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Crush Global Summary

Product: Crush Global

Price to join: Free

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Crush Global is a Kentucky-based nutritional supplement company that offers products, such as hemp oil, sleep aid, protein shakes, energy drink, and more. Customers can purchase the products online or from their local independent distributors. Interested individuals can also join the company as promoters, and earn a commission from each sale they make. The big question, however, is whether this is a scam or not. Find out below.

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What Is Crush Global?

Crush Global is a Kentucky-based company that offers dietary supplements. Some of its products include energy drinks, nutritional supplement capsules, meal replacement powders, lotions, and sleep aids.

But its most important product right now is CBD-rich hemp oil. The oral solution is available in different milligrams, so you can choose the potency that matches the severity of your symptoms.

Customers can purchase the products online, but they can also buy them from Crush Global's promoters/affiliates. If you're interested in earning commissions and bonuses by selling the company's products, then you can be one of its promoters.

To become a promoter, all you have to do is register online and purchase a starter pack. These starter packs cost anywhere between $89 and $599. You'll get a replicate Crush Global website where you can direct your customers. You can also sell the products in person if you think this is more effective.

Crush Global was founded by John S. Henderson IV, a self-described serial entrepreneur. According to his bio, he has years of experience in direct selling. Apart from Crush Global, he also founded Lighter Wireless back in 2008.

Crush Global's headquarters is located in Louisville, Kentucky. It also has an office in Liverpool, UK. The company does not have a page in the Better Business Bureau.

Is Crush Global a Pyramid Scheme?

What are the signs of a pyramid scheme?

You'll know that you're about to join a pyramid scheme when the organization promises that all you need to do is invest some money, sit back, and relax. You don't have to do any work, and all you need to do is wait for your profit. Plus, its associates promise that you're going to earn an unbelievably large amount of money within a month or so.

Pyramid schemes also offer low-quality or virtually non-existent products and services. If you're the type of person who asks for financial statements so you can double-check if the company is profitable, then you're going to be disappointed because pyramid schemes will be unable to give you that. Additionally, the commission structure is also so complex.

Crush Global is not a pyramid scheme. It offers several products that promoters can sell, and it doesn't guarantee high returns within a short period. Plus, it doesn't focus on recruitment alone -- you and your team need to sell Crush Global products to be able to earn commissions.

Success is Rare at Crush Global

It's not a pyramid scheme, but does that mean that you're going to be driving a Mercedes soon thanks to Crush Global? There's a high probability that you won't.

MLM, at its core, is a flawed business model. Just take a look at a standard MLM's commissions structure. There's a person at the top, and that person rakes in all the commissions from all the sales made by the persons underneath them.

If you're one of the persons at the bottom of the pyramid, you'll be stuck hawking the products to anyone who would listen, as well as chasing after family and friends to get them to sign up as distributors too. The amount you're going to earn in these kinds of the venture will be nothing more than pocket change. You're going to ruin friendships and your relationship with your family because you just won't shut up about the products you're selling.

What is Crush Global's Compensation Plan?

Here are the ways you can earn with Crush Global.

Retail Profit

Purchase Crush Global products at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices to get the difference. You can sell them via your mirror website or in person.

2 and Free

Get a free bottle of Lyfe CBD Oil every month when you enroll two customers in Crush's auto-ship program. You are eligible to receive this product as long as the customers are enrolled in the program. Qualified auto-ship products include Lyfe 500mg and Lyfe 750mg, as well as Lyte 500 and Lyte Lotion.

Fast Start Bonus

Receive a reward simply by encouraging other people to join Crush. You can earn as much as $100 for every pack your new team member purchases. This is paid every week.

Unilevel Team Commissions

Crush Global associates can earn a percentage of all personal sales made by their team members. They can earn a commission up to eight levels deep. This commission is paid weekly.

Unilevel Matching Bonus

Associates can earn an additional 10% of the uni-level commissions of their team members. They can also earn up to 10% on four additional levels. This commission is paid weekly.

Generational Leadership Bonus

You can earn an additional 2% through 5 generations of C5Ks and beyond. This is paid weekly.

Global Bonus Pool

Earn 3% of the global bonus volume once you reach C25K and beyond. This is paid quarterly.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Crush Global?

Crush Global doesn't have an enrollment fee per se. If you want to join the company as a promoter/independent distributor, then you need to purchase an enrollment package. Take a look at their prices below.

Lyfe Launcher Pack - $119
Lyfe 750 Launcher Pack - $159
Lyte Launcher Pack - $119
Lfe and Lyte Launcher Pack - $119
Lyfe and Lyte Lotion Launcher Pack - $119
Lyte and Lyte Lotion Launcher Pack - $119
Lyte Intensive Lotion Launcher Pack - $119
Lyfe and Lyte Intensive Lotion Launcher Pack - $119
Lyte and Lyte Intensive Lotion Launcher Pack - $119
Lyfe Builder Pack - $299
Lyte Builder Pack - $299
Lyfe and Lyte Builder Pack - $299
Lyfe Crusher Pack - $599
Lyte Crusher Pack - $599
Lyfe and Lyte Crusher Pack - $299
Launch Pack - $189
Ryse and Byrn Pack - $89
Lyfe and Byrn Pack -$89

If you want to join as a promotor, simply register online at Crush Global's website. Apart from the starter packs, you can also purchase several additional products. Note that these are completely optional.

You will also get a replicated website where your customers can order.

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What Products Does Crush Global Offer?


This is a hemp extract that contains 500mg of CBD that is extracted from hemp grown by Kentucky farms. Its ingredients include MCT coconut oil and natural flavors.

