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You're probably here because you've heard or read about a company called Damsel In Defense.

Damsel In Defense is one of the most unique companies we've covered here. While other companies offer cosmetics or diet pills or energy drinks, Damsel In Defense offers stun devices, pepper sprays, and other weapons for the modern woman.

You're interested in joining as a Damsel In Defense pro, but you want to know if you're going to make money with it or you're going to end up wasting money.

Curious if this for you? Read our Damsel In Defense review to find out more.

Damsel In Defense Summary

Product: Damsel In Defense

Price to join: $99

Rating: 60/100

Do I recommend? Not really

Summary: You're no damsel in distress if you have the Damsel In Defense's products. It offers different non-lethal weapons designed to disable assailants, and these include stun devices, pepper sprays, and more. It also offers personal alarms, protective RFID wallets, and children's books. Its marketing strategy is networking marketing, so there's a chance for you to make some money if you don't want to be just a simple Damsel In Distress customer. Want to know if it's a scam? Then read our review below.

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What Is Damsel In Defense?

Every day we read and watch news about women being physically and sexually assaulted. These attacks happen just about anywhere -- at home, in school, at the workplace, at the parking lot. Assaults can happen while women are on the way home from school, while traveling abroad or even while doing things so mundane such as jogging or taking the dog out for a walk.

To protect themselves from such assaults, women have taken self-defense classes. Many women have taken precautions, such as arming their houses to the teeth with security systems, traveling in groups instead of alone, or jogging with a friend. But some situations can't be taken care of by taking judo classes or buying the latest CCTV for the home.

In cases like these, women need a weapon. Some women choose guns, while others would rather just scare away or disable an attacker instead of physically harming them. This is where a company called Damsel In Defense comes in.

Damsel in Defense is a company that offers different self-defense weapons, ranging from stun devices to pepper sprays to personal alarms to rape whistles. It also offers safety accessories, such as RFID wallets, pepper spray gloves, breakaway lanyards, striking tools, and more.

Two things set Damsel In Defense apart from other companies that sell personal safety weapons like. First, these weapons and accessories are not only ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. Damsel In Defense has also made them inconspicuous. This is great because in spite of the dangers around us, we just want to look prepared. Nobody wants to look like some paranoid loon armed to the teeth with pepper spray and stun guns.

Second, Damsel In Defense is probably the only self-defense weapons company that has a direct selling and MLM business model. You can be a simple customer, or you can join the company as one of its independent "Pros" or affiliates.

Promote Damsel In Defense's self-defense products, and earn a commission for every sale. Although they can earn from retail commissions, pros can also earn additional bonuses for recruiting other people and building their team of Damsel In Defense pros.

Damsel in Defense was founded by Mindy and Jimmy Lin. Mindy serves as its CEO, while Jimmy works as the company's CFO.

The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Texas, and has been around since 2012. It is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Is Damsel In Defense a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Damsel In Defense is not a pyramid scheme. This is a legitimate company that offers self-defense weapons. As mentioned, it has a multi-level marketing business model. It is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

What is Damsel In Defense's Compensation Plan?

Here are some of the ways you can earn as a Damsel In Defense Independent Pro.

I. Retail Commission

Earn a 25% commission for every Damsel In Defense product you sell. You purchase the product at a wholesale price and sell it at retail price. Let's say that your customer ordered a Get A Grip Stun Device. This weapon retails at $77.78 right now, so you, the Pro, will earn $19.44.

II. Climbing the Ranks

These are the Damsel In Defense ranks you can climb once you become a Pro, as well as the monthly qualifying requirements you need to fulfill to achieve the rank.


All new Damsel In Defense Pros starts as Recruits. All Recruits are qualified to receive a 25% retail commission for every sale of Damsel In Defense products.


The retail commission you're going to receive as Protege increases to 30%. You need to have a $1,000 personal volume to qualify as a protege.

Junior Mentor

You'll receive a 30% retail commission for every sale of Damsel In Distress products. Keep in mind that you need at least $150 PV and one active frontline in your team to qualify as a junior mentor.


