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Fluorescent Sand Summary

Product: Fluorescent Sand

Price to join: $47 to $79

Rating: 30/100 

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Fluorescent Sand is the brainchild of trader and former financial manager Ian King. Fluorescent Sand simply refers to the fiber optic cables that will be used during the 5G network rollout. In his video presentation, he encourages investors to invest in 5G network, which he claimed is a trillion dollar industry.

But this can be misleading as what King really offers is a subscription to a training program/newsletter called Automatic Fortunes. This is backed by Banyan Hills Publishing, a publisher plagued by customer complaints.

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What is Fluorescent Sand?

The first thing that came to my mind when I read the words "fluorescent sand" is the picture of a particular beach in the Maldives with its glowing sand. Or those multi-colored glow-in-the-dark sand your kids used to play with when they were younger.

Fluorescent Sand is a new investment opportunity hawked by cryptocurrency trader and expert named Ian King. In the video presentation, he claimed that there is a certain innovation will power all the amazing technological discoveries of the century.

According to Mr. King, prestigious publications such as MIT Technology Review and Scientific American have said that this particular technology will change our lives. He even quoted former Special Assistant for Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy advisor and current WIRED columnist Susan P. Crawford saying that this will be one of the most important technological innovations for this generation.

The problem is Mr. King doesn't give us the exact articles or quotes so we can double check his claims. Another issue is that Fluorescent Sand is just an introduction. After a long-winded and meandering introduction, we are finally informed that what Mr. King is referring to as "fluorescent sand" are fiber optic cables. Moreover, what he is truly promoting is a subscription to Automatic Fortunes, a newsletter he concocted which contains financial-related topics.

Mr. King has written a book called the "The $5 Stock Leading the 5G Revolution." Interested individuals who will subscribe to the newsletter will also get a copy of the book without spending a dollar. But that's not entirely true as you also need to pay for the subscription to Automatic Fortunes first.

Subscription to Automatic Fortunes has several alleged benefits. These include:

12-month newsletter. These newsletters contain all the opportunities Mr. King has analyzed.

Access to members' area. Subscribers will get all the information they need in Automatic Fortune's members' area.

Weekly updates. Whether the market is bullish or it's beginning to tumble, you'll get all the information you need with Automatic Fortunes' weekly alerts.

Access to King's portfolio. In this section, you'll see which stocks he has invested in. He'll share with you the $5 company he has invested in, as well as other stocks in his portfolio.

Who is the Man Behind This Opportunity?

So, who is the man behind this opportunity?

According to his bio, Ian King used to work as a former hedge fund manager with more 20 years' experience in the financial market. He cut his teeth in the financial market by clerking with Salomon Brothers. He later became the head trader for Peahi Capital.

Today, he serves as the lead instructor of Investopedia Academy's Crypto Trading. He is also an editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing's Crypto Profit Trader. He has appeared on media outlets such as Fox Business News, Zero Hedge, Real Vision, Investopedia, and more.

How Much to Join Fluorescent Sand?

Automatic Fortunes has three subscriptions available for those who are interested in the newsletter. Check out the subscriptions below.

Standard subscription. The standard subscription costs $47. This is a digital-only subscription.

Deluxe subscription. You need to shell out $129 for the deluxe subscription. You'll receive digital access, as well as hard copies of the materials mailed to you.

Premium subscription. This one costs $79. Apart from digital access, you will also receive printouts of the Automatic Fortunes newsletter mailed to your address.

Remember that these subscriptions will auto-renew every year, so cancel your subscription if you don't want it anymore.

Other Things You Need to Know About Fluorescent Sand

Banyan Hill Publishing (also known as Sovereign Offshore Services, LLC) is the publishing company behind Automatic Fortunes. It publishes a wide array of financial topics including investment strategies, asset protection, private foundation, financial privacy, offshore banking, and more.

Banyan Hill Publishing's staff is made up of so-called global financial experts who can advice you on how to protect your assets and grow your wealth. According to its website, some of Banyan Hill's staff have worked as advisors to world leaders and have written financial books. Among them is the creator of Fluorescent Sand, professional trader Ian King.

But before signing up with Banyan Hill Publishing, be aware of its reputation. Check the Better Business Bureau website, and you'll see that it was granted an NR rating. The majority of its customers also gave it a dismal rating. So, why the dismal reputation?

Some of the most common complaints included unauthorized charges on customer bank accounts, obscure refund policy, difficulty unsubscribing from their email newsletters, and more. The company was also behind scams called Freedom Checks and Kennedy Account. 

What I Don't Like About Fluorescent Sand

King is not straightforward with what he's offering

Fluorescent Sand and that 5G network hotspot investment is just a front to get you to sign up to the newsletter, Automatic Fortunes.

In the video, King extols about Fluorescent Sand which is nothing more than 5G network and 5G business. He tells you how to invest as little as $5 in this trillion-dollar industry and amass profit in return. The long-winded video, however, ends in nothing more than a sales talk to get you to subscribe to the Automatic Fortunes newsletter.

In my opinion, there was no reason to go on and on about Fluorescent Sand when all he wanted to do was sell Automatic Fortunes subscription. He should have been upfront about it, and it would have been better not to waste his audience's time.

Publisher's tarnished reputation among customers

Banyan Hill Publishing has a tarnished reputation thanks to numerous complaints about how it conducted its business. Some of the most common complaints include non-payment of refunds, unauthorized charges on customer bank accounts, unwillingness to remove customers from email list, and other unscrupulous activities.

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Is Fluorescent Sand a Scam?

Fluorescent Sand is nothing more than fiber optic cables, so it would make sense if you ride that 5G wave and invest in it. Who knows? You might just get a decent return on your investment in the future if you do.

But do you really need the Automatic Fortunes and Ian King for that? If you have a lot of discretionary income and are keen on investing, maybe you can just learn about stocks on your own. Buying a subscription from Banyan Hill Publishing and being bombarded with information you may or may not need might not be the best option for you. Plus, there's always Banyan Hill Publishing tarnished reputation if you're still not convinced that this is something you should stay away from.

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  • Of course this is a scam. No contact info provided. Auto renew? Get in for $47 only? Where are they from? This is the worst.

  • I bought a Banyan Hill subscription and was not pleased with what I got and took them up on their money back guarantee. It was like pulling teeth to get my money back. I did, but only after threatening them with bad publicity. Scam artists. Stay away.

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