Is Enagic Kangen Water a Scam? Read This Before You Sign Up! 

 June 20, 2019

By  Kat

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Have you been approached by an Enagic affiliate who offered you a machine called Enagic Kangen Water? Are you curious if it's a scam?

Then you've come to the right place.

We're here to talk about this company, as well as its background, its products, and its compensation plan.

But more importantly, you're going to find out whether Enagic is a scam or a legit company that is worth your time.

Enagic Summary

Product: Enagic

Price to join: Free but affiliates need to buy a machine to qualify for commissions

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Enagic was founded by Hironari Ohshiro, a Japanese businessman who also serves as the company's president and CEO. The company is based in Tokyo, Japan. Its products are not only sold in Japan but also the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, France, and many other countries all over the world.

Enagic's flagship product is the Enagic Kangen Water machine, an electronic device that changes water's pH level. The machines are not budget-friendly, and the company has an MLM business model.

Learn more about this company by checking out our review below.

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What Is Enagic?

Water. No one can live without it. That is why before contaminans were identified and prior to the invention of the water purification processes, people had no choice but to drink water they had access to no matter how dirty. For much of history, people had no choice but to quench their thirst even if the water is full of bacteria, algae, and other toxic substances.

One of the best things about living in the 21st century is the abundant water supply and the invention of various water purification processes. The majority of the population of the planet now have access to clean drinking water and are no longer dying of dysentery, cholera, diarrhea, and other water-borne diseases in droves.

Many enterprising individuals have taken it one step further. Now it's no longer enough that you can drink clean tap water, you also need to drink ionized or alkaline water to improve your health.

Some advocates of alkaline water claim that it has antioxidants and can help boost the immune system. Others assert that it can cleanse the colon, hydrate the skin, detoxify the body, and aid in weight loss.

One of the companies that had jumped into the alkaline water bandwagon is Enagic. The company, which was founded by Hironari Oshiro, began in 1974 in the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa as Sony Specialty Trading. The company evolved over the years until it became one of the most popular providers of machines that turn ordinary water into alkaline or acidic water.

Enagic Kangen Water machines are the company's flagship products. According to the company, these devices have the ability to filter tap water, as well as turn regular water into either alkaline or acidic with the help of electrolysis. The result is water that is supposed to be better for the body. The company also claims that it is better for the skin, as well as in cooking and cleaning.

There are five types of water that comes out of this device.

Strong Kangen Water has a pH level of 11. It is not ideal for drinking but is suitable for hygiene purposes, cleaning, and food preparation.

Kangen Water has a pH level that ranges between pH 8.5 and 9.5. It is suitable for drinking, cooking, and even watering plants.

Clean Water has a pH level of 7. The machine removes rust, chlorine, and impurities from the water, resulting in a liquid that is ideal for preparing baby food or taking medication with.

Then there's Beauty Water which has a pH level that ranges between 4.0 and 6.0. This type of water is ideal for hygiene and cleaning.

Strong Acidic Water has a pH level of 2.7. It is great for hygiene, as well as in cleaning and disinfecting kitchen utensils.

Enagic, however, is not limited to its Kangen Water product line. The company also offers replacement filters, water bottles, electrolysis enhancers, nutritional supplements, device parts, and accessories. Marketing materials, books, manuals, and DVDs are also available for distributors.

The company's headquarters is in Japan, but it has offices in US cities such as Chicago, Honolulu, and Seattle to name a few. Enagic also has considerable presence in Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Romania.

It can also be found in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, and other Asian countries. Enagic products are also sold in the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and Brazil.

Is Enagic A Pyramid Scheme?

No, Enagic is not a pyramid scheme. It is a legitimate company that offers electronic devices that filters contaminants, as well as increases or decreases the pH level of water thanks to a process called electrolysis.

Apart from its flagship product, the Kangen Water machines, Enagic also offers replacement filters, water bottles, and machine parts and accessories.

The machines are pretty expensive, and that is one of the factors that could potentially deter people from buying the machines. The cheapest unit alone costs $1,980, while the most expensive one retails at $5,980. Other products sold by Enagic are also on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Success is Rare at Enagic

Enagic's business model is multi-level marketing, and this can be another roadblock for success if you want to become one of its affiliates. In a company that has an MLM business model, individuals not only need to sell the company's products, they also need to recruit others to become affiliates also.

