Are you thinking about joining Energentics and wondering if it's a scam?

If so, this post will teach you everything you need to know about this Aegea rebrand.

Some things you'll learn includes company background, price to join, compensation plan, products and more.

You'll be a Energentics expert by the time you're done reading.


Energentics Summary

Company: Energentics

Price to join: $99 to $999 starter pack + $60 per month autoshipment

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Energentics is a MLM and they sell various health products as well as some other more "unique" products as well.

I personally don't think you should join this company for many reasons and the main reason is the success rate is very low - you're more than likely going to lose money instead of make money. 

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What Is Energentics?

1) What is Energentics? Energentics is a reboot of another MLM called Aegea. Essentially Energentics is the exact same company as Aegea and sells all the same products. The only difference is they added Pure NRG Coffee to their lineup which they market is the "world's healthiest coffee."

2) What happened to Aegea? MLM's tend to have a short lifespan. Some like Amway can last decades but most others fizzle out or collapse when new recruitment runs dry. Aegea is just another MLM that didn't have a good business plan or product line up and eventually failed. 

3) How do you make money with Energentics? Like I mentioned up top, Energentics is a MLM and this means you can sign up as an affiliate to sell their products. You earn a commission everytime you make a sale. Also, you get rewarded when you recruit people into your downline. 

4) What products does Energentics offer? I'm going to describe Energentics' products later on in the post but this companies products are a little out there. Besides the "healthy" coffee they offer products with "quantum resonance technology." One of the products is an energy card that you wave over you drinks (not a joke). 

5) Are there any other companies like this one? As far as coffee goes there's plenty of MLM's like Javita. As far as the other products, Energentics is pretty unique. 

Is Energentics A Pyramid Scheme?

Many people think all MLM's are pyramid schemes but that's not the case. Pyramid schemes are actually illegal in basically all countries in the world.

Energentics cuts it close but I don't think it's an illegal pyramid scheme. 

Look at the picture below to understand what I mean:

This is what part of the commission structure at all MLM's looks like and is the part that rewards recruitment. 

The thing that separates Energentics from an illegal pyramid scheme is you can make money without recruiting (recruitment is the only way to make money with an illegal pyramid scheme).

Recruiting is certainly the most profitable way to earn with Energentics but you can just sell their products directly to customers and earn commissions that way.

Energentics is closer to an illegal pyramid scheme than most MLM's, though, because they have autoshipment requirements which forces affiliates to buy products every month.

When too much of a companies revenue comes from affiliates buying the products, this can also be considered a pyramid scheme.

So Energentics gets right up to the line of being a pyramid scheme and may actually be one. 

Success Is Rare With Energentics

Here's the things about MLM's - they're a terrible way to make money.

The system is so flawed and it just ends up with most people losing money and not making money. Some studies have shown 99% of people that join a MLM lose their money and the people that do make money only make a couple hundred a month. 

The reason for this is it's extremely hard to recruit people and a lot of times the products a MLM offers are too expensive.

Energentics have both expensive and odd products. I don't think it's going to be easy to sell their products and this will just lead to you losing money.

Below is some more eye opening MLM stats:

As you can see you'll not only want to skip Energentic but all MLM's. 

How Much To Join Energentics?

Energentics requires you to buy a starter pack when you sign up and there's various packs to choose from:

  • Starter pack ($99)
  • Freshness pack ($199)
  • Executive pack ($399)
  • Quantum builder pack ($999) 

Depending on how much you spend will affect how many products you get to sell and the discount that you get. If you pay more you get more products and a bigger discount.

There's another hidden fee here and that's autoshipment which is something I don't like to see. 

Autoshipment is when a company requires their affiliate's to buy a certain amount of products a month despite if they need to or not.

This to me seems like a way to nickel and dime affiliates and is a major red flag.

Energentics Compensation Plan

MLM compensation plans are always complicated and hard to understand - if you want to check out the entire plan for yourself, click here

I don't think it's overly important to go over every aspect of the plan and instead I'm just going to summarize the most important parts:

Affiliate Ranks

At Energentics there's 9 different affiliate ranks and you go from one to another by hitting certain goals. You also get bonuses for going up ranks.

For instance, you reach the first rank by just signing up and buying a pack. You reach the second rank by maintaining 40 BV a month in autoshipment and recruit 2 affiliates.

You reach the third rank by maintaining 40 BV a month autoship and recruiting 4 affiliates.

This goes on and on until you reach the 9th rank which requires you to maintain 40 BV a month in autoshipment and recruit 20 affiliates. 

Retail Commissions

You can sell the products from Energentics to customers to earn a commission that way. The commission you get is just the difference between wholesale price and retail price. 

Residual Commissions

This is the section that rewards recruitment and the commission structure for residual commissions is binary, which looks like the following: 

How much you make depends on the amount your downline sells and your affiliate rank. 

Smaller Bonuses

Another way you can earn money is through the various bonuses in the compensation plan like Check Match Bonus, Rank Achievement Bonus, Global Bonus, Lifestyle Bonus and more.

These aren't important to know about in the beginning and are more important to know as you start making money. 

Energentics Products

The products at Energentic are... interesting. Some might say whacky.

The newest and most normal product offered by Energentic is their Pure RRG coffee:

The company claims this is the healthiest coffee in the world and adds nutrients to your body. Also, they claim it's blended with TESLA "energy signatures" for added bonuses. 

Not sure what that means..

Another product they offer is called Energentics Energy Card. To understand what this product does, look at the video below:

That's right. A card you wave over your drink and apparently makes it taste better and is healthier.

Is this the kind of stuff you want to be selling?

There's more products like this on their website too.

What I Like About Energentics

There's not much I like here.

What I Don't Like About Energentics

There's a lot to not like here and the main things I dislike are:

  • Low success rate: MLM's produce more losers than winners and there's nothing here that would change that.
  • Crazy products: The products this company offers are insane. I've literally never seen anything like it and I just don't see a lot of people buying this company's products.
  • Autoshipment: One thing I really hate is the autoshipment requirement. This forces affiliates to buy products every month whether they need it or not. It's pretty unethical to have a company's revenue come from their affiliates.
  • Bothering friends and family: One of the worst aspects of MLM's is you usually have to resort to recruiting and selling to friends and family. This can sour relationships and it just isn't worth that.

Is Energentics A Scam?


When you add up all the parts of this opportunity I just think it is. 

You have a company that was failing and had to rebrand, you have autoshipment requirements, you have the wacky products and more. 

If you join this company I doubt you'll make much money and instead you'll end up losing money.

Again, you should stay away from Energentics.

Here's A Better Opportunity

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