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Elepreneurs Summary

Company: Elepreneurs

Price to join: $49 per year + price of products + autoshipment

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Elepreneurs is a newer MLM opportunity but the website doesn't describe the products you'll be selling. After some investigatin I've discovered you'll be selling another MLM's products, called Elevacity (their program has floundered and this is meant to revive their products/opportunity).

At the end of the day I don't think this is a good business to join and the success rate is extremely low with MLM's (most people just end up losing their money).

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What Is Elepreneurs?

What Is Elepreneurs? Elepreneurs is a MLM opportunity that started is 2017. This company was founded by Rob Oblon and it operates out of Texas.

How do you make money with Elepreneurs? Elepreneurs is a MLM and that means Multi-Level Marketing. With these kinds of businesses you sign up to sell their products and earn a commission on every sale. You also get rewarded for recruiting people into the scheme. To be frank, this is a horrible way to make money and MLM's have rightfully earned the label as pretty scammy.  

What Is Elevacity? Elevacity is a MLM company that was founded also by Rob Oblon and both Elevacity and Elepreneur's parent company is Sharing Services Inc. What happened is Elevacity started to die out and to save it, Elepreneurs was founded. The MLM part of Elevacity was dropped and remarked as Elepreneurs. You're really just selling Elevacity products if you decide to join Elepreneurs. 

What products are being offered? Again, you'll be selling Elevacity products which includes different health and wellness products. Some products include a sleep patch, energy patch, and a hangover patch. 

Is Elepreneurs A Pyramid Scheme?

Some people label all MLM's a pyramid scheme which isn't necessarily true.

Some MLM's are definitely pyramid schemes and other's just have elements of one - Elepreneurs is in the second category (although, pushes it to the limit).

Look at the picture below to understand what I mean:

This is what part of the commissions structure at Elepreneurs looks like and it's the part that rewards recruiting. 

The problem with systems that reward recruiting heavily is the money is trapped at the top and the people at the bottom have almost no chance to make money.

You can say all businesses look like this but the bottom of MLM's LOSE money - big difference. 

An illegal pyramid scheme is when recruitment is the only way to make money and there's no real products.

Elepreneurs offers real products, however, and you can make money by just selling products directly to customers without recruiting. This is why it's not technically an illegal pyramid scheme.

Ask anyone successful with a MLM, though, and they'll tell you recruiting is how you make any real money.  

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Success Is Rare With Eleprenuers

Here's a dirty little secret with MLM's - most people lose money instead of making money. Also, the majority of people that do make money make no more than a couple hundred a month. 

While some people make a huge amount of money with MLM's most flounder. The reason for this is just how MLM's are set up.

Not everyone is supposed to make money with them. It's designed so a few people at the top benefit off the work of the people below and earn almost all the money. 

This would be alright if the bottom people made livable wages but making a $1000 a month with a MLM is almost impossible.

Here's some more MLM stats that are really eye opening:

As you can see by these stats you'll want to not only avoid this MLM but all MLM's in general. 

How Much To Join Elepreneurs?

Elepreneurs costs $49 per year to be apart of this company.

However, you'll need to buy products to sell or at least let people sample and this is done through the purchase of an enrollment pack. 

There's three different packs that are called:

  • Happy ($249)
  • Happier ($499)
  • Happiest ($999)

There's another fee which is called monthly autoshipment which means you have to buy $40 worth of products every month to sell. This is a cost that can quickly add up because selling products will be difficult in the beginning.

You might end up with $400 worth of stock that you can't sell over time. 

Autoshipment is one of the scammiest things a MLM company can do because it means a significant amount of revenue is coming from distributor purchases and not customer purchases. 

Depending on the ratio, this can be interpreted as an illegal pyramid scheme. 

Elepreneurs Compensation Plan

MLM's always have a complicated compensation plan and Elepreneurs is no different. There's a lot of jaron and technical terms to get through and if you want to see the entire plan for yourself, click below:

I don't think it's too important to go over every single detail of the plan and instead I'm going to highlight the most important parts.

Elepreneurs Affiliate Ranks:

At Elepreneurs there's 12 affiliate ranks you can achieve and you go from one rank to another depending on how much you recruit and how much your total downline sells. 

For instance the first rank you can achieve is Bronze and you get this rank by having 2500 GV (Group Volume a month).

This number increases and increases until you hit the last rank and have GV that's 2,000,000. 

At the end of the day, though, most people don't get past the first couple of ranks.

Infinity Bonus: 

This is the part of the commission structure that rewards recruitment and is paid out on a unilevel structure that looks like the following: 

Basically you get a 20% match on sales volume generated by the two highest performing affiliates of each affiliate they recruit

So if you recruit someone and they recruit two more people, you get 20% match of your recruit's recruit. 

This goes on for an infinite amount of levels. 

Retail sales:

You can make commissions simply by selling products directly to customers but this compensation plan is geared towards recruitment. 

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What Products Does Elepeneurs Offer?

Again, Elepeneurs doesn't really offer products and instead allows distributors to sell Elevacity products.

Here's the various categories of products they offer:


Dose is a combination of some of their beverage products (coffee, chocolate shake mix, etc.) and the nutritional product they offer which is known as XanothoMax.

This will cost over $100 for all combos. 

Wellness Functional Beverages

This is one part of DOSE combination and you can just buy the beverages separate from the supplement.

This includes Elevate Smart Coffee, Choclevate, Elevate NITRO. 

The price for the first two is $55 and the third is $65.

Wellness Supplements

There's two options for supplements here and they are XanthoMax and Elevate Pure 2.0. Apparently XanthoMax is an antioxidant and Elevate Pure 2.0 is used to remove toxins. 

Wellness Vitamin Patches

In this section you get patches that help with different issues. The patches include one for energy, one for sleep and one for hangover defense. 

Skin Care

In this section there's three different products and they are Timeless Eye Gel, Elier Moor Mud Mask and Elier Facial Serum. 

What I Like About Elepeneurs

I don't recommend you join this company but there's one thing I like:

  • Interesting products: Elepeneurs has some products that are pretty typical but others are at least unique like the skin patches. Not sure if they work but they're different and may get people's attention. 

What I Don't Like About Elepeneurs

There's way more I don't like here than do like and the main things I dislike are:

  • Low success rate: It's almost impossible to succeed with MLM's and Elepeneurs doesn't do anything different to separate itself. You're more than likely going to lose money here. 
  • Monthly autoshipment: One of the worst things a MLM can do is have autoshipment requirements. This means revenue is coming from affiliates buying products to sell. This is borderline illegal and if too much revenue comes from affiliates it is actually illegal. 
  • Pretty expensive to start: When you add up all the costs (yearly fee, enrollment pack, and autoshipment) you can easily spend over $1000. 
  • Bothering friends and family: One of the worst aspects of a MLM is the fact you'll have to sell to and try to recruit friends and family. This is one of the main reasons people quit MLM's. 

Is Elepeneurs A Scam?

So if you add up everything I think Elepeneurs teeters on the edge of being a scam. If it isn't an outright scam it definitely is very close. 

If retail was a bigger focus and there wasn't autoshipment I would say this company isn't a scam and is instead a bad business opportunity.

But because so much is put on recruitment and there is autoshipment I feel pretty comfortable calling Elepeneurs a scam. 

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