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You probably found Bonvera through a friend or a family who is already working as a Bonvera Entrepreneur. You're curious but you're also wary, so you opened your phone or computer and Googled the words "is Bonvera a scam?" right away.

Congratulations, because your caution and diligence will pay off.

Today, you're going to learn about the company called Bonvera, it's background, and its products.

You're going to learn about its compensation plan, the advantages of joining this company as a Bonvera Associate, and whether it is a scam or not.

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Bonvera Summary

Product: Bonvera

Price to join: $149.95 for the registration kit + $150 for your choice of sampler packs

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Bonvera is a company headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company offers consumers premium nutritional supplements, skin care products, special coffee, and more.

Its main marketing strategy is good old MLM. Although it is not a pyramid scheme, the success rate can be low. You'll probably end up investing more money rather than earning them by selling the company's products.

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What is Bonvera?

Bonvera is a health and wellness company headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company offers premium nutritional supplements, weight loss supplements, special coffee, skin care products, and more.

According to the website, the idea of the company was first conceived in 2004 but it was only founded in 2016. After a rocky start, the company was revamped and relaunched in May 2018.

Bonvera's current CEO is the former United States Air Force captain Robert Dickie III, who is also one of its co-founders and co-owners.

Dr. Jeff Davis, the man behind Bonvera's Phyzix MD product line, serves as the company's medical director.

Other members of the board include Tim Marks (who used to be one of the most prominent personalities in LIFE Leadership), Tymber Lee, Newton B. Collinson, IV, and William Florence.

Bonvera's marketing strategy is multi-level marketing (MLM), and individuals who sign up to become a Bonvera distributor are called Entrepreneurs or Associates. According to its website, more than 20,000 people are now enrolled as Bonvera Entrepreneurs.

So is Bonvera legit? Or are there any skeletons in its closet?

Yes, Bonvera is a legitimate MLM company that sells nutritional supplements. So far, however, its reputation has largely remained intact among consumers.

Is Bonvera a Pyramid Scheme?

The answer is no, Bonvera is not a pyramid scheme. As mentioned, Bonvera is a legitimate MLM company with different products Bonvera Entrepreneurs can sell.

But MLM, by nature, is deeply flawed and earning money using this business model can be tricky. There are only a few people worldwide that become rich thanks to MLM.

To understand why I don't recommend MLM in general and Bonvera in particular, take a look at the illustration below.

This diagram illustrates Bonvera's commission structure.

Yes, Bonvera has a lot of products you as a potential entrepreneur can sell. Bonvera Entrepreneurs can buy these products at wholesale prices. The products purchased can be used for personal consumption or entrepreneurs can earn money by reselling the products to other consumers at retail prices.

But apart from selling Bonvera products, Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to recruit and personally enroll a new Bonvera Associate. The company offers monetary incentives for every time Bonvera entrepreneurs whose personally enrolled team members make a sale.

Is this the easiest and surest way to make money? Unfortunately, no. You'll have to compete with hundreds of other MLM entrepreneurs out there (and God knows how many of you there are) who all have the same products and same marketing strategy.

You'll need to make sure that the products you're going to sell are not only unique but are also truly effective. If not, then you'll have to rely on recruiting potential associates and building your downline to earn a percentage of their profits.


Success is Rare at Bonvera

Success is rare at Bonvera (or any company that uses MLM as a marketing strategy, for that matter).

To know why this is so, let's talk about MLM, its advantages, disadvantages, and why you're setting yourself up for disappointment if you think that you're going to be rich with the help of MLM.

If you want to be an entrepreneur but don't want to risk your life savings when the business goes belly-up, then MLM is the way to go. The start-up cost is cheaper compared to building a business from scratch. You also already have ready-made products to sell.

You don't have to invest in infrastructure and staff, and the products are easier to market thanks to the internet. MLM companies also train their distributors so they can be more effective. 

Multi-level marketing, however, is not a very profitable business model many MLM companies would have you believe. The truth is, only a few people become wealthy because of MLM, and you'll need to work extra hard so you can make it.

Most of the time, you'll need to sell your products aggressively, and that can be hard if you're shy or you're not a particularly talented salesman. Brace yourself for rejection as it will happen more often than you can count.

In conclusion, don't leave your day job just yet to become a distributor of MLM products. When it comes to MLM, the road is hard and paved with rejection and competition.

How Much to Join Bonvera?

You can become a Bonvera Associate by paying $149.95 for a Registration Pack/Kit.

If you want to get started in selling Bonvera products immediately, you can purchase the Bonvera Sampler for $150. This includes several Bonvera products including a bottle of Kutano Memory & Focus, one box of Phyzix Vanilla Wafers, Phyzix Zero, and 12oz Thrive True North Ground Coffee.

Phyzix MD is one of Bonvera's most popular product line. If you want to focus on selling the products under it or you simply want to highlight its health benefits, you can get the Phyzix MD Pack for $150.

