Bills keep piling up, and it has become difficult for you to make ends lately. Chances are you're looking for an opportunity to earn more.

You've come across Bocannaco, and it seems like a good opportunity for you. You like health products like the ones Bocannaco offers, and you like money. So it should be easy, right?

But one thing that's bugging you is whether Bocannaco is another scam or it's a legit opportunity for you to earn more.

If you want to know whether this is a legit opportunity, then read this Bocannaca review.

Bocannaco Summary

Product: Bocannaco

Price to join: $99

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Bocannaco is a company that offers "terpene-rich" hemp oil products. Its products includes a topical gel, oral solution, energy drink, and face mask. The products are expensive and the product line is rather limited, but the quality is good.

Its marketing strategy is MLM, so it may be a good opportunity for people who want to earn money and love cannabis-derived products. But is it a scam? Read this Bocannaco review to learn more about this company.

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What Is Bocannaco?

Hemp. You probably know that this plant is used to make paper, ropes, sacks, textiles, and shoes. This versatile plant is also turned in fiberboards, insulation, and concrete blocks. Scientists have uncovered ways to turn it into biodiesel, and it is also used for weed control.

But over the years, hemp has become a highly prized plant not only because of its fiber, but because of the various chemical compounds it has.

For the uninitiated, the hemp plant is a member of the cannabis family. It contains cannabidiol, chemical compounds which include CBD and the controversial THC (the chemical compound that makes marijuana intoxicating). But don't worry, because hemp only contains trace amounts of THC so anything extracted from it is non-intoxicating.

Hemp oil is probably one of hemp's most important byproducts. It is rich in cannabidiols, especially CBD, a compound which has been proven to be beneficial in managing several diseases. One of the companies that offer hemp oil right now is Bocannaco.

Bocannaco offers several health products with the main ingredients derived from hemp or Cannabis sativa. The products offered by Bocannaco include two terpene-infused oral solutions, a topical gel, a face mask, and an energy drink.

You can buy Bocannaco's products online, but its multi-level marketing business model allows affiliates to register as a distributor and potentially make money by selling these products. All you need to do to become a distributor is to pay the registration fee and start selling. You can check out our discussion of Bocannaco's compensation plan below to learn how you can make money as a distributor.

Bocannaco markets itself as the perfect business. You don't need to deal with overhead or legal issues. You don't need to deal with licensing, farming/cultivating hemp, or collections.

You don't have to worry about inventory, deliveries, or employees (or the lack of it). According to Bocannaco, the experience is not essential to your success as a distributor. Plus, there's no limit to your growth.

According to Bocannaco, hemp oil is legal in all 50 states. That is technically correct, but CBD, the beneficial cannabidiol that is a primary component of hemp, is still in legal limbo. Bocannaro may have bypassed the confusing laws about cannabis-derived products by removing CBD on their website and replacing it with terpenes, but it's best to check your state laws before joining as a distributor. Better safe than sorry.

Bocannaco's story began in Dr. Robert Lawrence's lab. According to Bocannaco's marketing material, Dr. Lawrence holds degrees in chemistry, pharmacology, biomedical engineering, and more.

He is also a prolific inventor and has researched CBD extensively. But Bocannaco is incomplete without entrepreneurs and long-time network marketing leaders John Daniels, and Mark and Barbara Lammons.

Bocannaco is based in Torrance, California. It is one of the newest companies to enter the CBD/hemp oil scene.

Is Bocannaco a Pyramid Scheme?

I believe Bocannaco is not a pyramid scheme. It has a multi-level marketing business model, but that doesn't mean it is automatically a pyramid scheme.

First, pyramid schemes usually do not have products to offer, so affiliates are forced to recruit others to build their downline and profit from their registration fees.

Bocannaco, in contrast, offers several hemp oil products. You might argue that it only has a handful of products, but it's better than nothing at all and rely on recruiting others so you can get paid.

