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Today we're going to talk about FusionCash, another paid survey website where you can earn extra cash in exchange for doing some simple tasks.

We're discuss its background, how it works, and if the pay is worth the time you're going to invest in it.

But the most important question we're going to answer here is this: is FusionCash a scam?

Let's start!

FusionCash Summary

Product: FusionCash

Price to join: Free

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: FusionCash is a website where you get paid for completing surveys and do other simple tasks. Registration is free, but it is open to Americans and Canadians only.

But unlike other paid survey websites, it does not have a street address and no one knows the person or people behind it. It has also been accused of non-payment by many users.    

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What Is FusionCash?

FusionCash is another website where you can earn extra cash by doing simple tasks, such as answering surveys, watching videos, cashback shopping, and more.

Registration is free for all users, but keep in mind that it is only open to Canadian and US residents. The system automatically detects your IP address the moment you try to register. So if you're located in the UK or Australia but want to register as a user, then I'm sorry because your account will be automatically deleted.

Is FusionCash A Pyramid Scheme?

No, it is not a pyramid scheme. FusionCash is simply a paid survey website that also offers other simple tasks.

But that doesn't mean there are no red flags behind this website.

According to its corporate website, FusionCash is based in California. It also has over 3 million users across Canada and the United States.

But you won't find FusionCash's specific address in California on its website, and checking the Better Business Bureau website does not help either. It only has a PO box somewhere in Santa Cruz, California. Further complicating the matter is the fact that the website's registrar is Namecheap, a domain name registration company that has become a haven for West African scammers. It was registered by WhoisGuard, Inc., a shady company that is based in Panama.

Fun facts about WhoisGuard, Inc.: The company has been accused of DMCA violation because of buying similar domain names with different website suffixes and scraping the original website's content.

Other scams allegedly perpetrated by WhoisGuard, Inc. include putting up a fake lending website (proactivelendingsolutions.com) that has since disappeared. WhoisGuard was also behind a fake e-commerce website (buyecco.online).

You can read more about Namecheap and WhoisGuard's shenanigans here.

Success is Rare at FusionCash

Success is rare at FusionCash. The success rate at FusionCash is basically zero, and there's a high chance that you're going to get scammed while you're at it. 

But let's face it. You're not really looking for success when you sign up with FusionCash. All you're looking for are a few bucks here and there so you can have additional cash for groceries or something. 


How Much to Join FusionCash?

The good news is it's free. The bad news is you're likely going to get scammed so it's really not worth it.

How Does it Work and How Do You Earn Money with FusionCash?

As mentioned, you can earn money with FusionCash by taking surveys, listening to radio stations, registering on websites, viewing videos, or completing other tasks. Each task has different terms, and these are included in the description of the offer.

Surveys are the most common tasks offered by FusionCash. These surveys are commissioned by market research firms to acquire feedback regarding the market, as well as their products or services. Instructions are included in the offer, and the length of surveys vary.

FusionCash offers include Admired Opinion, AppFly, Coupon Center, Daily Cash Email, FC Surveys, TheShopping Masters, and Paid to Click. Mercury Magazines, MyThoughtsCounts, SSI Survey Incentive, and Target Red Card are also part of the FusionCash offers.

As is usual, you'll need to accumulate the money you have earned to qualify for and request a cashout. The minimum amount to qualify for a cashout is $25. FusionCash will process the request, and the company pays its users on or before the 20th of the following month.

Let's say you requested a payout on the 5th of February. The amount will be disbursed on the March 20th (not on the 20th of February). You can shorten the time period by requesting a payout on the last day of the month.

FusionCash pays via direct bank deposit, PayPal, and check. Check and bank deposit are open to US users only. If you live in Canada, you'll need to have a PayPal account.

US users who opt to have checks sent to them will receive their checks via USPS First Class Mail. Delivery will take anywhere between a couple of days and up to ten days.

But you'll need to do a telephone verification before you can cash out. This required you to provide and verify your telephone number to FusionCash. This is done to combat fraud. Those who don't want to do a telephone verification can do so by fax.

You can earn additional cash by referring your friends to join FusionCash. You'll get a $1 bonus for every person you refer who confirms their email address, and an additional $2 when they complete their first task. Receive another $5 every time your friend cashes out (for as long as you're both active in FusionCash).


What I Like About FusionCash

* Longevity

FusionCash has been around since 2005 so we can credit it with longevity. Its BBB profile has been up since 2009, but strangely, the business has no rating.

According to one website, FusionCash has paid out over $3,000,000 to customers, but there is no evidence that this claim is true.

What I Don't Like About FusionCash

There are a lot of users who are happy with the extra cash they have received from the website, but that doesn't mean everything's sunny with FusionCash. Here are some of the things I didn't like with FusionCash.

* Long and tedious tasks

FusionCash's surveys are just too long and tedious that you'd easily give up if you have no patience for such tasks.  

* FusionCash bombards your email with spam

Just like other paid survey sites, FusionCash bombards your email with a lot of spam. If you don't want to receive these kinds of email, it's best to use another email account when you sign up with FusionCash. Or mark them as spam.

* Non-payment after cashout request

FusionCash points can take forever to accumulate, and there are cases when they would expire even before the users had the chance to request a cashout. Although FusionCash has been upfront about this (see company terms of service), others are still surprised when they find that their balance had decreased or when the offers expired even after they had completed the tasks.

Another problem is FusionCash's failure to pay its users. This seems to be the number one user complaint that I've read on forums. Others say that their accounts had been restricted after they had accumulated enough points, while others say they get constantly disqualified.

* FusionCash redirects users to third-party websites might have viruses

According to some users, FusionCash redirects users to some third-party websites whenever they sign up to watch videos. There are instances, however, that these third-party websites are flagged by the users' antivirus programs as dangerous. If your computer is not equipped with an antivirus program (and you don't have the budget for an antivirus program), it's best to stick to surveys on the FusionCash website itself.

* Shady company

FusionCash has been around for many years, but that doesn't mean it's not shady. It doesn't have a stress address, and its use of a PO box as its official address is suspect. It is affiliated with equally shady WhoisGuard, Inc.


Is FusionCash A Scam?

Paid survey sites are a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side. But they're pretty much hit-and-miss. Some sites pay more and are reliable when it comes to payouts, while others are nothing but scams.

FusionCash seems to fall somewhere in between the two. It's great for some people, but the majority of users are unhappy with this company. Chief among the reasons why FusionCash is much-reviled by some users is the non-payment after the cashout has been submitted, as well as the sudden and unexplained restrictions on their accounts.

Plus, the tasks are tedious and you spend many hours in front of your computer for peanuts. The website also redirects you to shady third-party websites, while FusionCash itself is not trustworthy.

The verdict? It's best to look for another way to earn a little side income.

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