake as it could get, the subscription price is even incorrect aswel as the recurring amount. before you try to bring someone down look at yourself first. you are pathetic for making people think it is fake meanwhile you are the real scam here, claiming people they can earn 100.000 online.. those claims are by all means prohibited. this story wil get a tail and is being reported by our financial institution.

    • LOL

      I know plenty of people making $10,000 a month – there’s nothing illegal about saying that. Auvoria Prime on the other hand? That’s who should be getting reported to financial institutions.

    • You are correct. Auvoria Prime could file a lawsuit with Dylan for defamation and it would be quite easy for the company to demonstrate the fallacies in this article.

      • They’d have to prove things in a US court if they sued. Seeing that they won’t register properly with US agencies I’m guessing they won’t want to prove things in a court..

  • This review is totally lopsided and single-focused in obviously painting a picture to feed your own affiliate marketing. Although I agree affiliate marketing is a much better method for income than MLM, I wholeheartedly think this is an unethical low standard of doing it.

    I have been an AP subscriber for months now. Although I am an affiliate marketer myself, I couldn’t care less about the MLM ‘opportunity’ simply because the money I invest is better placed in the platform itself than in marketing it! I continually return 2-3% return weekly with a compounded effect with just 20 minutes per week.

    I have nothing else that has provided me with such a steady easy income. (Disclaimer: this is my experience, and you WILL NOT return the same because in you have scam mindset)

    How about actually giving it a good go before writing bulshit reviews and ruining other’s chances of using a great tool?

  • Auvoria Prime RECEIVES NO investment capital to trade with or invest with on behalf of their customers. They receive 120$ a month for use of software that only the customers have control over to use at their disposal. Just like someone would do with Microsoft Word or Adobe.

    The CUSTOMER then chooses any broker THEY see fit to use and deposits THEIR investment capital into THEIR broker account. The customer and the customer alone are the only person who has access to their broker and investment capital. Thus, having zero chance of a “Ponzi or pyramid scam” I suggest you google the definition of one. A scam would require a customer to give their investment capital to the company to invest for them and pay them out commissions on it. That is clearly not the case as I just explained above.

    The customer then drags and drops the software onto THEIR trading platform to use as THEY please and adjust any risk settings they choose for them selves. The software is just an algorithm-coded, specific strategy with a high success rate that the customer controls to increase their success in Forex trading.

    The rules and regulations in the US state that a resident can not have an EA (Expert advisor/software) execute the actual trade. Thus, it sends a notification for the user to manually take the trade. The rest of the world is legally aloud to have the EA actually execute the trades for them. That user does not need to manually approve any trade. That is the differences between the two and how they are compliant in the US and the rest of the world. Each of the 5 software they offer have the two options to make them compliant in whichever country the customer is in.


    Get your facts straight before bashing a company that you clearly don’t know how it operates or works. The fact you try and sell your own “make 6 figure scam” is a huge red flag and no one should take anything you say seriously. You should take these lies down and focus on promoting and selling your own business with out trying to bring another company down. Learn some professionalism, your own company would benefit from it.

  • Wow…. can’t believe you call it a scam. And as far as pyramid sales go, anyone with half a brain would realize that every major corporation is in fact a pyramid scheme as well, or are you still blind to this too? Who makes the majority of the money in a company? The owner, the Ceo, and after that the salaries get lower and lower as you go down the chain of command. Isn’t it obvious? Can’t believe how many people are still oblivious to this simple Truth.
    Anyways, I don’t know about all of your claims and to be honest, I don’t really care so long as the software continues functioning, which by the way, is a better investment than anything else out there if you know how to do simple daily compound interest. Forex is a very difficult thing to learn and know about, this company makes it much simpler so that even a beginner can be successful. That’s my 2 cents on them anyways. I have 0 complaints and don’t mind paying a monthly subscription that’s about the cost of 1 days worth of profits per program on the average.

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