Is Four Percent Group a Scam, or a Profitable Internet and Affiliate Marketing Program?

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Today you'll learn about the online education platform called The Four Percent Group.

We'll discuss it's background, the product it offers, and its affiliate marketing program. 

But more importantly, you'll know whether it's a scam or not, and whether you should stay from it or not.

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Four Percent Group Summary

Product: Four Percent Group

Price to join: $49 

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Four Percent Group offers free and paid internet marketing courses and training programs to business owners and entrepreneurs. Apart from that, it also has an affiliate marketing program in which the primary products are its video courses.

Is it worth joining Four Percent Group? No. Read on to find out why. 

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What Is The Four Percent Group?

Not everyone was born to become a businessman. Many spend years studying in universities learning everything they need under the best professors and mentors. Others, on the other hand, spend years and years working as their parents' apprentice before they are allowed to inherit the family business.

Creating and maintaining a business is hard, and only a select few succeed. It's even harder when you don't have the right knowledge and the right tools. The pace with which modern technology and other business tools are being developed right now can also be dizzying, and entrepreneurs often find it hard to catch up.

Vick Strizheus's Four Percent Group seeks to rectify that. If you're one of those entrepreneurs who find it hard to grow your business online because of you don't know how to market via Facebook or Instagram or you suck at internet marketing and SEO, then you might find something useful in the Four Percent Group website.

So what does The Four Percent Group do?

The Four Percent Group basically trains business owners and entrepreneurs on how to create and grow their business with the help of training programs and video courses that the company produced. All these videos, tools, and other resources can be found on the Four Percent Group website.

According to its website, the Four Percent Group promises to teach you the latest marketing strategies to drive traffic to your business. It also offers the latest tools and resources available to grow your business, as well as courses on the fundamentals of e-commerce.

Apart from the technical aspect of marketing and growing a business, the group also ventured in self-improvement and personal empowerment. It offers training programs on how to "dominate in business and life," as well as how to effectively influence others.

What is Four Percent Group's Affiliate Program?

If you learned a lot from Four Percent Group's video courses but you want to earn commissions promoting their suite of products, then you can become a Four Percent Group affiliate. As an affiliate, your main responsibility is to promote the company, as well as advertise the host of products it offers.

To do this, you'll receive your very own affiliate link or URL from Four Percent Group. You will then use this link and share it on your own website or social media pages. You can also post the URL on your blog, e-mail campaigns, or videos. All successful sales will be traced back to you via cookies.

So how do you earn commissions?

You'll earn a commission every time someone clicks on your unique URL, signs up to become a member, and buys a Four Percent Group product. Affiliates will then receive 30% of the total price of the product sold.

You'll receive your payment from Four Percent Group 45 days after it has received the payment from the customers who clicked on your link. Keep in mind, however, that you'll need to have a combined commission of $100 before you are eligible to receive a payout.

Is Four Percent Group A Pyramid Scheme?

So is it a pyramid scheme?

Before I answer that, let's delve into its founder, Vick or Vitaly Strizheus's, background.

According to the bio on the Four Percent Group website, Vick Strizheus is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is also a business strategist and credits himself as the developer of one of the most successful sales funnels on the internet. Then there's the usual rags-to-riches story, yadda, yadda, yadda, until it segues to how successful he is right now.

But the bio conveniently omits an important part of his story. He was once affiliated with sites called Big Idea Mastermind, Empower Network, and the Project Breakthrough. He is also the founder of a website called High Traffic Academy. Other programs he concocted include the Global Success Club and 7 Figure Marketing School.

7 Figures Marketing School, Global Success Club, and High Traffic Academy have been defunct for several years now, but this collection of platforms seemed to have morphed into what is now Four Percent Group. He left Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network a few years back. But what's more important is Vick Strizheus's conviction of grand theft back in 2007.

In 2007, a court convicted him of grand theft after he committed insurance fraud. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail, but he was able to get away with an intermittent sentence (weekend jail) and a 5-year supervised probation instead.

Whether Four Percent Group is a pyramid scheme or not, you'd have to be naive to trust Vick Strizheus wholeheartedly with your money given his history.

But to answer the question at hand. No, Four Percent Group is not a pyramid scheme as the company has different products its affiliates could sell. The problem, however, is you're going to pay to become an affiliate but you're not really sure if the products are going to be profitable so you can recoup your investment.


How Much to Join Four Percent Group?

According to its 'Join' page, the monthly membership fee costs $49.

But when you get to the official checkout page, that $49 monthly membership fee suddenly inflates to a one-off fee of $997.

The $997 fee is a one-time fee for the Four Percent Success Challenge for Affiliate Marketing. According to the website, this includes unlimited access to the Four Percent Success Challenge Program and core training materials. It also includes the following:

* Access to coaching technology
* Daily success conditioning
* Marketing mastery coaching
* Income setup guide
* Affiliate offers marketplace
* Private live implementation coaching with the CEO
* Access to members only community
* 24/7 support

Bonus materials include:

* Promo partner invite
* Traffic blueprint masterclass
* Premade affiliate marketing funnels

If you can't afford the $997 one-time fee, you can split it into three equal payments of $397. The catch is you'll need to pay the rest of the fee within the next two months. Four Percent Group offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is Four Percent Group's Compensation Plan?

