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Easy 1UP has made rounds in your friends' social media pages lately. You're intrigued, and you're itching to join (hey, who doesn't want to earn more money?), but you're not the type of person who signs up for anything without investigating it first.

So, what is Easy 1Up, and what does it offer? Is there really a possibility that you're going to earn a lot of commissions when you join its affiliate program?

Read on to know all the answers.

Easy 1Up Summary

Product: Easy 1Up

Price to join: $25 to $2,000

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Easy 1UP offers several training courses for entrepreneurs who want to build their own internet businesses. It was created by the internet and network marketer Peter Wolfing, and the price of the courses ranges from $25 to $2,000. It also has an affiliate program that you can join to earn commissions. Learn more about the basics of Easy 1Up, plus its pros and cons, in this review.

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What is Easy 1Up?

Easy 1Up offers five training courses designed to help the modern entrepreneurs upgrade their skills and ensure that their businesses remain competitive. All training is done online, so you can watch the videos while you're riding the train on the way to work or while your baby's sleeping.

The topics covered by Easy 1UP are diverse. It offers courses on network marketing, UDEMY, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and ads creation. You will also learn how to scale your business through solid internet marketing strategies.

Other topics that will be covered include dropshipping, ClickFunnels, SEO, blogging, and more. You can also purchase tickets should you want to join Easy 1Up's live events.

Easy 1Up's courses are open to anyone worldwide. Simply pay the membership fee, and you'll have instant access to Easy 1Up's platform and your chosen product.

Keep in mind that the membership fee is non-refundable, and you will be required to pay an additional administration fee.

What is Easy 1Up's Compensation Plan?

Easy 1Up has an affiliate program that members can join to earn additional cash while learning how to build their internet enterprise. Simply sign up on the Easy 1Up website, and receive your affiliate ID to track every dollar you earn. You'll receive an affiliate link that you can use to promote Easy 1Up.

Easy 1Up uses the Reverse 1 Up Compensation plan. This means that the moment someone purchases an Easy 1 Up training course via your affiliate link, you will immediately get the commission from the sale.

The second sale, however, goes to the affiliate above you. The rest of the sales go to you, as well as the second sales.

What Products Does Easy 1Up Offer?


This package costs $25. It includes Network Marketing Basics and the Affiliate Kickstarter Video Series.

In the Network Marketing Basics, you'll learn why online network marketing is the best way to build your business. You'll learn which online network marketing company to join, as well as how to scale your online network.

The advantages and disadvantages of network marketing are going to be explained. You'll learn how to generate leads, how to create lead capture pages and build a solid email list.

In the Affiliate Kickstarter Video Series, you'll learn how to sign up for an autoresponder account. You'll also learn how to offer bonuses, write reviews, create free offers, and how to build your affiliate business.

You'll have access to email cultivation series, and learn how to configure an autoresponder and how to choose the most profitable product.

Elevation Elite

This is Easy 1Up's Free Marketing and Cash Generation Video Series.

Here you'll learn about UDEMY, QR codes traffic, forum signature marketing, and product creation. This also includes solo ads, live events on Google Hangouts, intro to YouTube, YouTube clickable links, organic search, and YouTube as a social network.

You'll also master Pinterest, Facebook, as well as copywriting and conversion. You'll be taught how lead generation autoresponders work, how to home base your blog or website, and market research. All these are available for $100.


There are several Vertex products available, and let's take a look at each one of them.

a) Vertex

Basic Vertex is also known as the Advanced Digital Business Video Series. Topics that will be discussed here include:

* How to get started with your home-based business
* Winning mindset
* Passion to profit
* Business Systems
* The Irresistible Offer Part 1
* The Irresistible Offer Part 2
* Lucrative List Building
* Traffic Secrets Revealed
* Email Relationship Mastery
* Profitable Relationships JV Partners
* The Launch Process
* Affiliate Marketing Survival Part 1
* Affiliate Marketing Survival Part 2
* Affiliate Marketing Survival Part 3

The whole video series costs $250.

b) Vertex Elite

Topics included in this video series are:

* Money Counts Live Business Building Course Part 1
* Money Counts Live Business Building Course Part 2
* Drop Shipping Counts
* Zero Cost Traffic
* 50 Non-Stop Traffic Methods

The Vertex Elite costs $500.

c) Vertex Pro "Connect"

This is Easy 1Up's most comprehensive course to date. Topics that you will master in the Vertex Pro "Connect" are:

