Today, we're going to talk about another paid survey and GPT website, and it's called Cinchbucks.

We'll talk about what Cinchbucks is all about, what it offers, and how it is different from other paid survey websites on the market.

Best of all, we're going to talk about how you can make money by joining this website and whether it is a scam or not.

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Cinchbucks Summary

Product: Cinchbucks

Price to join: Free

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Cinchbucks is another market research website. You can become a Cinchbucks member so you can earn a little extra cash while you're waiting for the doctor, riding the train, or in between running errands. It pays in gift cards, cash (via PayPal and Payza), and Bitcoin.

But is Cinchbucks another scam GPT website or not? You can learn more about this website by checking out our Cinchbucks review. 

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What Is Cinchbucks and How Does it Work?

Cinchbucks is another paid survey and get-paid-to (GPT) website you can join to earn some extra bucks. This is a market research website you can earn cash or gift cards in exchange for answering surveys, watch videos, and shop. Two of the retailers where you can redeem your Cinchbucks gift certificates are Amazon and Walmart. You can also redeem cash rewards via Payza and PayPal.

Cinchbucks is a subsidiary of Cinch Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and is based in India. Some of its clients include PR, advertising, and media companies. Some of the world's leading consumer brands also commission Cinchbucks to make surveys for them.

One of the most common ways participants can earn some money via Cinchbucks is by answering surveys. Participants can answer these 2 to 15-minute surveys online. There will be instances when members will need to participate in offline interviews and focus groups.

Cinchbucks members will be notified via email if they qualify for a survey. Cinchbucks also offer Peanut Labs surveys and offers, as well as Your Surveys, and Visa Trialpay. Keep in mind that you need to complete your profile first before you can participate in any survey. Cinchbucks will use the details in your profile (such as your age, gender, occupation, number of children living in your household, etc.) to match you with the right advertiser.

Members will be rewarded with points after they complete the survey. Once they have accumulated a set number of points, they can now redeem their rewards. As mentioned, Cinchbucks members have the option to redeem gift cards or cash via PayPal or Payza. Keep in mind that there might be some delays as the advertiser needs to confirm and validate the results.

Other Ways to Earn Points and Other Rewards with Cinchbucks

Watch some videos on the website

Earn some CB points for watching videos on the Cinchbucks website. The maximum CB point for watching a single video is 0.7.

Use coupons to save on your next purchase

You can also save from your purchases with the help of coupons available on Cinchbucks. You can download these coupons, and get discounts every time you purchase at a store near you.

How Much to Join Cinchbucks?

Good news! It's free to join Cinchbucks.

Other Things You Need to Know About Cinchbucks

Complete your profile to qualify for surveys and automatically earn points

You can't start a survey or any Cinchbucks task if you don't complete your profile. It needs your age, gender, and occupation. Other essential details include the number of children in your household, whether you own the house you're living in or you're renting, and whether you own a car or not.

Cinchbucks have different advertisers

Advertisers in Cinchbucks Offerwall include Peanut Labs, Personaly [sic], Offertoro, Adscend Videos, Adscend Offers, and SaySo Rewards. Advertisers in the Survey section, on the other hand, includes Your-Surveys, Cint, Pure Spectrum, and SSI.

Refer your friends to earn additional cash or gift cards

Cinchbucks has a referral/affiliate program which allows you to earn additional cash every time you refer your friends to the program. Simply click on the Refer and Earn tab, and post your referral link to your social media pages or forums to spread the word. You can also text or email the referral link to your friends. Just keep in mind to refrain from spamming so you won't be banned.

You can also invite any family member that lives in your household. Just make sure they have their accounts. You can earn 10% of your friends or family members' total earnings.

It has a browser extension

Cinchaddon is available for Chrome and Mozilla. The Chrome add-on is called SwagAddon, and you can easily get it from the Chrome Web Store. The addon for Mozilla is called CinchAddon, and you can get it from the Mozilla Web Store.

