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There seems to be a thousand and one ways to earn money online. Is ad flipping one of them?

Welcome to another unbiased review from the The Affiliate Doctor, and today we're going to discuss a money-making online opportunity called Clicks Dealer.

This website is a platform for ad flipping, a system in which ad buyers can potentially make money from.

But is it true that you can make money from ad flipping with Clicks Dealer or is this just another scam?

You'll discover the answer in this Clicks Dealer review. 

Clicks Dealer Summary

Product: Clicks Dealer

Price to join: $250

Rating: 10/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Clicks Dealer is a platform where people can purchase ads, place them in third-party websites, and earn commissions whenever someone clicks the ad and buys the product or service. The identity of the people who own Clicks Dealer is unknown, and it has a history of scamming people. Learn more about this scheme by reading this review.

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What Is Clicks Dealer?

Clicks Dealer is another money-making opportunity online that's more popularly known as "ad flipping." Its creators claim that you make money simply by investing in online advertisement.

It's like the stock exchange, except for online ads. You invest in high-converting ads via Clicks Dealer, then these ads are displayed on third-party websites.
You profit when people click on the ads you've invested in and make a purchase. Just like the stock market, you can sell the ads back to the platform. That's it. So simple, right? Not quite.

There's not a lot of information you can get from the website about what this opportunity is all about. The creators of the website deliberately made Clicks Dealer more mysterious than it really is so you will be forced to speak to an "account manager."

This account manager will only try to persuade you to purchase some ads offered by Clicks Dealer. So, what will you get when you invest in Clicks Dealer ads?

Be warned that there's a lot of obfuscation involved in this process that if you're a discerning individual, you're going to stop talking to the "account manager" and leave the website immediately.

The first step is to activate your Clicks Dealer account. You'll see this in your Clicks Dealer member's dashboard. Apart from the "Activate" page, you will also find several important Clicks Dealer tabs here. These include the Marketplace, Buy Banners, Profile, and My Account. You will also find your transactions, history, and portfolio here.

Before you can buy an ad, you need to activate your account first. You can choose your desired Clicks Dealer package here also. These packages include the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond package. Basic features include a set number of matching bonus, platform walkthrough, digital online ebook, and money market reviews. Other packages have more advanced features.

The catch is these packages don't have a price published on the website, so you can't make informed decisions firsthand. But as mentioned before, you must pay $250 so the system would activate your account.

Who Created Clicks Dealer?

So, who runs Clicks Dealer? No one knows except the person (or persons) behind it. You can't find their names on the website itself or anywhere else.

The only helpful information you're going to find on the website is a toll-free contact number, an email address, and a physical address itself. By the way, Clicks Dealer is a part of a company called Clicks Revenue Ltd.

Its listed office is at NWMS Center at Southampton Row in London. It was incorporated on January 2018.

The people who owned Clicks Revenue were Konstantinos Vakanas and Stuart Ralph Poppleton. Vakanas, a Cypriot, served as its director. Vakanas also owned a company called Vakatec Services Limited, but it was also dissolved.

Stuart Ralph Poppleton served as Clicks Revenue's director. He was appointed in January 2018 but has since resigned. He is related as a director to a host of other companies.

Update: Clicks Revenue has been dissolved in July 2019.

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How Much Does it Cost to Join Clicks Dealer?

The minimum deposit is $250. Ad buyers must pay this fee to activate their accounts and get the Bronze package.

After depositing the $250 fee, you can now begin buying ad banners in the Click Dealers marketplace. There is a wide selection of ads available for you. Some of the ad categories include automotive, fashion, kids, electronics, beauty, and cryptocurrencies. The price of each ad banner can be as cheap as $25 and as pricey as $1,000.

You can buy the ad you want or bid in the marketplace. So what's the difference between buying an ad and bidding.

If you want to bid on an ad, just click or tap the bid button. But keep in mind that since this is an auction, you might lose to another bidder in the marketplace.

If you want to buy an ad, keep in mind that you only have seven seconds to cancel.

How to Make Money with Clicks Dealer?

The most important question is how will you make money with Clicks Dealer?

By buying and selling ads, of course. Each time a website visitor clicks the ad and purchase the product or service, then you'll earn a commission.

Selling ads is another way to earn money, according to Clicks Dealer. Sell high-value ads back to the Clicks Dealer Marketplace, and hope that someone will buy it to make a profit.

Another way to make money with Clicks Dealer is through its referral program. Share Clicks Dealer in your social media pages, blog, or website to earn commissions.

According to Clicks Dealer, you can earn as much as $1,000 commission for every referral. Your friends will also get 25% bonus on the first ad they purchase.

What I Like About Clicks Dealer

The good news is Clicks Dealer has disappeared. No one knows when or why it disappeared, but Click Revenue (its parent company) was dissolved in the middle of 2019.

Before its disappearance, it suffered a barrage of complaints about non-payment of commissions and other such issues. These issues might have contributed to its demise.

In my opinion, it's a good thing that Clicks Dealer has disappeared. But watch out for similar ad flipping schemes that might sprout later on.

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What I Don't Like About Clicks Dealer

The website does not adequately explain what Clicks Dealer offers

The website Clicks Dealer website does not adequately explain what it all about and what it offers. Prospective investors will need to talk to an account manager who will (presumably) explain what Clicks Dealer offers and how buyers can make money off of it.

It is not even upfront about who owns it or how much it costs. Again, you need to talk to a customer service rep to know how much you need to shell out so you can invest.

Why the need for secrecy? Is there something the persons behind Clicks Dealer trying to hide? Or is the mystery just a ploy to fool naive or less discerning individuals?

Ad flipping does not work

Many investors make money by "flipping" stocks. This is more commonly known as short-term trading. In short-term trading, investors buy shares but hold on to them for a short period before selling them again for profit.

In ad flipping, an "investor" buys ads and sells them for profit, too. But ad flipping is not a surefire way to earn money because no one knows if these ads are valuable or not. There's also no way any Clicks Dealer customer would know if someone clicked the ad, as well as the commission they're going to make.

The use of fictitious identities

The use of fake testimonials and fictitious identities is common in scams like these. Sites like Clicks Dealer often have a video on the website. In these videos, it's common to see people who purportedly made money hyping up these money-making opportunities.

The problem with these videos is that the majority of these people giving testimonials were hired from Fiverr and other such websites. In my opinion, it's not wise to trust people who use fictitious identities with your hard-earned money.

It's a scam

Clicks Dealer is similar to websites such as Banner Bit, Free Ad Cash System, Gemini Software System, and more. These websites and opportunities have been unmasked as scams before.

Clicks Dealer is no different. Many former investors have been duped by the people behind it. Some could not even get their money back even after they have waited for months. So, save yourself from this problematic website and its future iterations at all cost.

Is Clicks Dealer a Scam?

It is safe to say that Clicks Dealer is a scam because ad flipping is not a thing. Investing in ads so you can profit doesn't make sense. Someone will indeed get a commission for every time a customer clicks on an ad and purchases a product or service. But that someone is the owner of the third-party website where the ad is placed, and not you, the so-called "ad investor."

The anonymity of its owners and the use of fictitious identities do not bode well for people who want to purchase ads via Clicks Dealer. The anonymity only means that they don't want to be held accountable in case something happens to your money.

So, is Clicks Dealer a scam? Definitely, and you should stay away from it.

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