Although Enagic does not incentivize distributors when they recruit others, the company, nonetheless, rewards them when team members in their downline hit a certain quota. And this is where most of the problems lie.

Many people are simply not born to become salesmen, while others are just enthusiastic in the beginning but soon fizzle out. Enagic's products are also expensive, so affiliates need to have a network of relatively rich friends to sell their products to or recruit.


How Much to Join Enagic?

Becoming an Enagic member is free. Moreover, there is no annual renewal fee, monthly qualifications, or time limits.

But keep in mind that distributors are required to purchase at least one Enagic Kangen Water machine to be eligible for commissions.

What is Enagic's Compensation Plan?

There are many ways affiliates/distributors can earn with Enagic. Take a look at Enagic compensation plan below.

Distributor Ranks:

Rank 1A

This rank is reserved for affiliates who personally buy or sell a single Enagic Kangen Water device, as well sell another Kangen device to an affiliate in his downline or to a retail customer.

Rank 2A

Rank 2A are affiliates who successfully sell three Kangen machines.

Rank 3A

Affiliates or their downline must have sold 10 or more Enagic Kangen Water machines to qualify for this rank.

Rank 4A

To qualify for this rank, affiliates or their downline must sell 20 or more water machines. Additionally, the affiliate must also personally sell one Kangen water machine to be eligible for a promotion.

Rank 5A

To qualify for this rank, affiliates or their downline must sell 50 or more water machines. Additionally, the affiliate must also personally sell one Kangen water machine to be eligible for a promotion.

Rank 6A

To qualify for this rank, affiliates or their downline must sell 100 or more water machines. Additionally, the affiliate must also personally sell one Kangen water machine to be eligible for a promotion.

Rank 6A2

Affiliates who have one 6A affiliate in their downline are eligible to join this rank.

Rank 6A2-2

Distributors who have two 6A affiliates in their downline are eligible to join this rank.

Rank 6A2-3

Distributors who have three 6A affiliates in their downline are eligible to join this rank.

Rank 6A2-4

Distributors who have four 6A affiliates in their downline are eligible to join this rank.

* Direct Sales Commission

Enagic Kangen Water distributors who sold a device to a customer or an affiliate in his or her downline are qualified to receive the direct sales commission. The amount depends on their rank point rate.

* Educational Allowance

Distributors who are already in the 6A rank or higher can earn additional commission for each unit that they sell below the 8 points.

* 6A Step-up Award

6A distributors who have an affiliate who was recently promoted to the 6A rank will receive this award.

Click here for more information about Enagic's compensation plan.


What Products Does Enagic Offer?

Enagic has different product lines. Take a look at the products you'll be selling if you decide to join the company as an affiliate.

* Machines

Currently, Enagic offers eight water ionization machines with prices ranging from $1,980 to $5,980. These machines are Enagic flagship products, and we're going to discuss a few of them here.

The most affordable Enagic water ionization machine is the Leveluk R, and it retails at $1,980. It is a compact and lightweight device with a bright, full-color LCD panel.

It has three Kangen Water pH settings (8.5, 9, and 9.5), plus neutral water and acidic cleansing water settings.

For those who want a machine with a mid-range price, you can purchase or sell the Leveluk SD501 Platinum 5-language. This sleek machine retails at $4,280.

According to Enagic, it can produce five types of water: Kangen, clean, acidic, strong Kangen, and strong acidic water. What sets it apart is the 7-platinum plated titanium plates in its electrolysis chamber.

The most expensive water ionization device is the Leveluk SUPER 501. It has multiple electrode plates, electrolysis enhancer, water pressure regulating function, and other state-of-the-art features. This machine is ideal for large families. be prepared to spend $5,980 for a single unit.

* Replacement Filters

Enagic also offers several replacement filters. These price of the water filters range from $100 to $110.

These filter out impurities, and should be replaced approximately 6 to 8 months from when they were installed. Affiliates and customers, however, should choose the right type of filter as they do not fit all units.

