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It's review time once again, and today we're going to talk about a program called Copy My Email System.

We'll talk about how it works, how you can earn extra cash from it, and the pros and cons of using the CMES program.

But the most important thing we're going to talk about is whether CMES is a scam or not.

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Copy My Email System Summary

Product: Copy My Email System

Price to join: Free to join; trial pack costs $30

Rating: 20/100 

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Copy My Email System is a done-for-you program that allows you to earn money by sending emails. Because CMES is just a system or a program, it doesn't actually pay you at all. It is affiliated with websites, such as Click Aggregator and Clickbank, which pay you to take part in their email marketing and referral programs.

But is Copy My Email System a Scam? That's what you're going to find out below.

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What Is Copy My Email System?

Copy My Email System (CMES) is a done-for-you program where you can earn money by simply sending out emails every day. But you won't be using your own email address for this task. You'll need to use CMES' email list and use the system itself to send those emails.

You'll get paid each time a recipient clicks on the link you attached on the email. According to Copy My Email System, it doesn't matter if the prospect followed through and purchased the product. You will still get paid each time someone clicks the link.

Plus, you don't have to build a list of subscribers as CMES already have an existing one.

So why does Copy My Email System need people like you?

Because according to its administrator, CMES is very good at what it is doing, so its email list has become too big for it to manage. It has grown so much that it takes more than half a day to send a single email to its subscribers.

The person (or persons) behind CMES figured that if they could break the list into smaller, bite-sized pieces, then maybe sending those emails wouldn't take 13 hours. Plus, different emails can be sent multiple times every day.

How Do You Earn Money with Copy My Email System?

CMES users begin by sending emails to 500 subscribers. This number will increase to 500 every week if you have consistently sent the emails every day.

They get paid 20 cents via CMES' affiliate partner ClickAggregators.com for each time a prospect clicks on a link. According to CMES, you'll get an estimated $6,000 every month if you manage to get 1,000 clicks every day.

Another way to earn money with Copy My Email System is by referring other people to the program. You'll get a 50% matching bonus check on all your friends' click earnings.

How Much to Join Copy My Email System?

Signing up and creating an account with Copy My Email System is free, but you'll need to pay $30 to purchase the full 30-day trial pack. You can use the trial period to use the system and check whether Copy My Email System is for you.

If you don't like it or you did not earn money with CMES during the trial pack, then you can cancel your membership and request for a refund within 60 days.

But there's something else you need to know about this program.

Copy My Email System is just a program, and it will not pay you for sending those emails. Instead, it is Click Aggregators' (which CMES is an affiliate) responsibility to pay you for every click generated from the emails you sent. So, apart from setting up an account with CMES, you'll need to create a separate Click Aggregator account to get paid.

CMES is also an affiliate of Clickbank, and this is the company which will pay you every time you refer your friends to the system. You'll also need to create a separate account with Clickbank so you can receive commissions.


Is Copy My Email System a Pyramid Scheme

According to CMES, you can earn $10,000 every month and win a car by "cloning yourself." This is done by referring other people to the website, so they too can send emails. The referral program is completely optional, but this is where the bulk of your earnings will come, according to the CMES website.

So how does this referral program work?

First, you need to send hundreds of emails to your friends or to some random person who might be interested in earning some extra cash. Once this person signs up using the link you emailed, you'll get a percentage of the membership activation fee they paid. Your commission increases with every successful referral.

It's safe to say that CMES is a pyramid scheme. It does not have a product that you can actually sell or promote. Plus, you have to convince people to sign up as CMES members just so you can earn more commissions.

Success is Rare at Copy My Email System

Success is not rare with Copy My Email System. Your chances of success with this program are basically zero because this is a scam. There are a number of red flags that we're going to discuss below so you can look for better and more ethical ways to earn money.


What I Like About Copy My Email System

* Money-back guarantee

The good news is Copy My Email System offers a 60-day money back guarantee. In case everything doesn't pan out well between you and CMES, you can always request a refund 60 days from the day you enrolled.

* Neat member dashboard

The Copy My Email System has a fairly neat member dashboard, so it will be easy for you to navigate around it should you decide to become a member. The options are neatly stacked to the left, and you'll easily know which tab you're going to click for each task.

Here you'll find the member dashboard, support/FAQ page, and your commissions breakdown. Then there's the section where you'll do the actual work, as well as how you can earn with CMES' referral program. You'll also find how your subscribers list here.

What I Don't Like About Copy My Email System

Here are some things that I didn't like about Copy My Email System.

* No one knows who is really behind this program

You won't find the operator's name on the website or anywhere else on the internet. When you perform a Whois lookup, you'll find that the website is veiled in secrecy. You won't find the name of its owner, their address, or even their phone number. You'll find a PO box in San Diego instead of an actual street address, and that in itself is very risky.

If you don't know who you're dealing with and you have no way to make them accountable if something goes wrong, then take your money and run.

* You're just going to send email spam

Copy My Email System Live does not specify which company it is working with and why you should send those emails for promotion. You don't even know how CMES acquired its email list or if it's true that it has a million or so subscribers. For all you know, you're just going to send spam in behalf of the company, and no one in their right mind would even open an email diverted to the spam folder.

* Hyped up income claims

According to Copy My Email System, you're going to earn 20 cents for every click a prospect makes. It doesn't matter whether they made a purchase or not because you are still going to get paid.

But as I said earlier, there are only a few people in the world foolish enough to open unsolicited emails and click on some random links so this income forecast is misleading. Unless someone hired bots to click the links you've been sending, you're probably going to wait many months before you can accumulate a decent income with CMES.

* Upfront payment for the trial pack

My main gripe about the Copy My Email System is that you need to pay a fee to be able to use the program for 30 days. This is just another way for the person or persons behind this website to squeeze more money out of you for a program that no one can verify whether it's truly profitable or not.

* Overall security problems

Because no one really knows the people behind this shady website, it's best not to give them your name, address, and credit card information. Or save yourself from identity theft and other scams and don't sign up at all.


Is Copy My Email System A Scam?

Yes, Copy My Email System is a scam. The website is not transparent with regards to who owns or operates it. The website doesn't have a physical address, and you won't find a customer service email on site. If you don't know the person (or persons) behind a website and it doesn't have a physical address, always be wary. It's going to be difficult to reach out to customer service once things go south.

I don't recommend this program because you'll be sending nothing but emails that will be redirected to the spam folder. Recipients often delete these types of marketing emails, or just leave them in the spam folder unopened.

Plus, the pay is too low (20 cents per click), and there's no assurance that someone will indeed click on the link you sent. It will be months and months before you can accumulate your earnings and request a cashout.

While it's true that you don't have to do anything except send the emails, you still need to purchase a trial pack that costs $30. It will be likely that the amount you've paid for the trial pack will be higher than your total CMES payout.

So, is CMES worth your time. The answer is no. It's better to look for other opportunities instead of investing your time and money with Copy My Email System.

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