There's a lot of hype surrounding Forever Living and if you're here you're probably wondering if this company is a scam or not. 

In this post I'll answer all the questions you have about Forever Living and whether I think it's a good opportunity for you. 

By the time you're done reading you'll know if you should join or not.


Forever Living Summary

Company: Forever Living

Price to join: Free but must buy products (up to 350+)

Rating: 50/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: If you're wondering if Forever Living is a scam or pyramid I have good news and bad news for you - I don't think it's necessarily a scam or pyramid scheme but you should NOT join.

MLM's have a very low success rate and basically everyone who joins one ends up losing their money. 99% lose their money to be precise.

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What Is Forever Living

Forever Living is a natural health company that is the largest distributor of aloe vera products in the world.

They sell aloe vera lotions, drinks, honey, accessories and more. They sell different essential oil products made from lavender and lemon. 

As far as a company and their product line they seem pretty legit and they get pretty good reviews

But the purpose of this post isn't really to rate the products and the company as a whole - it's to determine if you can make money as a distributor for them.

It'll be extremely difficult to do so because this company is a MLM (multi-level marketing). 

MLM's are hard to succeed with and only a handful of people end up making money and the rest end up losing money.

In the next section I'll explain the main problems with MLM's.

Is Forever Living A Pyramid Scheme

Some people confuse all MLM's with pyramid schemes. While some MLM's are outright pyramid schemes, others aren't.

Forever Living definitely isn't a pyramid scheme because you can make commissions selling the products but it has elements of a pyramid scheme - mainly because to make serious money you have to recruit others into the system, which is pyramid scheme 101.

Take a look at the picture below:

This is exactly how it works with MLM's. The reason is you have to recruit people under you if you want to have real success in a MLM (you get commissions for every sale your recruits make and you get a commission for the sales your recruit's recruits make and on and on).

Because of this people tend to spend their time building their downline (recruiting people) because it makes much more money.

The further down you are on the pyramid the harder it is going to be to make money. Commissions are always flowing upwards and most of the profit is stuck on the top. 

Because of this the success rate with MLM's is absurdly low.

How low you ask..

MLM's Only Have A 1% Success Rate!

A few years ago I made the decision I was going to work for myself and I decided on affiliate marketing. I'm really happy I did and didn't decide on MLM. 

If you're being sold on a MLM you've probably had presentations that show people driving fancy cars and vacationing in tropical paradises but for most people that'll never happen - for basically everyone that won't happen actually.

MLM's are designed, like I explained in the last section, to only be successful for a handful of people; typically the people on the top. 

Because the system is designed to reward just a small group of people, only 1% ends up making money and the rest LOSE money.

That's really all you need to know here.

Forever Living might have nice products and they might be the leader in aloe vera products but the odds of making any money with them is basically zero.

Again, if you join and don't make money it may not even necessarily be your fault. The amount of people that can be at the top of the pyramid is finite. 

Here's another stat to chew on: Of the people that do make money, the median YEARLY salary is only $2400. 

People in third world countries make more than that.

How Much To Join Forever Living?

If there's one thing I like about MLM's it's that the cost to join is usually much lower than it would be to start a brick and mortar store.

For instance, if you wanted to open a store it would cost nearly $100,000. That's more than most people have saved up and you'll probably have to get a bank loan to get that much.

The success rate for a brick and mortar store isn't even that high either and most people end up failing. 

Forever Living actually doesn't cost anything to join which is rare. Most MLM's have something called an "activation fee" that usually costs like $99 when you join.

I think it's just a way for the company to nickel and dime their distributors so it's a good sign Forever Living doesn't. 

You do need products to sell, though, and that's where the cost comes in.

Here's the different packages you can get:

Keep in mind you're more than likely just going to lose your investment but it's definitely better to lose $364 than to lose $100.

Speaking of $100,000...

What Is Forever Living's Compensation Plan?

All MLM's come with extremely difficult and confusing compensation plans. Some are 50 or 60 pages long and use complicated language and terms that are hard to understand.

This is true for Forever Living's compensation plan.

I'll post a video below explaining the whole thing but right now I'm just going to focus on the two major ways you'll be earning money from them:

1) You can earn commissions by actually selling Forever Living's products

2) You can earn money from building a downline

If you actually want to make money you'll spend you time focusing on the second way of making money but if you are planning on selling Forever Living's products you can get between 15% to 43%, depending on how much you sell.

This is very good and higher than what most MLM's offer.

Again, though, the downline is where the money is. This requires you to recruit people into the system and have them recruit other people/sell the product. 

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What Products Does Forever Living Offer?

Forever Living is the biggest supplier of aloe vera products but they offer more products than just aloe vera. 

Here's the different kinds of things they offer:

Natural honey products:

The honey and bee products they offer are natural honey and pollen capsules.


The drinks Forever Living offer are aloe vera drinks and energy drinks. These drinks are pretty pricey and a 12 pack of the energy drink will cost $48 ($4 a can).

Essential oils:

Essential oils is a crowded field and there's plenty of other MLM's that focus on essential oils. There's a few different ones to choose from and they're expensive. 


There's a bunch of products in this section with most being drink containers. The other ones are make up brushes, essential oil diffuser, bags and other things like this.


The nutrition products are pretty standard and there's omega 3 products, B12 and other supplements like that. 

Personal care:

The personal care products center around lotions, soaps, and other items like this. 

Skin care:

There's many different lotions as well. Some are focused on aloe vera and others are focused on other ingredients. 

Weight management:

The weight management products are shakes and other slimming products like that.

I'm not a health expert or anything like that so I can't say whether or not these products are legit or anything like that. 

I do know that the natural health field is extremely crowded and competitive. It's going to be very difficult to sell natural health products because of this

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What I Like About Forever Living?

There's more that I don't like than I do like with Forever Living but there's a few things that I do like.

This includes:

1) Well reviewed products: In terms of quality, it seems Forever Living sells some high quality stuff. Most of their products get good reviews.

2) It's free to join: Most MLM's have an activation fee for around $100 when you join. This to me is clearly just meant to nickel and dime people. Forever Living, however, let's you join for free.

3) Wide selection of products: Another thing I like is there's a pretty diverse selection of products. Many MLM's only focus on a product or two but Forever Living focuses on many different items in different categories.

What I Don't Like About Forever Living?

I personally don't think you should join Forever Living for a lot of reasons.

Here's the main ones:

1) MLM's have a low success rate: MLM's are designed to reward a handful of distributors with most of the profit while the rest lose their money. In fact, on average only 1% make any money at all from MLM's.

2) Saturated market: While Forever Living may be the biggest distributor of aloe vera products, the natural health field is crowded and competitive. It's hard to stand out and you may have a hard time selling products.

3) Expensive products: While the products that aren't overly expensive at Forever Living, they aren't cheap. This is another reason these products will be hard to sell. 

4) Selling to friends and family: One of the worst parts of MLM's is you end up selling to friends and family. This is something that literally ruins relationships. 

5) MLM's only stay hot for 2 years: Most MLM's dry up after two years because the pool of people to recruit dries up and the market gets saturated. That's why you see people jump from MLM to MLM.

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of joining Forever Living. The company and products aren't bad but MLM is such a broken money making system and extremely hard to succeed with.

However, there's still plenty of ways to make money from home and online.

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