* Supplies

Enagic offers different water-related supplies also. These include special water bottles, electrolysis enhancers, replacement filters, parts, and accessories.

* Pre-filtration Systems

Pre-filtration systems are available for Enagic Kangen Water machine owners. The price of these pre-filtration systems ranges from $30 to $70. The company also offers a special KDF wrench.

* Ukon

Like a proper MLM company, Enagic did not pass up the chance to sell their own dietary supplements. The Ukon product line includes the Ukon supplements DD, Ukon Tea DD, Ukon Sigma, and Ukon Soap.

Prices for individual products range from $25 to $90. Product pack prices range from $760 to $1,980.

* Media

Affiliates and customers can purchase operational manuals, instructional DVDs, compensation plan videos, and even H. Ohshiro's Success Story Book from Enagic. H. Ohshiro's books are available in English and Japanese version.

* Marketing Materials

Enagic associates can purchase marketing collaterals from the company. These materials can help them present their products better to customers. These collaterals include brochures, posters, magazines, and promotional items.

* E8PA Cards

Unlike other MLM companies, Enagic offers more benefits to its affiliates. Affiliates can purchase these E8PA cards which they can use to get discounts, as well as earn points from purchases. These cards cost anywhere between $500 to $8,000.

What I Like About Enagic

* Becoming an Enagic member is free

Unlike other MLM companies, Enagic does not charge a membership fee and does not have an annual renewal.

But if you want to start earning commissions as an affiliate, you'll need to personally buy or sell any of the Enagic Kangen Water machines. Let's say you want to buy the Leveluk JRII machine. Then you'll need to shell out $2,380 for the unit. Only then you'll be qualified to earn those commissions.

* Stable company

Enagic's story began in 1974 with the establishment of Sony Specialty Trading Operation in Okinawa, Japan. It was not until 1987, however, when Enagic Osaka was officially created thanks to an authorization granted by Japan's Ministry of Health and Welfare. More than thirty years later, the company still exists and seems to be going strong and stable. Not many companies — MLM or otherwise — can pull this off.

* Customers can purchase online or from an Enagic distributor

Enagic customers can purchase from direct sellers, but this can be a disadvantage to individuals who live in rural areas or locations where there are no direct sellers. Thanks to the internet, however, buyers can now purchase Kangen Water units online.


What I Don't Like About Enagic

* Controversial claims about alkaline water

Over the past 30 years, there has been a surge in the popularity of alkaline water and its alleged health benefits. Some advocates for purified alkaline water say that it aids in regulating pH level by neutralizing acid, as well as prevents the development of certain diseases. But is there any truth to these claims?

The truth is the jury is still out on this subject as there are different and conflicting findings on the effects of alkaline water to the human body. Some say that this type of water truly works, while others claim that it makes no difference. For many health professionals, however, regular and clean drinking water is still the best for the human body.

* Enagic Kangen Water machines are so expensive

Enagic Kangen Water machines are not exactly cheap. The Leveluk R is the company's most affordable unit, and it retails at $1,980. This machine only has the most basic features, so if you want a more cutting-edge unit that has all the most modern features, then Leveluk SUPER 501 will be your best choice.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are unwilling to part with their money when it comes to this kind of luxury. Many people have been drinking ordinary tap water over years without side effects, so why pay thousands of dollars for a machine with unfounded claims?

* No discounts for affiliates

Unlike other MLM companies, Enagic does not provide discounts for their affiliates. Kangen Water machines are all available at retail prices, whether the buyer is a distributor or a retail customer. Affiliates are eligible to receive commissions once they hit a certain quota.

Is Enagic A Scam?

No, it is not a scam. The company is legit, although it has an MLM business model that could serve as a roadblock for many people who have been burned by network marketing before.

Enagic's products are very expensive, and there are only a few people who are willing to pay a high price for such a device.

There is also the issue of dubious claims about water and its pH levels. Although a lot of people believe that modifying water's pH level brings a lot of health benefits, the scientific community is still undecided regarding this matter. For many scientists, plain water is still the best as long as it is clean.

If you live in an area that has clean and cheap drinking water, then there is no reason to buy this expensive machine at all.


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