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Enjeo Summary

Product: Enjeo

Price to join: Free to join 

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Enjeo is a GPT (Get Paid To) site where you sign up and get an affiliate link to different services.

For example, you get a link to a roadside assistance company where you can earn up to $1.25 for every person that signs up through it.

You also get a $10 referral for every person you recruit into the system. 

At the end of the day, though, the opportunity to make money is limited here and your time is better invested in opportunities with higher earning potentials. 

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What Is Enjeo?

Enjeo is a website where you sign up and you basically get paid for completing certain tasks. 

Mainly you're going to be recruiting people into the system and you're going to be shopping around the links they give you (trying to get people to sign up with the services).

I'll go more into how you make money here later in the post. 

The website was started in 2011 and it seems there was a change in ownership in March of 2019. 

Below is a graph of the traffic of Enjeo from September 2019 to December 2019:

As you can see traffic is improving which is a good sign. The last thing you want to do is join an online opportunity where the traffic is going in the opposite direction. 

How To Join Enjeo?

Joining Enjeo is a pretty straight forward process. 

First you sign up with your personal information including name, email address, street address, city, state, zip code and number:

After that you're prompted to put in your bank information so you can get paid:

There's no money being paid on your end if you just plan on signing up to be an affiliate.

There's a way to get $20 by paying a dollar which I'll explain at the end of the post.

Is Enjeo A Pyramid Scheme?

At one point it was pretty close to being one but in November they changed the compensation plan up.

The reason it was at one point ether close to a pyramid scheme or an outright one is they paid downline commissions. 

It looked like the following:

You earned a $10 commission everytime you personally recruited someone into the system as well as 5% on all activity of your downline (everyone represented in the picture).

Enjeo probably were concerned about the legality of this (pyramid schemes are illegal) and ended up scraping this part of the compensation plan. 

How To Make Money Here

Although Enjeo scrapped the pyramid scheme portion, they kept the referral and affiliate option.

Here's how it works:

  1. You sign someone up and get a $5 referral bonus.
  2. If the person stays more than 30 days you earn an extra $5.
  3. You can also earn $1.25 commissions for getting people to sign up for services offered through Enjeo.

Enjeo offers various subscription based products like:

  • Road assistance plans
  • Realty listing mini plan
  • Credit monitor mini plan
  • Public records mini plan

Each one of those plans cost $1 per week. 

Earning $20 From Enjeo

Apparently a lot of people sign up to Enjeo to get a free $20. This isn't something you can exploit over and over but you can do it one time and get $20.

What you do is sign up for free and you'll get taken to the affiliate dashboard at Enjeo. Once there click the "Featured Product" section and go to the roadside assistance service.

Once there you sign up for the service (which is a dollar a week) with a different email than you used for your Enjeo account.

You'll get a $10 referral bonus for doing this and a $10 sales bonus. 

Your account will show that you have $21.25 and you can transfer that money to your bank. 

Make sure, however, to cancel your roadside assistance service or else you'll be charged weekly for it. 

What I Like About Enjeo

There's a couple things I like here including:

  • Free to join: There's not really an opportunity here to make a lot of money but there's also not much risk. You sign up for free so it's not like you can lose a lot of money. 
  • Can make $20: $20 is most likely not changing any lives but it can buy you a free lunch or two. If you follow the steps I mentioned up top you can make a quick $20 by gaming the system. 

What I Don't Like About Enjeo

Overall there's more I don't like here and the main things I dislike are:

  • Low income opportunity: Chances are you're not going to make a lot of money here unless you can sign up tens of thousands of people. At most you'll get that free $20 and maybe a couple other $10 referral commissions.
  • Third party services: Enjeo doesn't actually offer services but are an intermediary for third party services which can be sketchy. You don't know what these people will do with your information and credit card. 
  • Customer complaints: After reading other reviews I've seen people complaining they're not getting paid and the third party services are making random charges to their credit card. Again, it's a gamble to deal with these kinds of companies. 
  • No long term potential: If you're trying to make money online you should be thinking long term and building a business that can make you money around the clock for years. That's not going to be the case here. 

Is Enjeo A Scam?

All things considered I don't think company is a scam and instead just think it's kind of worthless and not worth your time.

The main way you make money is by recruiting people to be affiliates and you earn $5 when you first sign someone up and another $5 if they stick around. 

How many people do you think you can sign up? 2? 5? 10? 

Even if you were to bother every single friend and family member you've ever had and you got 100 people to sign up you'd only make $1000 at most. 

It would take tremendous effort to get 100 people to sign up too and your time would be better served in other ways.

You need to learn how to find customers if you're going to make serious money on the internet. You're not getting that here.

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