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How Do You Get Paid with Cinchbucks?

Once you have accumulated a certain number of points, you can redeem these for electronic gift cards or Bitcoin.

You will also need to use an electronic gift card if you want to redeem your points by cash. For those who want cash, you can redeem your points for PayPal money, Visa Prepaid Gift Card, EUR Prepaid MasterCard Gift Card, and GBP Prepaid MasterCard Gift Card. Other gift cards include the $10 Walmart Present Card, $10 eBay Gift Card USD, and $10 iTunes Present Card. Other gift cards available are from Starbucks and Target.

100 CB points are equal to $1. You need to have 1000 CBs to be eligible to redeem a $10 gift card or a cash voucher. The electronic gift cards you will redeem will be sent to the email which you have used to register on Cinchbucks. It will take 24 to 48 hours before you receive the gift card in your email.

You can also cash out your Cinchbucks earnings in Bitcoin. All you need to do is register your Bitcoin wallet and you're good to go. As usual, you also need 1000 CB before you can cash out your earnings.

Keep in mind that some companies charge a $1 fee to process your gift card. Make sure to choose the company that doesn't charge this fee. This $1 fee, however, doesn't apply to all companies.

What I Like About Cinchbucks

Available internationally

Good news for people living outside Canada and the US! Unlike the majority of GPT websites, Cinchbucks is available worldwide. Now you can get a chance to earn a little extra cash through PayPal, Payza, or even Bitcoin. You can also get your cash through Visa cards and Mastercard.

But keep in mind that the majority of gift cards are still geared towards US and Canadian users (Target, Walmart, eBay, etc.).

Many ways to earn cash

Answering surveys is not the only way you can earn some points with Cinchbucks. You can also watch videos, as well as participate in the Cinchbuck's affiliate program to earn some extra cash.

Cash, gift card, and Bitcoin options

A lot of GPT websites still pay members with checks. The great thing about Cinchbucks is that you can receive your reward in different ways. You can redeem cash via PayPal, Payza, or Visa/Mastercard. If you'd rather shop in Amazon or Target or eBay, then you can receive a gift card you can use at those stores. If Bitcoin is your thing, then go ahead and choose this option.

One of the highly-rated GPT websites

Cinchbucks is one of the highly-rated market research/GPT websites today. Check out the glowing reviews here.

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What I Don't Like About Cinchbucks

You'll be automatically logged out of the dashboard after several minutes of inactivity

Cinchbucks will automatically log you off the system after several minutes of inactivity. That can be annoying, so make sure that you're always active when using the website.

Redemption of rewards can be slow

One of the chief complaints about Cinchbucks is the slowness of the redemption process. Cinchbucks has explicitly stated that processing the reward can take as much as 24 to 48 hours, but there are instances when the process takes longer than that.

Non-responsive customer service

This is not unique to Cinchbucks. Customer service that is slow to respond seems to be endemic among paid survey and GPT sites, so I guess you just have to put up with it.

Is Cinchbucks A Scam?

No, Cinchbucks is not a scam. It is a legitimate market research and get-paid-to website where members can answer surveys, play games, and shop to earn cash and other rewards. The company is based in India and is a subsidiary of Cinch Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Cinchbucks is available not just for US and Canadian residents. It is also available for respondents worldwide. This is what sets it apart from other paid survey and GPT websites.

Members can redeem their rewards via gift cards or Bitcoin. They also have the option to redeem cash via PayPal, Payza, and Mastercard/Visa card. Users can say goodbye to paper checks that seem to be a popular form of payment among GPT websites.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, then Cinchbucks may be a great way to earn some extra cash. But keep in mind that the reward you're going to receive is not that substantial, and you can't rely on it whenever you need to pay your bills. Your membership in a GPT website is not a substitute for a stable job.

The verdict? Cinchbucks is not a scam, so go ahead and sign up. Just keep in mind that the reward is low, so you can't rely on it.

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