Have you come across the Bemer Group and are wondering if it's a scam or not?

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Below you'll find everything you need to know about this company including background information, price to join, compensation plan, product overview and more.

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Bemer Group Summary

Company: Bemer Group

Price to join: $290 + $144 per year + Bemer machine (thousands)

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: The Bemer Group has very unique products for a MLM but at the end of the day it has many similarities to other MLM's (which isn't a good thing).

The worst similarity this company has is their low success rate - most people that join this company will lose money instead of making money. Because of this I don't recommend that you join. 

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What Is Bemer Group?

The Bemer Group is a company that revolves around Bemer Therapy - Bemer stands for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation therapy. 

This method is designed to improve your vascular system through a process known as microcirculation. 

Bemer Group sells various Bemer products that cost in the thousands and they claim their products can help supply your body with more oxygen and nutrients as well as help with the disposal of metabolic waste. 

There seems to be a lot of controversy over how helpful and medically valuable these kind of products are.

Bemer claims there's many studies that show their effectiveness like this one and this one

Bemer also claims they have an exclusive deal with NASA but this seems to be very, very misleading. Apparently they filed for an agreement which pretty much any company can do.

Is Bemer Group A Pyramid Scheme?

This isn't a question you can really answer with a hard yes or hard no. 

To understand what I mean, take a look at the picture below: 

This is what part of the commission structure looks like at Bemer and it's the part that rewards recruiting.

Now, in an illegal pyramid scheme the only way you can make money is with recruitment and that's not the case here.

You can sell Bemer products directly to customers for a commission and without recruiting.

However, there's one more thing to note. In order to get access to the full compensation plan and to be able to make money from recruiting you have to buy a Bemer product (if you want to just sell directly to customers you don't have to buy a Bemer but you also can't recruit).

When the majority of a company's revenue comes from distributors that can also make it a pyramid scheme.

I have no clue what percentage of revenue does come from distributors but the fact they force newbies to buy their products is definitely a red flag. 

Success Will Be Rare Here

Bemer group is a MLM and the MLM business model is one of the more flawed ones out there.

The reason for this is recruiting is very difficult and the products offered by these companies are usually very expensive and more of a luxury item. 

These are issues you'll have if you decide to join Bemer. 

Their products cost thousands of dollars so who you can sell to is really restricted and you have to spend thousands to be able to get paid for recruiting (you have to buy a multiple thousand dollar product for this).

It's going to be a really, really uphill battle to make your money back let alone make anything significant.

There's a reason many studies show 99% of people LOSE money with MLM's. Look at the graph below if you want to see other eye opening MLM stats:

As you can see you'll want to stay away from MLM's. 

How Much To Join Bemer?

The price of joining Bemer depends on what you want to do when you sign up.

If you want access to the full compensation plan and to be able to recruit you have to:

  • Pay initial fee of $290
  • Pay annual fee of $144
  • Buy a Bemer

Keep in mind the cheapest product Bemer offers is over $4000! The main product they promote costs nearly $6000!

So if you want to recruit (which is the best way to make money with this company) you're going to have to pay thousands of dollars.

The second option is to pay the $290 fee and only get access to direct commissions without recruiting commissions.

If you make a qualifying sale you then become eligible for commissions. However, your first sale's commission goes to the person who recruited you. 

Bemer Compensation Plan

MLM compensation plans are always complicated and this one from Bemer is no exception. It's full of technical jargon that'll be hard to understand if you're not familiar with MLM's.

If you want to watch a full video presentation on the compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

I don't think it's important to know every single detail of the plan and instead I'm going to summarize the most important parts. 

Affiliate Ranks:

Inside of the compensation plan you'll notice there are 7 different affiliate ranks you can achieve. 

You can go from one rank to another by hitting certain goals and you get a bonus for going from one rank to another.

For instance you achieve the first two ranks when you sign up and you hit the third rank when you reach a certain amount of sales. As you move up the ladder you get higher commission rates and you earn more from your downline.

The picture below shows all the ranks and the bonuses you get for hitting certain ranks:

Direct Sales:

You can sell Bemer products and earn a commission that way. If you look at the picture in the last section you'll see you get a higher commission rate when you go up in rank.

In rank one you get 17%, in rank two you get 25%, in rank three you get 26.5% and this goes on until you reach the last rank and get a commission rate of 28%.

Considering Bemer products are $5,000+, a sale could bring in $1000+.

Residual Commissions:

This is the part of the commission structure that rewards your recruitment. The payout structure here is unilevel and looks like the following:

How much you earn and to what level you earn from depends on your affiliate rank.

For instance a level 3 affiliate earns 9.5% on level 1, 4.5% on level 2 and 1.5% on level 3 - a level 7 affiliate earns more on each level. 

Bemer Products

I'm not going to go into whether Bemer's products work or the science behind them. I'm not a scientists or a doctor so I don't really have an opinion on that.

I'm an expert on the business side of things and want to look at the products from that point of view. 

The first product is called the Bemer Pro Set and costs $5990 and comes with various products. 

The second product is called the Bemer Classic Set and costs $4290. This set comes with less products in the set. 

I think you're going to have a hard time selling these products because they're so expensive. 

Again, I don't if they work the way the company claims they do but I guarantee there's cheaper ways to achieve the same results. 

Convincing people to spend $5000+ on a product like this is going to be tough. 

What I Like About Bemer

There's not much I like here.

What I Don't Like About Bemer

There's much more not to like here than to like and the main things that I dislike are:

  • Low success rate: Most people fail with MLM's and there's nothing with Bemer that will change that.
  • Expensive products: Part of your job will be to sell Bemer products and they cost several thousands. This is a lot of money and you'll have a hard time making any sales. 
  • Pay to play: If you want to access the full compensation plan you have to buy a Bemer which costs $5000+. You should be rewarded by hitting certain goals not how much you pay. 

Is Bemer A Scam?

I don't know if Bemer is a scam - they have products and a compensation plan and it's up to you to do what the compensation plan rewards. 

However, this is certainly a bad business opportunity. 

MLM's in general have very low success rates and most people just end up losing their money. 

The majority of MLM's don't cost thousands to join like it does with Bemer, though. You won't be losing a couple hundred with this company - you'll be losing thousands!

I definitely think you should avoid this MLM.

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  • It’s really sad you are bashing a company that you never used their product, never sold their product, and it sounds to me like you didn’t interview any of the distributors. As a newer and already successful distributor for BEMER, I have met dozens of BEMER distributors, and talked to hundreds online. They are all happy, doing well, love their own BEMER and have had life changing results as well as making money. There are myriad Facebook groups for BEMER that show the positive results. Your post is just to generate fear and polarize so you can make money. You don’t need to falsely bash another company to do that.

    • Most people who join the company will lose money and making hundreds online isn’t good. You want to be making tens of thousands minimum online.

  • I totally agree with Colleen’s comments! You apparently have no idea what BEMER is actually about….

    It’s a shame that you are using an enormously popular product and company to get attention for your website.

  • BEMER is a direct sales company (not an MLM). The majority of people who purchase a BEMER, do so for their health and do not enroll to be trained as a distributor.

    BEMER is a one-time sale (much like purchasing a vehicle). There are no ongoing commissions. It is direct sales (with the option of building a sales team if desired).

    Your article has far too many other errors in it for me to try to correct…

    • I specifically note I’m reviewing this as a business opportunity. And direct sales is a MLM. Building a “sales team” is building a downline. This is 100% a MLM in every way.

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