Today we're going to talk about a done-for-you email and affiliate marketing service called Covert Commissions.

You might have come across this service in forums while looking for ways to earn money online or your friend recommended it.

But don't sign up until you've read this review!

We're going to discuss Covert Commissions' background, how it works, how much it costs, and if this service is truly worth it.

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Covert Commissions Summary

Product: Covert Commissions

Price to join: One-time fee of $197 (with monthly and quarterly options)

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Covert Commissions is an affiliate marketing tool created by veteran internet marketer Cindy Donovan. If you want to become an affiliate marketer and you have some extra money but you're averse to reading manuals or watching long video training modules, then this is the internet marketing tool for you.

Everything about Covert Commissions has already been done-for-you by Cindy and her team. From affiliate products to promote to opt-in templates, everything is already pre-made. Covert Commissions claim that all you have to do is sign up, pay up, choose a product to promote, and profit.

But is this realistic? And is there a chance you're really going to earn commissions with Covert Commissions? Check out the review below to learn more.

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What is Covert Commissions?

According to its website, Covert Commissions is a quick and easy done-for-you email and affiliate marketing service. Because it is a done-for-you system, all you have to do is follow its instructions carefully and voila! instant success.

Before we go any further, let's discuss how Covert Commissions came to be. In 2009, digital marketers Cindy Donovan, Soren Jordansen, and John Merrick founded the internet marketing company IM Wealth Builders.

The trio created internet marketing software and other products geared towards SMEs, as well as affiliates and other internet marketers, under the banner of IM Wealth Builders. Their products include the Covert Store Builder, Covert Messenger, and Covert Pin Press to name a few.

New Zealand-based veteran digital product creator Cindy Donovan (also known as Cindy Battye) left the joint venture in 2015 to become the CEO and founder of Wildfire Concepts.

In this new solo venture, she began to create new WordPress themes and plugins.

She also expanded into SaaS creation. Apart from being a CEO of Wildfire Concepts, she also creates and teaches courses through Udemy.

Covert Commissions has always been Cindy's brainchild, so she bought it from IM Wealthy Builders in 2017. After a thorough revamp and addition of some new features, she relaunched Covert Commissions in spring of 2018.

How Does it Work?

When you sign up to become a Covert Commissions member, you immediately get access to the dashboard or the member's area. Upon accessing the dashboard, you'll be presented with what Covert Commissions call the "Missions." These Missions are available affiliate products that you can promote. Note that you only have five credits to unlock these missions at the onset, so you can only promote five products while you're still getting the hang of things.

There are a lot of Missions or affiliate products you can promote via Covert Commissions. Some of the niches you can choose from are Amazon products, t-shirts, internet marketing, dating, and more — everything's up to you.

Screengrab from Covert Commissions website.

Each Mission already has a pre-made squeeze page (landing page) and several ready-made opt-in email templates and follow-ups that you can use to build your subscriber list. According to Covert Commissions, these are the only tools you need to drive traffic to the landing page, generate leads, and monetize your subscriber list.

Each Mission has important information on it, including the name of the vendor, a brief on what the product is about, and the commission percentage which you will receive for every successful sale.

Choose the affiliate product that you want to promote. Click Preview the Squeeze Page Here to check the landing page where you're going to send site visitors and potential email subscribers. Then click Preview the Sales Page to see the product's actual sales page.

If you like a certain affiliate product, just click Purchase and it will be included in your Missions list. Note that a single purchase costs 1 credit, and you don't have to buy all five products all at once. You can unlock the rest of the products or Missions later on once you get the hang of it.

You will then go to the My Missions, and ask for approval from the vendor to promote their product.


Covert Commissions have several pre-made tools that you can use to promote the products. There are opt-in email templates and follow-ups, ready-made Tweets, and banners.

All you have to do is to utilize these tools to drive traffic to the squeeze pages, sit back, relax, and profit. Covert Commissions will be the one to send the follow-up emails and tweets to your subscribers and prospective customers.

So how do you get your commission? When a prospective customer clicks on the link attached in the email or tweet and visits your squeeze page, the Covert Commissions team will do everything it can to turn that visitor into a paying customer for you. You'll receive a commission after the customer has purchased the product you are promoting.

How Much Does Covert Commissions Cost and What is Included?

The good thing about Cover Commissions is that the payment options are flexible.

You can pay a one-time fee of $197, and you'll get instant access to the member's area. You can also opt to pay the $19.97 monthly or $47 quarterly. Members can cancel anytime, and there are no annoying upsells or add-ons.

Not quite sure that this is for you? Don't worry, as Covert Commissions offer a free 30-day trial for prospective affiliates. During this period, you'll receive training, customer support, and join live webinars conducted by Cindy Donovan.