This kit includes a bottle of Phyzix MD MultiVitamin, a bottle of Phyzix MD Omega Max, a bottle of Phyzix MD Calm & Clear - Mixed Berry, and a bottle of Phyzix MD Immun-D.

Lastly, there's the Luebella Skin Care Pack. This kit, which costs $150, contains Luebella Anti-Aging Serum, Revitalizing Facial Cleanser, Night Cream, and Day Care.

What is Bonvera's Compensation Plan?

There are several ways you can earn income with Bonvera. Check them out below.

* Beginning Retail Commission

Bonvera Associates will earn the Beginning Retail Commission when they sell directly to retail customers or when customers buy the company's products directly from the Associate's website. The associate will receive a 20% commission for every private label product bought by the retail customer. This commission, along with other bonuses you might have earned, is credited monthly to you.

* Smart Shopper Program

Another way to earn commissions is Bonvera's Smart Shopper Program. Retail customers can register as Smart Shoppers by paying a one-time fee of $19.95. Bonvera private label products are available at 20% off for all Smart Shoppers.

But this is not the only way a customer can become a Smart Shopper. They have the option to become a Smart Shopper for free by registering through their preferred Bonvera Associate's website. Another way is by filling out a Smart Shopper registration form and ordering a Replenishment Order afterward.

Referring Bonvera Associates can earn commissions (as much as 20%) for every purchase a Smart Shopper makes.

* Enhanced Commissions

Bonvera Associates can earn Enhanced Commissions by hitting a certain Personal Bonus Volume (PBV) every month. For example, you'll earn a 5% commission if you have a total of PBV $100 to $199 for a certain month. The commission rate increases as the Associate's PBV also increases.

* Enroller Bonuses

Entrepreneurs can qualify for an E1 Enroller Relationship Bonus when they refer and personally enroll a new Bonvera associate. Your recruit or "E1," however, should become a long-term Bonvera Associate for you to qualify for the E1 Enroller Relationship Bonus.

* Unilevel Bonuses

Bonvera Associates can earn 5% of the Bonus Volume of every product sold by up to four Active Levels of Associates in their team or "downline." The Associate should be active at that specific period and should be in good standing with the company.

* Leadership Depth Bonus

Bonvera Associates are ranked as follows:

a) Associate
b) Apprentice
c) Builder
d) Senior Builder
e) Director
f) Senior Director
g) Professional
h) Senior Professional
i) Executive
j) Senior Executive
k) Ambassador
l) Presidential Ambassador

The company offers leadership depth bonuses as Bonvera Associates ascend the ranks (subject to conditions). Qualified Senior Builders can receive a 3% bonus, while Directors can receive a 6% bonus. Senior Directors can receive 8%, Professional leaders can receive a 10% bonus. Qualified Senior Professional leaders, on the other hand, can receive a 12% bonus.

* Personal Leader Generation Bonus

Associates who have reached higher ranks (Executive, Senior Executive, Ambassador, and Presidential Ambassador) may receive a 2% Personal Leader Generation Bonus on the Bonus Volume of their team members of their downline who are yet to reach the Executive rank.

* Executive Generation Bonus

Once a member of the Associate's downline reaches the Executive rank (or higher, the Associate will now qualify for a 3% BV Generation 1 Bonus.

* National Bonus Pool

Associates who have reached the rank of Senior Directors, Professionals, and Senior Professionals get a share of the 4% total monthly national bonus volume for that month. Bonvera's associates will receive the National Bonus Pool every pay period. Conditions apply, of course.

Bonvera Rewards

Bonvera rewards high-performing Entrepreneurs with a cruise to the Caribbean and Hawaii. They can also qualified for incentive trips, car program, and other income opportunities.

Note, however, that Bonvera is yet to release an income disclosure statement.


What Products Does Bonvera Offer?

Bonvera offers a surprisingly diverse array of premium health and wellness products for distributors and customers alike. Take a look at these products below to see if you'll be interested in selling or buying any of these.

* Nutritional Supplements

Bonvera offers several premium nutritional supplement product lines.

First is the Phyzix MD, a line of nutritional supplements specially developed by Bonvera's Medical Director Dr. Jeff Davis. This product line was created to boost metabolism, immune system, and overall health.

This particular product line includes PHYZIX MD Active (60 vegetarian capsules), Phyzix MD Daily Pro – Dutch Chocolate Vegan Protein Shake Mix, Phyzix MD Energy Stix – Natural Citrus, Phyzix MD Just For Kids Multi Vitamin, and Phyzix MD Omega Max to name a few.

Another product line Bonvera offers is the Phyzix Nutrition. There are two products under Phyzix Nutrition. The first product is Phyzix Zero Energy Drinks, a nutritious premium blend drink that is available in two different flavors. The first one comes in guarana seed extract, while the other is available in fruity green tea extract.

Then there's the Phyzix Protein Wafers for everyone with a sweet tooth but still want to ensure that they're snacking on something nutritious. Bonvera claims that these wafers are loaded with vitamins and are ideal as post-workout treats.