Another indication that a business opportunity is a pyramid scheme is the excessive emphasis on recruitment. Although it is important to recruit additional members in your downline to build your team, the focus is still on selling and helping them sell the products so you, too, can profit.

There are some areas where Bocannaco is problematic, but it is not a pyramid scheme at all.

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Other Things You Need to Know About Bocannaco

Bocannaco focuses on terpene-rich hemp oil instead of CBD

Unlike other hemp oil manufacturers who often extol on the wonders of CBD, Bocannaco has scrubbed all traces of the word cannabidiol or CBD in its website (it's different story altogether when it comes to its compensation plan). In the website, CBD was replaced with an emphasis on terpenes, flavonoids, and other chemical compounds that can be extracted from hemp. The big question is why was CBD was sidelined and replaced with terpenes and other compounds?

Nano emulsion delivery

Terpenes and other compounds are reduced to less than 100 nanometers to make them more bioavailable or easily absorbed by the body. Nanoemulsion ensures that the product is absorbed quickly by the body and is more effective.

How Much to Join Bocannaco?

The Bocannaco registration fee for distributors costs $99. If you're happy as a distributor and you want to continue selling the products, then you have to pay $99 every year.

So, what is included in this fee?

When you become a Bocannaco distributor, you'll receive a mirror Bocannaco website, training materials, and tools to promote your business.

Prospective distributors need a sponsor to become a Bocannaco reseller. If you don't have any friends or colleagues who can be your sponsor, then you can send Bocannaco itself to request a sponsor who lives near you. You can also Google one if you want.

What is Bocannaco's Compensation Plan?

Check out Bocannaco's compensation plan to know if this is the right opportunity for you.

Bocannaco's compensation plan is simple and straightforward. If you're new to MLM and you don't like complicated compensation plans, then this opportunity may be for you. Let's take a look at how prospective distributors can get paid.

There are only three ways you can earn with Bocannaco. These include the First Sale Bonuses, the Customer Residual income, and the Organization Residual income.

First Sale Bonuses

Get a First Sale Bonus every time one of the team members on your first level generates a sale. Two factors which affect the First Sale Bonuses you're going to receive include their personal sales and the numbers of people on the first level of your downline.

Residual Income

Earn commissions every week or every month with Bocannaco. This is based on your downline's total sales (up to the seventh level), as well as the sales you generate on your own.

But keep in mind that you must be an active distributor to be eligible for residual commissions. Plus, you must hit a minimum quota to qualify.

What Products Does Bocannaco Offer?

Despite its growing popularity, cannabis-based products are still largely on the fringes in the marketplace. Maybe that's why Bocannaco's product range is rather limited. Plus, Bocannaco is still one of the newest players in the CBD field. Take a look at Bocannaco's products to see if you'd be interested in becoming an affiliate.

Excalibur 1500mg Active Driven Terpenes

Consumers can get health benefits by taking the Excalibur 1500mg Active Driven Terpenes. The oral solution is stored in a small yet elegant pump bottle, and the liquid is delivered sublingually (under the tongue).

According to the manufacturer, this contains a broad spectrum formulation and is free from THC. It contains beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. It also has lipids, omegas, and waxes. The terpenes and other components are very small so they are more easily absorbed by the body.

One bottle costs $149. It was made available on the 12th of August, 2019.

1000mg Active Driven Terpenes

This is a smaller version of the product above. The sleek pump bottle contains 1000mg of active terpenes, plus other beneficial components, such as vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, lipids, waxes, and omegas. According to the manufacturer, this formulation does not contain intoxicating THC.

This oral solution is delivered sublingually and is easily absorbed by the body. Each pump bottle costs $99.

BocannaCaine Fast Acting Gel

Experience relief from pain caused by arthritis, tendinitis, and muscle soreness with the BocannaCaine Fast Acting Gel. This topical gel contains broad-spectrum formulation and does not contains THC. The compounds are shrunk to nano-sized particles so it can be easily absorbed by the body.

