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Club Cash Fund Summary

Company: Club Cash Fund

Price to join: $100 to sign up

Rating: 0/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Club Cash Fund is a cash gifting scheme and is a MLM. This company is likely an illegal pyramid scheme and will eventually collapse/be flagged by FTC. 

I definitely don't recommend you waste your time with this company because there's basically zero chance to make money and I don't see Club Cash Fund lasting too long.

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What Is Club Cash Fund?

1) What is Club Cash Fund? Club Cash Fund is a MLM company that involves gifting out money in hopes of getting money from new people joining. You spend $100 to sign up and then get rotated around with other affiliates and earn money when new people spend $100. 

2) How do you make money? Since this is a MLM you make money by recruiting people into the system. Your goal here will be to get as many people as possible to sign up and spend $100.

3) Is this legal? I don't think it is. This kind of scheme relies on recruiting and there's no real product here - this is pyramid scheme 101 and I'll expand on this further down. When a system requires most people to lose money so you can make money, that usually is illegal. This scheme will more than likely collapse like all pyramid schemes before it gets flagged by the FTC. 

4) Who owns this company? The creator of this course is Chad Stalvey and has a pretty checkered past. He's been involved in other near or outright pyramid schemes like GiveOpp and Numis Network, Infinite Leverage System, Traffic Authority, and Finish Line Network

What Is Club Cash Fund?

I think it is and I'm not one to throw out the pyramid scheme label that often.

Look at the picture below to understand what I mean:

Part of every MLM commission structure looks like the picture up top (the part that rewards recruitment).

Most well known MLM's aren't illegal pyramid schemes because they offer a real products and you can usually make money without recruitment (by just selling the product directly to customers).

The problem with Club Cash Fund is there isn't any real products so the only way to make money is through recruitment. These type of schemes usually are deemed as a pyramid scheme by the FTC.

So I wouldn't be surprised if this one does eventually too. 

Success Is Rare With Club Cash Fund?

MLM's have a terrible success rate and between 73% to 99% LOSE MONEY instead of make money. 

These are companies that have well known products too and you have something to offer. 

You don't even have a product to offer with Club Cash Fund so the odds for success are even lower.

Really the only way to make any significant money is to have a massive email list and a marketing infrastructure in place. If you think you're just going to mail out some letters and get money back, you're living in a fantasy. 

Here's some more MLM stats that should scare you away from them for good:

As you can see the MLM model is a bad one and Club Cash Fund is going to be worse than average. 

How Much To Join Club Cash Fund?

Club Cash Fund is $100 to join. 

Club Cash Fund Compensation Plan

MLM's usually come with very complicated compensation plans but Club Cash Funds compensation plan is very simple (this is because there's no products or anything like that).

Basically when you sign someone up the $100 they spend to join gets broken up between you and your sponsor.

If your sponsor has a sponsor they get a cut too and goes on and on until everyone gets a piece.

Club Cash Fund gets $20 for every $100 spent too and that's how the company makes money.

If you want to watch a video presentation of this compensation plan, click the button below:

Club Cash Fund Products

There's no real products here and this is one of the main reasons I believe Club Cash Fund is a pyramid scheme. 

What I Like About Club Cash Fund 

There's nothing to like here. 

What I Don't Like About Club Cash Fund 

There's way more not to like here than like and the main things I dislike are:

  • Virtually no way to succeed: This scheme is one that's been used a million times before and everytime it is used, more people lose money than make money. The only way to make money is if you already have a large Facebook group or email list in place. But don't expect people to just give you money and get nothing in return.
  • No real products: Anytime you're in a money making scheme and there's no real product to sell this is a major red flag. This is pyramid scheme 101 and could potentially be illegal.
  • Owner has a bad past: Stalvey has overseen and promoted many sketchy businesses in the past. All businesses Stalvey has been involved with have gone out of business. 
  • Everything is based on recruitment: If all the money in this scheme is based on new recruits paying $100, what happens when people stop getting recruited? The money to pay everyone dries up. When this happens the scheme collapses and most people lose money. 

Is Club Cash Fund A Scam?


Everything here screams pyramid scheme and this means your chances of success are really, really low. 

Eventually the scheme will collapse and only a few people will have made money and the rest lose money - it's the only outcome that will happen. 

The last pyramid scheme I predicted to collapse collapsed within a month of the prediction


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