You'll receive a 30% retail commission for every sale of Damsel In Distress products. Keep in mind that you need at least $500 PV, $2,000 group volume (GV), and one active frontline in your team to qualify as a mentor.

Senior Mentor

You'll receive a 30% retail commission for every sale of Damsel In Distress products. Keep in mind that you need at least $500 PV, $4,000 GV, and two active frontline pros in your team to qualify as a senior mentor.


You'll receive a 30% retail commission for every sale of Damsel In Distress products. Keep in mind that you need at least $500 PV, $7,500 team volume (TV), and four active frontlines in your team to qualify as a Director.

Crystal Director

You'll receive a 30% commission for every sale of Damsel In Distress products. Keep in mind that you need at least $500 PV, $7,500 TV, $15,000 GV, and four active frontline pros in your team to qualify as a Crystal Director. You should also have one first-generation director in your team.

Pearl Director

You'll receive a 30% commission for every sale of Damsel In Distress products. Keep in mind that you need at least $500 PV, $7,500 TV, $30,000 GV, and four active frontline pros in your team to qualify as a Crystal Director. You should also have two first-generation directors in your team.

Diamond Director

You'll receive a 30% commission for every sale of Damsel In Distress products. Keep in mind that you need at least $500 PV, $7,500 TV, $75,000 GV, and four active frontline pros in your team to qualify as a Crystal Director. You should also have four first-generation directors in your team.

III. Fast Start Bonus

Damsel In Defense Recruits are qualified to earn certain bonuses when they reach the Protege rank during their first month. But they first need to have $1,000 in PV and hit certain quotas in launch party and booking sales to qualify.

Proteges will receive a 5% pay increase, more than $300 bonus, additional marketing materials, and more. The sponsor will also receive incentives and additional marketing materials.

IV. Party Bonuses

Damsel In Defense are encouraged to throw their version of a Tupperware party at home to showcase the products they're promoting. They can earn party bonuses for each successful sale.

Let's say that the party sales hit $400 to $599. The hostess will be credited with $60 to $89.85 and will get 3 half-price items. If you were able to sell $1,000 worth of products, then you'll get a hostess credit of more than $200 and six half-price items.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Damsel In Defense?

You must pay $99 to become a Damsel In Defense Pro or consultant. Seems too steep? Don't worry because it already includes a starter kit. This starter kit includes a Damsel In Defense products such as a personal alarm, emergency tool, concealed carry purse, and a tactical pen. It also includes a SAFE Hearts Storybook and a Digital Defense Family Plan.

Pros will also receive marketing materials, including catalogs, business cards, hostess guides, invites, order forms, sales scripts, and an Ask Me About My Purse tag. Add $60 to get a stun gun and a couple of pepper sprays.

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What Products Does Damsel In Defense Offer?

Here are the products that you can purchase as a Damsel in Defense customer or promote as one of the company's consultants/affiliates.

Stun Devices

Products under this category include the Little Ringer Stun Device, Get A Grip Stun Device, Striking Distance Stun Device, Gotcha Stun Device, and Bling It Up Disable Pin.

The majority of these devices are compact and can be concealed in your purse or backpack without arousing suspicion (except for the 16-inch Striking Distance Stun Device). You can also purchase the Get A Grip Holster here.

Pepper Sprays

Pepper sprays are some of the most effective weapons to at least disable an attacker. Customers and consultants can also buy pepper spray refill, Pepper Practice (Water Inert), and Pouch O' Pepper here. A single pepper spray (Protected Pepper) costs $21.11, while the refill costs $7.78.

Security on the Go

Whether you're enjoying a night out with your girlfriends or you're at home alone, you can purchase a Damsel in Defense Security On The Go weapons. Alone at home or backpacking somewhere and staying in a hotel all by yourself? Then be secured with the Holla His and Hers Personal Alarm and Step Off Portable Entry Alarm.

The Sock It Slim Striking Tool, Sock It To Me Platinum, Hear A Pin Drop, To Whom It May Concern Tactical Pen, and Breakaway Braid are perfect for everyday use.

If you're traveling within the country or in the United States, Damsel in Defense also has products available for you. There's the Travel Size Sassy Spray, Leaf Me Alone Necklace, Pearls of Wisdom Necklace, and Sassy Spray Keepsafe.

