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Chances are you saw an ad Cash Finder System that's why you're here. Or you might have heard about it from one of your friends who encouraged you to join the training program and earn commissions using its techniques.

But you're not the type of person who joins anything without conducting due diligence, so you whipped out your phone and Googled some Cash Finder System reviews to learn whether it's a scam or not.

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Cash Finder System Summary

Product: Cash Finder System

Price to join: $79-$99

Rating: 10/100 

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Cash Finder System is a training program you can purchase online. But instead of the usual internet marketing and affiliate marketing program, Lee Gilmore's brainchild is focused on real estate. This course basically teached you how to look for potentially valuable real estate so you can earn commission for every successful sale.

But the real estate sector, though lucrative, has always been tricky to navigate, and Cash Finder System might not be the best training program for you. Learn more about this training program by reading this Cash Finder System review. 

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What Is Cash Finder System?

Cash Finder System is another money-making opportunity available online. It was created by an entrepreneur named Lee Gilmore, who claims that you can make money online by working at home. How? By working as a bird dog for the lucrative sector of real estate.

According to Mr. Gilmore, you can make money using the Cash Finder System with just your desktop or smartphone, plus an internet connection. He claims that you can earn thousands of dollars simply by applying what you've learned in the Cash Finder System.

So, how does the Cash Finder System work?

When you sign up as a Cash Finder System student, you agree to become one of its so-called home finders. The system will teach you how to look for real estate properties, as well as how to promote them to ensure that the right buyer finds it.

You'll be paid a finder's fee for every successful sale. According to the video presentation, the Cash Finder System only has three easy steps. The first step is to find a potentially lucrative property. Home finders shoulder then advertise it online. The third step is to start depositing checks.

According to Lee Gilmore, newbies are more than welcome here. You don't need to know anything about real estate or have any experience in the business to make it work. This product will teach you the ins and outs of a lucrative real estate business, so you can make money as soon as possible.

You'll receive 12 training modules when you purchase the Cash Finder System. But these are not videos at all. You're just going to watch slide presentations as Lee Gilmore provides a voiceover.

The first video contains an introduction to the Cash Finder System. You will learn about Cash Finder System's Crucial Concepts on the second video, and Wholesaling 101 on the third video.

Other topics include Surveying the Real Estate, How to Get Deals Coming to You, and Negotiating and Getting it Under Contract.

You'll learn about Due Diligence, Transaction Management, and Attracting Qualified Buyers. Lee Gilmore will also teach you How to Get Your Deals Sold, and he will talk about the subject of Assigning Closing and Getting Paid. The last video module is all about Mindset.

Who Created Cash Finder System?

A man named Lee Gilmore created Cash Finder System. Whether that's his real name or not, no one really knows as his identity cannot be verified just by doing a Google search.

He still has a channel on YouTube, but it doesn't provide us with any helpful information about his identity because it's almost empty. (You can find that YouTube channel here).

How Much to Join Cash Finder System?

According to Lee Gilmore, Cash Finder System is valued at $1,000. But as is expected with these types of opportunities, the creator slashes the price to make it more enticing to prospective buyers.

He's not going to charge you $800 or $500. He's not even going to charge you $300. You only need to pay $199 to receive access to the whole program.

But the price drops further. The Cash Finder System is available for $99 for a limited time only. There's a timer embedded on the page to warn you that time is running out, so you need to act fast and purchase the Cash Finder System.

But this is just a ruse designed to fool the gullible or the uninitiated. Just refresh the page, and the timer automatically resets. That's why there's no need for you to give in to impulse and buy this product immediately.

But wait! There's another way you can purchase Cash Finder System at a lower price. Simply go to the checkout page, and then try to close the tab. A pop-up will tell you that you can actually save $20. With this little trick, you can get the Cash Finder System for only $79.

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Other Things You Need to Know About Cash Finder System

According to Lee Gilmore, "home-finding" is so easy anyone can do it

On its website, the creator of Cash Finder System claims that you don't need to have experience with real estate or online marketing to pull this off. You don't need to acquire new skills, and you don't have to invest a lot of money too.

If you dread talking to other people, then this may be the opportunity for you, according to Lee Gilmore. You only copy and paste the system, and voila! You'll just have to wait until your first check arrives.

But is earning money really that easy? I don't think so.

The system, on its own, is legit

The idea of " home finders" is completely legit. In fact, there are people in the real estate industry that work as "bird dogs."

In hunting, these are working dogs trained to retrieve birds shot down by hunters. "Bird dogs" in real estate function like their canine counterparts. They look for properties that are underpriced or distressed that are potentially valuable to sell to other people.
Once the property is sold, the bird dog (or in this case, the home finder) will get a commission. The more properties you find and sell, the higher your earnings.

What I Like About Cash Finder System

Honestly, there's not a lot to like about the Cash Finder System. We'll discuss why Cash Finder System is not a great idea in the following section.

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What I Don't Like About Cash Finder System

Working as a home finder is not that easy

Cash Finder System's training program is pretty good, but the job of a home finder is not easy and it's not for everyone. Real estate is indeed a lucrative sector, but it is also hyper-competitive. You need years of training and experience, as well as possess a set of skills, to be the best in the field.

While Cash Finder System's program is pretty good, it is not a substitute for proper training and years of working with and shadowing leading realtors or bird dogs. Mr. Gilmore is misleading you by saying that all you need to do is copy and paste the system, and wait until your check arrives.

Cash Finder System is expensive

According to Lee Gilmore, the Cash Finder System is valued at a thousand dollars. But to make it more "affordable," he has slashed the price down to $99. You can even get $20 if you'll follow the little trick I mentioned above.

In my opinion, $99 is still too expensive for this kind of training program. No one knows if it's effective or not, so you'd probably waste your time and money when you join it.

It is a get-rich-quick scheme

That's right. Lee Gilmore's Cash Finder System is nothing but a get-rich-quick scheme dressed up with some real estate buzzwords. The video doesn't offer anything substantial, and it promises that you will make a lot of money even though you don't have experience or proper training or skills that are essential in this type of business.

Is Cash Finder System A Scam?

Cash Finder System is just another get-rich-quick scheme. Although working as a home finder is a lucrative job, you don't become one overnight simply by watching some video presentation. It takes years of experience and some special skills to work successfully in real estate. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this program.  

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