Moringa is one of the superfoods that is fast gaining in popularity in the West. Bonvera has developed, Kutana, its own premium nutritional supplement line with powdered moringa as its main ingredient. As a Bonvera Associate, you'll get a chance to promote the Kutano Memory and Focus capsules, Kutano Daily Nourishment, and Kutano Moringa Plus powder.

* Skin Care Products

Bonvera Associates can also offer Luebella skin care products. These are "all-natural, vegan skin care" products that help heal, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin.

This product line includes the Luebella Revitalizing Facial Cleanser, Night Cream, Day Cream, and Anti-Aging Serum. There is also a Luebella Skin Care System bundle for all those ladies who want to try everything.

* Weight Loss Products

The weight loss industry is worth billions. No wonder that Bonvera has jumped on its profitable bandwagon. Bonvera Associates can offer the PhyZix MD Weight Loss products to their retail customers who want to shed those extra pounds.

This product line includes the Phyzix MD Optimizer Plus, Phyzix MD Probiotic Max, and Phyzix MD Cleanse. The Phyzix MD Metabolizer PH Vegan Protein Shake Mix and Phyzix MD Ketoned are also available for Bonvera customers.

* Thrive Coffee

One thing that makes Bonvera's appealing to some potential entrepreneurs is its commitment to corporate social responsibility. It has partnered with coffee farmers in Latin America and imports Thrive Farmers Fair Trade Coffee. According to Bonvera's website, the company sends back a portion of its profits it earned from its coffee products to its partner farmers.

* Partner and Affiliate Products

Bonvera has partnered and became affiliated with other brands so the company's associates can also access the various products sold by these brands. The products are available at negotiated discounts.

Some of these brands include Quilbed, Zeva, BluePay, Marketplace Select, and Bass Pro Shops to name a few.

What I Like About Bonvera

* Wide selection of health and wellness products

The good thing about Bonvera is that if you decide to become an Associate, you won't run out of health and wellness products to promote anytime soon. From vegetarian capsules to protein shake mixes to skin care products, Bonvera has it all.

* Many ways to earn income

Whether you're a new associate or you've climbed the ranks to become a Presidential Ambassador, there are so many ways you can earn money with Bonvera.

There is what Bonvera calls the Marketing Phase (Beginning Retail Commission and Smart Shopper Program). Then there's the Building Phase for those in the middle ranks. Those high up in the ranks are eligible to earn the Leadership Phase bonuses.

* Good reputation

There are a lot of gaps in Bonvera's history between the year it was conceived and the year it was founded (plus, the period before Robert Dickie took over and its relaunch in 2018). But it seems that Bonvera's reputation is largely intact, and its standing with consumers and business associates is still good.

What I Don't Like About Bonvera

This is not a critique of Bonvera in general, but a critique of MLM in general. Here are some things I don't like about MLM companies like Bonvera.

* Complicated compensation plan

Yes, there are a lot of ways you can earn money with Bonvera. But if you'll take a look at its compensation plan, they're a bit confusing. If you're a newbie and numbers and figures are not your strong suit, you'll need an expert Bonvera associate to explain everything to you.

* The market is already saturated with health and wellness products and it can be hard to break into the market with Bonvera products

There are a lot of advantages to becoming a distributor for health and wellness products. You already have ready-made products to offer the consumers, and some of these are amazingly well-made and truly nutritious.

But take a look at the health and wellness industry right now. Do a quick Google search of nutritional supplements and it'll come up with millions of results. Additionally, there are hundreds of competing health and wellness companies right now.

The harsh reality is it can be hard to stand out and be successful in an already crowded market. You'll need to hustle long and hard just to earn a few hundred dollars.

And if you're going to work really hard just to earn a few measly dollars a month, then it's better to stick with your day job or find another way to increase your income.

* You'll be that person your family members and friends stay away from because of MLM's shady reputation or you just won't shut up about those supplements and how profitable MLM is for you

MLM has earned a bad rap among consumers thanks to pyramid-like schemes by other companies. Some MLM entrepreneurs also think that they're only being assertive when it comes to selling their products when in fact they are already too pushy, aggressive, and exasperating.

Don't be that person who gets disinvited by family and friends to dinners, reunions, and other events because you have an annoying tendency to turn that event into an opportunity to sell MLM products and babble about how great MLM is.


Is Bonvera a Scam?

No, Bonvera is not a scam.

It is a legitimate company which offers premium nutritional supplements. The health and wellness products the company offers are of high-quality. The packaging is attractive, while the website is beautiful and easy to navigate.

Bonvera's marketing strategy is MLM, so you'll need to recruit new associates or team members to build your downline and earn commissions from every sale they make.

So, although it is not a scam, it can be hard to earn money this way especially if you don't like aggressive sales talks or you don't like to recruit your friends and family.

The fault does not lie in Bonvera alone. The reality is that MLM as a marketing strategy has many flaws and disadvantages that it's not sustainable in the long run.

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