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Maybe you have some extra cash, and you want to invest it in digital currencies to make it grow. You've seen some of your friends rave about Cloud Token, but you suspect that this might be another crypto scam.

Congratulations on exercising due diligence. In this Cloud Token review, we're going to discuss what this company is about, what it offers, and how you can earn commissions as an affiliate.

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Cloud Token Summary

Product: Cloud Token

Price to join: $500

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: The people behind Cloud Token markets it as a social wealth wallet and digital currency platform. Its business model is MLM, and you need to invest $500 if you want to earn commissions. Cloud Token is registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, but it is based in Asia. The majority of its affiliates are located in the US and India.

But there are many inconsistencies in Cloud Token's story that might be problematic in the long run. Its business model is MLM, but it borders on pyramid scheme as its compensation plan relies too much on recruiting other people. Want to know more about Cloud Token? Then check out our review below.

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What is Cloud Token?

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Litecoin. These are perhaps some of the most popular buzzwords in the financial and digital world right now. A lot of people around the world have made fortunes after investing in cryptocurrencies. No wonder many want to jump on the bandwagon and make their fortunes with any of these digital currencies.

One of the newest entrants to the world of digital currency is Cloud Token. Cloud Token, according to its website, is the first-of-its-kind "social wealth wallet" and platform where all cryptographic assets are integrated.

It is powered by 4.0 blockchain platform technology. This type of technology has the power to implement cross-chain encryption exchange and payment. Cloud Token wants to be the blockchain industry's standard token.

Some of Cloud Token's features include

* Blockchain 3.0 technology. Cloud Token is a digital asset wallet and trading platform. Its Cloud Token 4.0 Smart Mobile Wallet also supports other cryptocurrencies such as Etherium, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more.

* Cloud Token JARVIS. This is Cloud Token's smart trading system that ensures that your "wallet" is secure. The assets in the Cloud Token Jarvis trading system are managed by a hedge fund investment bank.

* Atomic Swap. Easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies with Cloud Token within the platform.

* E-commerce. Cloud Token allows you to buy items such as apparel, books, software, toys, and others using the digital currency.

Cloud Token is registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). You can check the information here.

Its management has also asserted that it has offices worldwide, but we don't see any list of offices on its website. In fact, Cloud Token does not list a physical address of its headquarters on the website. According to its data on the ASIC website, its address is located in Launceston, Tasmania.

How Will You Make Money with Cloud Token?

Simply subscribe to Jarvis AI and deposit a minimum of $1 to receive CTO Tokens daily. You can earn more by becoming an affiliate and recommending Cloud Token to others.

But before we get to Cloud Token's compensation plan, keep in mind that you will only earn commissions when the members you have recruited deposits at least $500 in digital currency. You are not eligible to receive any commissions if your recruits deposit any amount fewer than $500.

Cloud Token has a unilevel compensation plan. Any person recruited by your level 1 affiliate will automatically become your level 2 affiliate. This process goes on and on. You are eligible to earn daily rewards up to 21 levels deep.

When you recruit one member, you will automatically unlock 1 level of affiliate commissions. Introduce two members to unlock 2 levels of affiliate commissions. Check out the data below to learn more about this process.

Earnings from Sharing

This commission is based on the daily earnings of your team members. The amount you will earn will depend on your rank, as well as the rank of your members in the unilevel structure.

You can earn up to 100% bonus on all level 1 team members and 50% on all level 2 team members. But this bonus tapers down to 5% on all level 3 to 21 team members.

Leadership Ranks

All Cloud Token affiliates begin at the C0 rank, but they can advance up to C5 leadership rank if they qualify.

Achieve a team volume of $200,000 to become a C1 rank. You can earn a matching bonus of 5% across all levels.

Become a C2 member when 3 team members in 3 legs are elevated to C1.

Become a C3 member when 3 team members in 3 legs are elevated to C2.

Become a C4 member when 3 team members in 3 legs are elevated to C3.

Become a C5 member when 3 team members in 3 legs are elevated to C4.

Check this out for a more a comprehensive look at Cloud Token's compensation plan.

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Who are the Persons Behind Cloud Token?

So, who are the persons behind Cloud Token?