Because it contains CBD, each drop helps relieve anxiety and pain. It can also reduce inflammation and muscle spasms. Plus, it has the power to improve your immune system, as well as bring you to a calm state of mind and protect your nerves.

Available in mint flavor, and costs $49.99 per bottle. It comes with a dropper for easy sublingual delivery.

Lyfe 750

This is like the product we've discussed above, but it has 750mg of CBD, making it more potent. It also has a mint flavor and has the same health benefits, but each bottle costs $69.99.


Unlike the Lyfe product line that contains full-spectrum formulation, this product contains isolated crystalline CBD. This means that it contains zero THC so there's no chance of the chemical compound to show up during drug tests.

It also contains MCT coconut oil and natural flavors. It has a refreshing mint flavor. Each 500mg bottle costs $49.99.

Lyte Pets

Pets can also take CBD. It helps calm them down for a visit to the vet, as well as relieve hip and joint pain especially for older dogs. The CBD solution is stored in a bottle, and comes with a handy dropper so you can give it to your dog minus the hassle.

It contains hemp seed oil and natural bacon flavor that your pooch will love. One bottle of Lyfe Pets costs $49.99.


Ryse is a meal replacement shake that is created for people who want to lose weight or simply want to maintain it. Crush Global claims that it can enhance lean muscle mass, reduce cravings, and suppress appetite.

It can also boost the immune system, as well as improve your stamina and energy. It also claims to improve digestion because of its fiber content, as well as improves cardiovascular health and skin condition.

Its main ingredient is whey protein concentrate. It also includes coconut oil creamer, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and more.

One box of Ryse meal replacement shake costs $74.99.


Byrn is a nutritional supplement capsule designed for active individuals. These capsules help manage weight, as well as boost energy and focus. Its main ingredient is Luzyme 5, a compound that can help manage weight.

It also contains taurine, niacin, folic acid, L-carnitine, and more. One 20-count bottle of Byrn costs $37.49.


Want to go to the gym or go for a run but you just don't have the energy? Then check out the Zyng energy drink. This s a fizzy drink boosts your energy even without sugar. Its ingredients include vitamin B complex, caffeine, green tea leaf extract, matcha tea leaf, American ginseng, and more. It costs $49.99.


This is a liquid dietary supplement that helps elevate mood, boost energy, and reduce fatigue. It also boosts physical performance and the immune system.

This solution can be mixed with plain water or even juices and other beverages. Some of its ingredients include eleuthero root, hawthorn berry extract, Manchurian thorn tree root extract, Chaga mushroom, and more. One bottle costs $49.99.


Improve your sleep with Crush's Nyte sleep aid. This drink boosts your magnesium levels, as well as maintains healthy calcium levels. It contains vitamin D and magnesium, as well as L-theanine and gamma-aminobutyric acid.

What I Like About Crush Global

The variety of products

Crush Global's selection of products is pretty decent. Whether you're looking for a pain reliever or a meal replacement or a sleep aid, you will find it here.

There's Crush's CBD oil that is available in different potencies. You can also purchase CBD oil for your dog. Other products you can buy here include energy drinks and protein shakes.

It's a bit underwhelming if you're used to MLMs with plenty of products, but the good news is you can study the products so you can sufficiently explain them to your customers.

Many ways to earn commissions and bonuses

There are a lot of ways you can earn commissions and bonuses with Crush Global. These include Retail Profit, 2 and Free, and Fast Start Bonus. Other team-based incentives include Unilevel Team Commissions, Unilevel Matching Bonus, Generational Leadership Bonus, and Global Bonus Pool.

No registration or annual membership fees

Joining as a Crush Global promoter is free. Plus, there's no annual membership fee either. The problem is you need to purchase a starter pack to jumpstart your career as a promoter.

It gives you the option to sell online or in-person

If you want to sell Crush Global products but you're too shy or you freeze when you try to talk to people, then you can just sell the products on your replicated eCommerce website. You will receive this website upon registration.

But if you love talking to people about certain products, then go ahead and sell them in person.

What I Don't Like About Crush Global

Expensive products

The price of the products ranges from $37.49 to $111.99. CBD oil, one of its most important products, costs between $49.99 and $69.99. Although the prices are completely normal for companies like Crush Global, they are still more expensive than their counterparts that you can purchase from Amazon or other retailers.

Pricey starter packs

Although joining Crush Global as a promoter is free, you still need to buy a starter pack to... well, get things started. The most affordable starter pack costs $89, and that would only give you two products to sample (a 30-day box of Ryse and another box of Byrn).

Want to sample everything? Then get ready to pay almost $600 for the Lyfe Crusher Pack, Lyte Crusher Pack, and a combination of these products.

Unsubstantiated claims about the products' health benefits

This is one of the things that I don't like about nutritional supplements in general. Companies that offer these products are mandated to put a disclaimer on the label.

The funny thing is if these products don't have any therapeutic benefits, then why would anyone buy them? Aren't these products just another snake oil with fancy packaging?

Is Crush Global A Scam?

No. This is a legitimate business that offers CBD oils, protein shakes, energy drinks, and other nutritional supplement products. It has an MLM business model that allows ordinary people to promote Crush Global products so they can earn commissions and bonuses.

But is worth joining? If you're looking for a way to earn considerably more than what you're receiving right now, then probably not. Unless you can aggressively recruit other people and build your team, the income you're going to earn here will be so small you're going to wonder if you should have joined in the first place.

Plus, there's the recruitment part. If you're the type of person who wants an authentic relationship with friends and family and you don't see people as mere opportunities for you to earn money, then you're not going to be successful here. 

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