* WhatsApp Marketing Made Easy
* Zero Cost Traffic
* Video Sales Funnels
* USFreeAdsTraffic
* Tumblr Training
* Traffic Exchanges
* Streaming Profits Authority
* Membership Authority
* Snapchat Marketing Business In A Box
* Social Media Domination
* Social Media Authority
* SlideShare
* Reddit Marketing
* Recurring Business Models
* Linkedin Basics
* Instagram Marketing
* IM Business Models
* Google Hangouts Marketing
* General Traffic Techniques
* FB Remarketing
* Facebook ads Made Easy
* Email Marketing Biz
* Coaching Authority
* Blog Authority
* Be Heard Complete Social Media

The whole video series can be purchased at $1,000.

d) Vertex "Live"

Want to learn more about building your internet empire? Then check out the topics offered by Vertex "Live." It costs $2,000.

* How to Maximize Click Funnels
* Launching Your Product and Using SEO with Steve & Peter
* Turbo Cash Live
* The 10K Blueprint
* Drop Shipping 101
* The Complete IM Strategy
* The Digital Marketing Lifestyle
* Amazon Affiliate Profits
* Internet Marketing Lifestyle
* Content Marketing Blueprint
* Internet Marketing For Business People
* Journey To Be A Top Blogger
* CPA Marketing Excellence
* Periscope Marketing Excellence

All Vertex Elite members will also receive two entry tickets to any Easy 1Up event they want. The ticket is strictly for single events only. They can also purchase tickets to other events for $295 per person.

Who Created Easy 1Up?

The man behind Easy 1Up is simply called "Peter" on the website. You have to dig a little deeper to know who "Peter" really is.

The creator of Easy 1Up is Peter Wolfing. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps before retiring to join the network marketing business. According to his bio, he founded his own company in 1998, naming it Multiplex Systems.

Multiplex Systems offers software that helps entrepreneurs generate leads. Some of the products include email marketing, webinars, text broadcasts, and more. The company has more than 400,000 distributors all over the United States.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Easy 1Up has several products available. The most affordable course is Elevation, which you can purchase at $25.

But if you want the most expensive product, then you can purchase the Vertex "Live" series at $2,000.

What I Like About Easy 1Up

Comprehensive training programs

Everything you have wanted to learn about building a modern business is here. Easy 1Up will teach you about a diverse array of topics. These include network marketing, social media marketing, producing content on YouTube, and lead generation.

You will also learn about copywriting, ads, email marketing, dropshipping, blogging, and more. Plus, Easy 1Up has live events you can attend (available for Vertex Live plans only).

You can easily afford some of the courses

Easy 1Up's Elevation is the cheapest course available on the website. It is available for $25 and covers everything including network marketing, email marketing, review writing, and more.

If you want a more comprehensive course, then you can check out the Elevation Elite. This covers Udemy, YouTube, ads, product creation, copywriting, and the fundamentals of social media. It only costs $100.

What I Don't Like About Easy 1Up

Some of the topics are outdated

The Easy 1Up website has actually been around for many since 2007, so there are some topics are already outdated and the courses badly need an update. Some of the topics that need to be removed/updated include the live events embedded Google Hangouts, Google Plus (has since been discontinued by Google), Tumblr training (users fled since 2018), and Periscope marketing (the app is still available, but only a few people continue to use it).

Some courses are overpriced

The first two Easy 1Up products are reasonably priced, but the last few courses are overpriced. Want to purchase the Vertex Advanced Digital Business Video Series? Then get ready to fork out $250.

The Vertex Elite costs $500, but you will only get two Money Counts Live Business Building courses, dropshipping, and traffic methods. Vertex Pro Connect and Vertex Live cost $1,000 and $2,000 respectively.

Emphasis on its affiliate program

Easy 1Up places too much emphasis on its affiliate program at the expense of its training courses. It has a 6-minute video presentation about its affiliate program, but it only has a page or two dedicated to its products.

Is Easy 1Up A Scam?

While Easy 1Up's training courses seem legit at first glance, you'll notice some worrisome issues when you take a closer look. Some of its topics look like they haven't been updated since 2016, and there's just too much emphasis on its affiliate program. From the looks of its promotional video, it seems that the affiliate program is the product itself and not the training courses.

Plus, it doesn't offer a free trial. That's understandable considering this is a digital product and the creator would not be able to get anything back once you've watched the videos. But what doesn't sit well is the fact that Easy 1UP members cannot request refunds.

If you really want to learn about building a business online, then there are a lot of better training programs out there that are legit. Easy 1Up, sadly, is not one of them.

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