Ronald Aai

According to his bio, Mr. Aai is Cloud Token's official blockchain platform architect. He is described as a serial entrepreneur who has created several successful internet businesses. His expertise is in developing solutions for mobile wallets, blockchain technology, telco systems, and more.

Simon Tran

Simon Tran is a self-described 'blockchain investor and influencer." He has 5 years' worth of experience with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Matthew Suen

He is serving as Cloud Token's tech program director. But we can't glean much about Mr. Suen as his bio is vague about what he does. All it says is that Mr. Suen is a "Swiss-educated entrepreneur" who has worked in six countries. He is also heavily involved in the blockchain sector.

How to Join Cloud Token?

To register for the Cloud Token Wallet, simply download the app on the App Store or Google Play. Once the app is downloaded and installed, you can now create an account. Enter the referral code provided on this website, and choose your 8-digit login PIN. You can also talk to the customer service officer and ask a referral code.

You will then be asked to create a 6-digit payment PIN, as well as backup a personal 12 mnemonic phrases. You will then be asked to choose the 12 mnemonic phrases in order.

How Much To Join Cloud Token?

Joining Cloud Token as an affiliate is free.

But if you want to earn commissions, you need to shell out a minimum of $500 in crypto.

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What I Like About Cloud Token

You can earn commissions with Cloud Token

It's possible to earn commissions as a Cloud Token affiliate, especially if you're successful in convincing people to join your team. But when it comes to investments such as Cloud Token, it's only a matter of time before it runs out of people who will invest. The lack of future investors will lead to its inevitable collapse.

What I Don't Like About Cloud Token

No physical address

According to its ASIC data, Cloud Token's registered address is in Launceston, Tasmania. But the problem is the data doesn't offer a street address, so no one knows if this is Cloud Token's real address or it was just made up so they can register with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Another problem is inconsistency. Ronald Aai, one of the leading Cloud Token personalities, is said to be headquartered in Singapore, but he and his team were recently forced to relocate Cloud Token's operation in Malaysia after a falling out with World Blockchain Forum.

It is not registered with other countries' Securities and Exchange Commission

Any business entity that offers financial services is required to register with government agencies tasked to regulate securities and other financial activities. While it's true that Cloud Token is registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, it is not registered in the United States and India (where the majority of interested affiliates are located) or in Malaysia (where its office is supposedly located).

The problem with this setup is if you're not located in Australia, Cloud Token is technically operating illegally in your area. Once the regulators clamp down on the company, it could spell disaster for affiliates who have invested money and redress would be impossible.

Check out this exchange in Aai's Facebook page to better understand the issue.

Initial investment fee is very expensive

The minimum initial investment for affiliates who want to qualify to earn commissions is $500. That is just so expensive for an ordinary individual. But maybe the prohibitive cost is a boon for many as this would dissuade them from investing in this scheme.

Inconsistencies about who manages this company

When you look at its website, you'll discover that the people behind Cloud Token are Aai, Suen, and Tran. But when you check this whitepaper, you'll see that the management team are made up of Caucasians, such as Daniel Csokas, Fasial King, Enrique Santos, and Leonard Nevin.

Other personalities listed in the whitepaper include Beau Dos Zarracina, Bryan Feinberg, Carolyn Reckhow, Julian Zawistowski, and James Radecki. 

But apart from Csokas, no one else in this list seems to be directly connected with Cloud Token. It doesn't make sense unless Aai and company decided to make up some stories and swipe photos from the internet to make the document more credible.

Is Cloud Token a Scam?

Unfortunately, yes, Cloud Token is a scam. One of the best indicators that this is a scam is the fact that it is not registered with the regulating agencies of governments of countries where it operates. It has an MLM/affiliate program where people invest money, so this registering with the countries' financial activities regulating agencies is essential. The lack of accountability will become problematic later on for affiliates especially when the company gets into trouble and runs with their money.

Some of the stories about Cloud Token also doesn't add up. The company is registered with the ASIC in Australia, but its office is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The persons listed in its whitepaper also do not seem to exist or are unaware that their names, photos, and other details were used in the document.

So, is Cloud Token a great investment? Sadly, no.

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