Forsage is a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity in the crypto niche that involves gifting Ethereum..

If someone is trying to recruit you into this scheme you're probably wondering if it's a scam or legit.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you're going to find everything you need to know about this company including price to join, how you make money and more.

By the time you're done you'll know if Forage is right for you. 

Let's get into it!

Forsage Summary

Product: Forsage

Price to join: .05 ETH

Money making method: Recruitment, gifting

Do I recommend? No!

Overall rating :  0 / 5

Forsage is what's known as a gifting scheme and is illegal in basically every country in the world.

There's no real product here and recruitment is the only way to make money - this is known as a pyramid scheme.

The only people that will make money here is the owner and the people that get in early and recruit like crazy.

You'll definitely want to avoid this one.

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Forsage FAQ's

1) What is Forsage? Forsage is known as a crypto gifting scheme. It was created earlier this year and started in February.

The main source of traffic is from the United States:

2) How do you make money here? There's only one way to make money with Forsage and that's through recruitment. There's no product or service provided by Forsage that you can sell or use to make money with.

3) Are there any red flags? This whole company is basically a giant red flag.

First off, the only way you can make money is through recruiting (this scheme in particular is a gifting scheme) which is illegal.

I'll go more into this in the next section but it's a horrible business model.

Secondly, there's no information on who runs this company. Some people will make the argument that since it's on the blockchain it's decentralized and there is no owner but that's not true.

There is 100% someone or a group of people behind this site. 

4) Are there similar companies? There's many pyramid schemes and crypto pyramid schemes out there. Some include Crowd1, Gominer, Cloud Token, etc. 

Is Forsage A Pyramid Scheme?


Keep in mind not all MLM's and companies that incorporate recruiting are pyramid schemes but Forsage definitely is.

To understand what I mean, look at the picture:

There's many ways a pyramid scheme can take place and the reason Forsage is a pyramid scheme is because recruiting is the only way to make money.

There's no product here to sell or product you can use separate from recruiting.

The reason this is so bad (and illegal) is recruitment slows down eventually. When this happens there's no money to pay everyone out because there's not another source of revenue.

The system collapses when this happens and only the owner and the people who got in early make money. Everyone else loses money. 

Recruiting Is Very Hard

Let's say you decide to give Forsage a shot despite all the red flags (and the fact you can get in legal trouble for promoting a pyramid scheme).

The only way you can make money is with recruitment and that's going to be very hard.

Naturally people are going to be very skeptical of a scheme that has no product or service to sell. Most people understand this is illegal or at the very least a scam.

Even if you manage to recruit a couple people you still need to depend on your recruit's to recruit.

It's a pain in the ass and a horrible way to make money.

This is why most people who join these kind of schemes end up failing. 

Forsage Compensation Plan

The compensation is pretty easy to understand.

You invest a small amount of Ethereum (.05 ETH) and this puts you into a two matrix cycler position.

The first cycler is 3 x 1 which only requires 3 positions to fill.

The second cycler is 2 x 2 and requires 6 positions to fill (you recruit 2 people and then your recruits each have to recruit 2 people).

Once you fill out all the positions you get paid and then get moved up to the next cycle using the profits from the last cycle. 

This time, though, you pay 3 times what you did last time (.15 ETH). You fill out the positions just like last time and then get paid. Again, you use your profits to buy into the next level.

Here's how much you'll have to pay to get into each level:

  • Level 1 - .05 ETH
  • Level 2 - .15 ETH
  • Level 3 - .35 ETH
  • Level 4 - .75 ETH
  • Level 5 - 1.55 ETH
  • Level 6 - 3.15 ETH
  • Level 7 - 6.35 ETH
  • Level 8 - 12.75 ETH
  • Level 9 - 25.55 ETH

25.55 ETH is equal to about $6387.

The payout at the 9th level would be $12,658.

Keep in mind, though, all people you bring in you're basically defrauding and could get in legal trouble for doing so. 

Forsage Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and don't like about Forsage


There's nothing to like here. 


  • Illegal gifting scheme: It doesn't matter if you're on the block chain, using cryptos or anything like that - gifting schemes are illegal and you can get in trouble for promoting them. 
  • Pyramid scheme recruiting: There's no product to sell here and there's nothing you can use to make money. All you're doing is soliciting new investment and recruiting people. This is a pyramid scheme and a horrible (and illegal) way to make money. 
  • Owners are unknown: When this thing collapses and you want to get your money back it's going to be hard. The owners are unknown and most likely from a Russia or another country like that. 

Is Forsage A Scam?


There's really no doubt about this one. The only way you can make money is with recruitment.

It doesn't matter if this is happening on the blockchain or using crypto.

An illegal gifting scheme is an illegal gifting scheme.

You're most likely going to lose money here and you could even get into trouble for promoting it.

It's really a lose-lose. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

You should skip over Forsage.

However, there's still plenty of legitimate ways to make money online.

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