So what is included?

This service includes five sales funnels that are branded to affiliates. Additionally, you can personally choose the product that you want to promote.

Covert Commissions will send personalized email follow-ups to your subscribers. These emails come with your affiliate links inside so the commission can be properly credited to you. These emails will be sent to an unlimited number of subscribers in your list.

You can have the optional WordPress traffic plugin that you can use if you already have another blog. Covert Commissions has a Facebook community where you can join for support. Cindy Donovan also offers a weekly live training webinar and replay archives for member affiliates.


What I Like About Covert Commissions

* Easy to use even for a newbie

The Covert Commission team claims that the service is simple to use, and it's true.

The menu and each section are neatly arranged in the member's dashboard, and they are easy to navigate with just a click. The library of products to promote gives a quick yet information-filled snapshot of the products.

You don't need to download or install anything. All you need to do is choose a product to promote, get approval to promote the product, and drive traffic to the sales page by tweeting or sending emails.

* Many niches to choose from

Covert Commission has more than 70 niches you can choose from to match your interest. There's WordPress plugins, online dating, fitness, t-shirts, and other e-commerce products. Cindy's team also regularly release new products that you can promote.

In the beginning, you'll only have 5 pages to promote. But you can increase this by purchasing additional credit. An additional mission costs $9.97, but if you want five additional missions, then you'll need to spend $47 for that.

* Free 30-day trial

Covert Commissions claims that you'll be satisfied with the service Cindy and the team are willing to let affiliates try it for free for 30 days. You'll get immediate access to the member's area, and you can contact the support team if you have any questions. Plus, you can always join the Covert Commissions' Facebook group for support and additional training.

* Weekly training webinars

Marketing strategies are always evolving, and this is especially true when you're involved with digital marketing. To keep your knowledge up to date, Cindy conducts live training webinars every week. Affiliates who join the webinar can ask questions about the service, as well as learn the newest strategies in email and affiliate marketing.

What I Don't Like About Covert Commissions

* Your earnings will depend on the profitability of the products you will be promoting

When you sign up with Covert Commissions, you'll be promoting a diverse array of products. There will be WordPress plugins, online dating, e-commerce sites, and more. Some of the products you're going to promote are created by vendors such as Andrew Fox, Kevin Fahey, Justin Anderson, Ankur Shukla, and more.

The big question is are these products truly profitable and will you be able to recoup your initial investment within a short period of time? Because if they're not profitable, then the promise of earning commissions is just another ruse for you to open your wallet.

* You might earn money but you're not really learning anything

Let's say you really earned money from Covert Commissions. Then good for you. But the problem with done-for-you services is you're not really learning anything and you don't own any assets, such as the autoresponders and squeeze pages.

Everything — from the system to the landing pages — is owned by Covert Commissions. It could disappear anytime, leaving you with nothing. Because you don't own anything and have not learned how to run the business, you won't be able to rebuild it from scratch.

* "No upsells or add-ons" claim is not entirely true

The Covert Commissions website explicitly states that "there are no upsells, extra addons etc..." This statement, however, is not entirely true.

As mentioned, all new affiliates only have five credits. Once you've used up all the credits, you'll need to purchase additional credits to obtain new sales funnels. A single Covert Commissions credit costs almost $10, while five additional credits cost $7.

Additionally, a Covert Commissions' Pro Version costs $27 per month or $197 per year. With the Pro Version, you acquire 10 additional credits plus another two credits every month. The good news is you can it has an autoresponder integration feature, so you can build your own email list. This will come in handy especially if you're worried that the Covert Commissions team will just pack up and disappear.


Is Covert Commissions a Scam?

So, is Covert Commissions a scam? The answer is no, Covert Commissions is not a scam. It's actually a pretty good done-for-you email and affiliate marketing service especially if you're the type of person who wants to earn money but can't be bothered to spend hours upon hours learning something.

Although Covert Commissions is not a scam and the service seems pretty simple and easy even for newbies, I am not 100% sure that I want to recommend it.

First, these types of services do not have income disclosure statements so you're basically playing roulette with your money.

Second, you're not even sure of the quality of the products you're promoting. Covert Commissions can say that they are evergreen and are therefore profitable, but how do you know if that claim is really true?

Lastly, the content of the promotion emails, tweet, and banners do not seem to be attractive enough for many consumers. Plus, consumers nowadays are bombarded with so many spam emails and tweets from bots they can spot them a mile away and run the other way.

Here's a Better Way to Money

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of joining Covert Commissions— there's basically a zero percent chance you make any real money.

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