The Junk In The Trunk is an all-in-one emergency kit loaded with everything you need to keep you safe especially when you drive frequently.

Love to jog but afraid that you'll be assaulted? If you already have a pepper spray, then you can purchase the Runner Up Universal Glove to use with your Damsel in Defense spray.

Concealed Carry Purses

Need to walk home alone late night after a study session with your friends at the library? Make sure that you always have your weapons with you with Damsel In Defense's chic bags. There's the Janie's Gotta Purse, Covert Kari Purse, and the Multi-Shay Backpack.

RFID Protection

These RFID wallets are especially helpful if you're planning to travel all over Europe's biggest cities where scammers and pickpockets abound. Want to see the Eiffel Tower or ride the Parisian subway? Then make sure that your debit and credit cards are protected with the Pocket Brook RFID Wallet or Slim Shelly RFID Wallet.

Want to cross Prague's famous (or infamous) Charles Bridge or want to see Barcelona's Sagrada Familia? Then make sure your passport, bank cards, and IDs are protected with the Billy Fold Leather RFID Wallet and Billy Fold Linen RFID Wallet.

SAFE Hearts Family Education

Keeping your children ignorant is not their best defense against evil people that they will come across sooner or later. These Damsel In Defense SAFE Hearts Family Education books will help you teach your kids about avoiding or managing dangerous situations and people. These books also teach children what to do when adults around them don't believe in their stories of abuse, how to help their friends who are in difficult situations, and how to deal with trauma.

Digital Defense

Protect your children from predators on the internet with the Digital Damsel internet protection. When you purchase the Digital Damsel, your child will get identity theft protection, computer protection, and social media monitoring. An individual plan costs $29.95 per month, while a family plan costs $59.95.

What I Like About Damsel In Defense

These weapons are effective and inconspicuous

Although they look puny at first, there's no doubt that these weapons are effective. Many lives have been saved by these weapons, and the fact that they are inconspicuous only adds to their appeal.

You can put one of Damsel In Defense's compact stun guns or pepper sprays inside your purse while enjoying a night out with friends or while hiking alone. The protective RFID wallets are also an effective deterrent against wireless identity theft and high-tech credit card theft (especially if you're heading over to Europe's biggest cities).

Damsel In Defense has a great reputation

We've been reviewing so many companies here, but this is one of the few MLM companies we've come across that has a great reputation. It has a stellar BBB rating which is impressive for a company that has been around for many years.

What I Don't Like About Damsel In Defense

There are certain limitations and restrictions in place for some of these weapons

Let's take stun devices as an example. Before you buy or enroll as a Pro, keep in mind that electroshock weapons are restricted in Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan. Using stun devices is also prohibited in the District of Columbia, Wisconsin, and some parts of Delaware and Washington.

If you want to travel abroad, you might also want to double-check if the country you'll be traveling to will allow you to bring in these devices. Many airlines also restrict these types of weapons whether in your carry-on or check-in luggage.

Your audience will be limited

As essential as these weapons are, your audience and your income potential are unfortunately limited. There's no doubt that the weapons are a hit among women, but the same could not be said of men because they are not usually preyed upon and are less likely to become victims of such assault.

Plus, it's difficult to find repeat customers when it comes to products like these. It's highly unlikely that someone -- even the most paranoid woman -- will hoard products like these, so your income will be severely limited.

They are effective... to some extent

These weapons are very effective, but you need to have the knowledge and presence of mind to use them. They're practically useless if you're the type of person who easily panics during stressful situations or you freeze on the spot when confronted with danger or when your assailant is stronger and can easily overpower you.

Plus, some of these weapons are best used when you've taken some self-defense classes so the items and your skills can complement each other.

Is Damsel In Defense A Scam?

The good news is Damsel In Defense is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It is a 100% legitimate company with a direct selling and network marketing business model. You can enroll as a Pro and promote its products.

But manage your income expectations if you want to become a Damsel In Defense pro. If you're going to become a Damsel In Defense pro, make sure that you're in it because you're motivated by a desire to help others defend and protect themselves because you're not going to earn millions here.

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