It contains a host of all-natural ingredients, including white willow bark extract, cats claw bark extract, and more. It also contains soothing aloe vera gel, aloe leaf juice, and trace amounts of salicylic acid. Each pump bottle of the BocannaCaine Fast Acting Gel costs $99.

Macy Mask

Rewind the clock and regain your youthful glow with the Macy Mask. This product was infused with what Bocannaco calls active-driven terpenes and other components that influence the endocannabinoid system to stimulate skin and hydrate it.

According to Bocannaco, the mask is made of natural cellulose fiber so it's eco-friendly and biodegradable. It is moisture absorbent and has a lightweight feel. It is also ideal for sensitive skin because it does not contain alcohol that is harsh on the skin.

The Macy Mask is great for both men and women. A single packet costs $149.95 and contains 12 masks that can last up to one month.


The Cannagize is a powdered drink infused with active-driven terpenes. It contains beneficial herbs and minerals but does not contain THC. It is divided into 8oz sticks, making it more convenient. Each box contains 30 sticks and costs $129.

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What I Like About Bocannaco

The quality of the products

As of the time of writing, Bocannaco only has five products available. The product line might expand later on, but who knows? Despite this relatively small product line, Bocannaco offers high-quality hemp oil products.

They contain nano emulsified oil droplets that make them more effective than regular hemp oil products. Plus, the help oil Bocannaco uses is pure, non-GMO, and extracted minus the use of heat or harmful chemicals.

Several ways to earn as a distributor

I mentioned before that Bocannaco has a multi-level business model. You can make money simply by selling Bocannaco products, but you can also earn by building a team and earning commissions and bonuses with every sale they make.

Products are lab-tested

According to Bocannaco, all products are lab tested to ensure that they are safe and effective. Two independent laboratories have been commissioned by Bocannaco to check the products' efficacy, as well as check if there are impurities or THC.

They are free from THC

All Bocannaco products are free from THC, so customers don't need to worry about failing drug test or becoming intoxicated.

What I Don't Like About Bocannaco

The products are expensive

Bocannaco products are expensive. When you check out its product page, you won't find any products that are below $90. The cheapest products are 1000mg Active Driven Terpenes and BocannaCaine Fast Acting Gel which are both priced at $99.

Other products, such as Excalibur 1500mg Active Driven Terpenes and the Macy Mask, cost $149.95. The CannaGize energy drink can be purchased at $129.

In my opinion, you're going to have a hard time selling these products, especially when there are cheaper options available.

Conflicting or missing information

Apart from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the primary compound found in hemp is CBD. Terpenes, the compound which is emphasized in the Bocannaco website, is also beneficial. But it usually plays second fiddle to CBD when it comes to importance. The compensation plan, however, still emphasizes CBD as Bocannaco's main beneficial ingredient.

So, what happened to CBD and why is it missing all of a sudden? Did Bocannaco receive a warning letter from the FDA or was it just uncomfortable using CBD as its main selling point?

There are a lot of competitors in the market

The popularity of CBD and legal marijuana has surged over the years that many people have joined the bandwagon and built their own dispensaries and CBD businesses. Bocannaco is one of the newest companies to enter this lucrative market, and it has already a lot of competition. Plus, these rivals offer cheaper hemp oil products, and that can make it difficult for prospective distributors to compete.

The multi-level marketing business model

Many people have found a lucrative career in MLM. The problem is MLM is not for everyone no matter what other people tell you.

Consider your experience in selling, as well as your personality, before you invest in an MLM venture. Too many people who have no experience in sales or are too shy to strike a conversation with other people are recruited in such ventures just because the sponsor wants to make money from their sales. They will soon find that they are ill-suited in this type of business. The result? A waste of time and money.

Is Bocannaco A Scam?

No, Bocannaco is not a scam. There's a chance that you can make money by selling these health products. But before you sign up, make sure to consider several factors that might affect your success, including your personality, your experience in sales, and the quality of Bocannaco's products.

Is Bocannaco a worthwhile investment? Yes, but only for the right person.

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