Product: Enersource

Price: $249 to join

Rating: 40/100 (Don't recommend) 

Overview: Enersource International is a fairly new MLM and if you're reading this you're probably thinking about becoming a distributor for them. While I don't think they're a scam, I wouldn't recommend you join them.

MLM's are incredibly hard to succeed with and usually just end up with you losing money.

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Is Enersource International A Pyramid Scheme?

I wouldn't say Enersource International is an outright pyramid scheme but it has a lot of elements of a pyramid scheme.

For instance, a pyramid scheme works by defrauding a bunch of people below the people at the top and only benefiting the people at the top.

While MLM's and Enersource don't defraud people (most of the time) only the people at the top benefit.

In MLM's you get a commission every time you sell a product but you also get a piece of everyone's commission that you recruit and a piece of the commission that every person your recruits recruit.

People who are at the bottom of the pyramid will have a tough time selling the product because the market will likely already be saturated. 

The only real way to make money with MLM and Enersource International is to get in early and build your pyramid. 

If you get in too late you'll just end up with stock you can't sell and you'll lose money. 

How Much To Join Enersource International

The argument you hear in favor for MLM's is that it's cheaper to join a MLM than it is to start a brick and mortar store.

This is true. In fact, it costs about $100,000 to open a business. In order to do this, most people will have to either get a bank loan and pay back interest or they'll have to spend a significant amount of their savings. 

While most businesses do in fact fail, even more people fail at MLM - I think the success rate is about 5% and the median salary is only $2400 PER YEAR. That comes out to less than $1 a hour for your work if you work 40 hours a week.

Enersource International costs $249 to join (they have a $49 option which gives you less commissions) and again, while it may be a lot less than starting a brick and mortar business you're more than likely to lose that money. And if you do make money you're more than likely to only make a dollar or two a hour for your troubles.

Going even further most people end up trying to recruit close friends and family into the whole scheme. This ruins relationships and puts people in tough positions. 

EnerSource Compensation Plan

MLM's are notorious for having very complicated compensation plans. I review these companies for a living and still have a hard time deciphering everything.

I'm not going to go over every little minute detail of the plan. Instead I'm just going to talk about the general compensation plan. There's two commission structures and they are:

The matrix commissions is known as 2 x 12 matrix and looks like this:

And the unilevel commission structure looks like this:

The first commission structure limits the amount of people that sell underneath you while the second one is unlimited. 

I couldn't find the exact percent you get from each person that sells underneath you but that's how you're going to make the most money. If you can get in at the top or the second level you have a shot at making good money.

If you find yourself at the bottom you're better off just finding a new opportunity. 

Is Enersource International Products Legit?

If you're going to sell a product (at least I hope) you care if they actually do what they say they're going to do and aren't harmful.

Despite calling myself The Affiliate Doctor, I am not a doctor and have no medical degrees. I named the website this because I want to help "sick" affiliate marketers and internet marketers get "healthy" (make money).

So I'm not going to say whether or not these are scam products or if they live up to the marketing hype. If I had to guess, like with most MLM products, they're overpriced and there's cheaper alternatives around that give the same results.

Again, though, I'm not a doctor or nutritionist. 

Their 4 main products are:

  • Ketosource: This is a product that's designed for people doing the Keto diet. The Keto diet is definitely popular at the moment so there's a market. Like most dieting fads, though, I'm sure it will disappear and a new one will replace it. It costs $117.
  • Energreen: This is a "superfood" combination that gives you energy and helps you get you daily vitamins. It costs $49.
  • SuperNutrient Vitamin and Mineral: This product costs $34 and is another one that's made from different superfoods.
  • ENERGfx O2: Last on the list we have ENERGfx O2 and this product is meant to "raise alkalinity" which has a host of supposed benefits. This will cost $29.

As far as health products I'm sure there's a market for all of them. It's just tough with MLM because you have to go out and find people to buy and find people to buy underneath you.

This is why I like the affiliate marketing model more than MLM model. Affiliate marketing is all on the internet and generally people come to you who already have an interest in what you're selling. MLM is more convincing people to buy something who might not care at all about what you're selling. 

Make Real Money Online!

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What I Like About Enersource

Even though I really dislike MLM's and network marketing Enersource seems to be one of the better ones. The products aren't horribly overpriced and they seem to be a legitimate business. 

They're also relatively new which means there's more opportunity and the market isn't completely saturated as of yet. 

What I Don't Like About Enersource

I don't like the business model the most. MLM's are generally considered very close to pyramids schemes, if not a complete pyramid scheme. 

You will spend your time convincing friends, family and strangers to sell under you. There's little chance of making money and MLM's only stay hot for 2 years - you'll always be selling new products and building new downlines. 

I wouldn't touch MLM's with a 10 foot pole. 

Here's A Better Alternative 

Again, Enersource isn't the worst MLM out there and if you get in there early enough there's a chance you can make money.

Still I wouldn't recommend it. You'll most likely either lose your initial investment or you'll end up making very little money for a lot of work.

Instead you should think about affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate. Affiliate marketing is a much better business model and Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn.

It has all the tools you need including top of the line training, a community of 1 million internet marketers to ask questions and much more. It's where I learned how to make money online and now I'm making more money now than I ever did before.

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