Four Percent Group's compensation plan is pretty simple. Earn commissions of up to 40% for every first level affiliate you personally recruit. You'll earn 10% on your second and third level affiliates.


What Products Does Four Percent Group Offer?

Four Percent Group's products/programs are either free or paid for entrepreneurs and business owners. Training programs often overlap into different categories and feature the same content. These program categories include:

* Traffic Generation

Some of the free training programs offered by the Four Percent Group is Traffic Generation Strategies, Facebook-PPC Secrets, Fan Page Domination, and Instagram Secrets.

The paid programs, on the other hand, include the E-Stage, E-Stage Academy, Insta Traffic Mastery, Success Challenge, Internet Traffic Mastery, and SEO Mastery.

* List Building

Two of the listed building training programs offered by Four Percent include the Internet Traffic Mastery and FourPercent Challenge. Both programs require payment before you can access them. If you want free training, then the List Building Strategies program is the best choice.

* Sales and Conversions

Most of the programs included in this category are already mentioned in others. But there are unique programs in this category also, which includes the Irresistible Influence and Irresistible Offer Blueprint. Both programs are free, while the rest require payment so you can access them.

* Marketing Strategies

If you're interested in how to grow your business, then take a look at the Marketing Strategies training programs Four Percent group offers. Free programs include You're Enough, Unstoppable Momentum, and Beyond Results. You'll also find training programs that are included in other categories.

* Influence and Persuasion

This is made up mostly of programs that you can find in other categories. The only program that is unique here is the Creating Legacy program. This is free.

* Outsourcing and Leverage

This category consists of the Beyond Results program. This is also free.

* Tech and Systems

The FourPercent Challenge, E-Stage, and E-Stage Academy are all under this category. All three programs require payment before you can access them.

* Money and Finance

Get all the information you need to manage your business finances with Four Percent's Money and Finance training programs. These include Wealth Building Blueprint and Taxes and Business Structures. Both training programs are free.

* E-commerce

Learn how to create and maintain a successful online store with the Four Percent's e-commerce training programs. The E-Com Secrets is free, while the Ecom Entrepreneur is paid.

* Success Mindset

All training programs included in this category have been mentioned before, with the exception of The 5 Laws, Unstoppable Momentum, and the Path to Domination. All three programs are free.

What I Like About Four Percent Group

* Lots of opportunities to earn commissions as an affiliate

Four Percent Group has a lot of products to sell ⁠— from Strizheus's Four Percent Success Challenge for Affiliate Marketing to Traffic Generation programs which include SEO Mastery and Insta Traffic Mastery.

All of these products present a unique opportunity for affiliates to earn commissions. As mentioned, you'll earn a percentage of the total price of every product you successfully sell as an affiliate.

Let's take the SEO Mastery training program as an example. If someone wants to learn more about SEO and such from Four Percent Group, they will need to pay $497 for the training course. Another example is the E-Stage Academy, a training program which costs $297.

If you can successfully promote the products, you can have a percentage for each successful purchase. (If you can get your website visitors to click on the link that is.)


What I Don't Like About Four Percent Group

* Paid programs are expensive

Four Percent Group offers a diverse array of internet marketing training programs and personal development courses. The catch, however, is that they're expensive.

One of Four Percent Group's course, Internet Traffic Mastery, has a price of $1,997, while eStage program costs $497. Another paid program, the ECOM Entrepreneur costs $1,997.

The high price of the programs can deter prospective entrepreneurs and business owners from buying the products. Why spend so much money on these training programs when there is a lot of similar content all over the internet? They can even buy them at a fraction of the Four Percent Group cost. Some training programs are even available for free.

* There's no assurance that you will be successful

If you're an entrepreneur who purchased a training program to grow your business, keep in mind that Four Percent cannot assure that you will be successful after taking them. Same goes for affiliates looking to earn commissions by promoting the company's products. Everything depends on how good you are as an entrepreneur and luck.

* Vick Strizheus's shady record

The problem with committing insurance fraud (or any other crime for that matter) is that the record will haunt you as long as you live. Thanks to the internet, everything stays there forever. This includes Strizheus's criminal records whether he likes it or not.

We don't know if Strizheus had a change of heart after his conviction, but aligning himself with a business where potential affiliates and customers can easily access his records (thanks to the internet) seems like an unwise move.

I don't know about him, but if I had a criminal record and it can easily be dug up on the internet and this shady reputation can subsequently damage my brand, I sure as hell would stay away from any internet business and switch to ventures that are more obscure, such as making artisan bread or mushroom farming.

Is Four Percent Group a Scam?

Four Percent Group's products seem legit and truly informational, but they are soooooo expensive. My advice is to simply research and look for more affordable internet marketing courses from other sites. There's no doubt that there are courses that are available at a fraction of the cost and some are even free.

The group has not released any income disclosure statements online, so nobody really knows if the company has been profitable or not for the past few years.

The biggest deterrent to viewing the Four Percent Group as legit is Strizheus's history. His conviction back in 2007 continues to haunt him, and his association with MLMs/shady affiliate marketing programs did not help his reputation either.

So is Four Percent Group worth it? No. You're better off looking for cheaper internet marketing courses and a more trusted affiliate program.


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